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June 7, 2021

Trump accuses Democrats of rigging the 2020 election: he’s banned from all social media platforms, accused of insurrection and promoting a “Big Lie” and branded an enemy of democracy. Obama accuses Republicans of “rigging the game” by passing basic election integrity laws such as showing ID, and he’s still on social media and hailed as America’s conscience.

But outdoing Obama in the double standards sweepstakes is CNN’s Jake Tapper. Tapper declared to the New York Times that he would not ask for interviews with any Republican who questioned the 2020 election because they are “Big Liars” who are trying to undermine democracy. When it was pointed out to him on Twitter that his bookers had tried to book Sen. Josh Hawley 18 times since January 6th, including just five days before, he blamed it on his bookers and still insisted that no Big Liar who claims presidential elections can be stolen will be allowed on his show.

That gave his critics the opening to point out that Tapper had pushed the debunked “Russian collusion” story about Russia stealing the 2016 election for two years. He also wrote a book called “Down and Dirty: The Plot to Steal the Presidency” that accused George W. Bush of stealing the election from Al Gore. So by his own standards, Jake Tapper should ban himself from the Jake Tapper show.

I predict that would lead to a big uptick in ratings.

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  • James Lee Walls

    06/08/2021 01:25 PM

    Dear Gov. Thank you and all others like you who are continuing to fight for what's right. Stay the course. God bless you and yours and God Bless America. (He knows we need Him) Heres hoping Sara wins. Jim

  • Nancy Sims

    06/08/2021 10:36 AM

    Gov. Huckabee, I would like to see your opinion as to why so many Democrats are promoting socialism ( communism ) in our United States of America. Not all can become part of a ruling body and in these forms of government the ruling body controls every aspect of life. I can understand why a few could try to influence this but there is such a great number in the press, in government, in ordinary citizens that it impossible to understand. Thank you for your common sense often delivered with humor. Nancy Sims

  • JER Z

    06/08/2021 09:49 AM

    If the election was stolen, I thought there was proof of people carrying out suitcases of votes and they caught the people on camera. What happen? How did Biden end up being President? How did he get away with a lie. Why did everyone turn against Trump all of a sudden? A lot of us do not understand. With all of this proof....

  • BILLY E Stout

    06/08/2021 06:54 AM

    Ever since it's inception I have labeled CNN the Communist News Network for the simple reason that it's founder Ted Turner was married to Hanoi Jane Fonda, in my opinion a traitor and communist. And as a result have watched nothing since that Mr. turner has anything to do with such as TNT, TMC, or TBS. And as far as AARP has claimed she has apologized for her actions and should be forgiven, I will never except her apology as I'm sure no Vietnam Veteran will. I no longer subscribe to AARP either.

  • Pastor Michael Hamilton

    06/07/2021 08:51 PM

    My wife often, with exasperation, exclaims, "Unbelievable!" I keep telling her, "The problem is that you are attempting to use logic, reason and rational thinking to explain that which is illogical, unreasonable and irrational!"
    Bro. Huckabee, thank you for your efforts.
    Mike Hamilton

  • Larry Rubin

    06/07/2021 08:17 PM

    Democrats can 'DOMINATE' all political offices easily for the next 50 years by simply opening ALL 2020 elections for Complete and Total inspection.-----
    1. They will vindicate themselves completely;
    2. They will make the Republicans look totally dishonest;
    3. Millions of Republicans will switch from the 'dishonest' party to the Democrats.
    4.----What are they 'vacillating' for?