January 11, 2019

Due to a series of health problems, 85-year-old Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg missed opening oral arguments this week for the first time in 25 years.  Despite assurances that she’s fine (and I wish her well and hope you’ll all say a prayer for her health), unsourced rumors are flying that she might be about to retire, even as soon as today, and the White House is already preparing, just in case they have to name a successor.

With the SCOTUS now tilted 5-4 conservative, for President Trump to replace a liberal Justice with another Constitution-respecting nominee would cement a solid conservative majority for years (unless if you’re like Chief Justice Roberts and don’t believe there are such things as liberal or conservative judges.)  But first, any nominee he names will have to survive a Mount Vesuvius-level eruption of rage from the left and a gauntlet-of-fire confirmation that will make the Brett Kavanaugh hearings look like the Teddy Bears’ Picnic. 

Liberals not only hate-hate-hate Trump with the heat of a thousand suns, but he would be replacing not just any liberal justice, but one they’ve recently raised almost to the level of a deity.  There’s been a worshipful documentary about her, a worshipful dramatized movie about her, and any trip to a left-leaning book store will yield a truckload of RBG tchotchkes, with her face on everything from T-shirts to keychains.  

While everyone else braces to cover this titanic struggle, I’d like to toss out an idea that’s sure to get ignored once all the outrage and partisan fighting gets rolling:

If you think the entire future of America hinges on a single unelected lawyer in a black robe staying on the job until she’s 150, then we have ceded far too much power to judges.



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Comments 1-14 of 14


    01/15/2019 12:33 AM

    Love the Huckabee Family! ???????

  • Dorothy Gavin

    01/13/2019 03:35 PM

    Two things , 1. Ruth Bader Ginsburg should not be serving in the Supreme Court because she does not believe in our Constitution. Should'nt that be the first thing a justice is asked before taking an oath. She told a middle eastern Country not to fashion their Constitution after ours. She also should not be serving right now since she is 85 years old and her illness keeps her off the bench too much. I don't wish her illness but since we out here work in the Public Sector would be forced to retire. As for Cortez why do they keep putting that woman who has no government experience and speaks like a 6th grader out in every news show imaginable. Do the demorats think she is a good example of their party? Now that is just scary.

  • suzanne Schwartz

    01/12/2019 01:03 PM

    Praying for RBG's salvation in Jesus more than anything. Before she meets her Maker, whenever that is--i may meet my LORD before she does cause none of us knows when that will be--she needs to find out where she will spend eternity. Prayer is the most important thing our country, our President and those surrounding him need these days. Obedience follows very closely in importance. GOD help us.

  • Charlie Brown

    01/12/2019 03:00 AM

    I believe that she will initially come back, but she may not feel the urgency to remain in the job. After my father's first go round with cancer, he re-evaluated his priorities and stopped returning to Lockheed for summer jobs and fully retired from there.

  • aron Woien

    01/11/2019 05:33 PM

    Uh, Roberts is a leftist. The proof is in his vote regarding the un-affordable "care" act. So replacing RBG with a true Conservative would give the Court a NARROW Conservative majority.

  • Ron Besse

    01/11/2019 04:04 PM

    I truly hope she retires and soon not because she is biased, which she is, but I can't wait for the fun of watching the Democrats have a meltdown of epic proportion. Additionally, it has become painfully obvious John Roberts has lost his way and slipped to the other side. I had hope for him until he made the claim that the courts had no bias and yet we see this at least once a week of some judge challenging the President for everything he does. Come-on Ruthey, lets get this retirement going and make my day.

  • Marguerite Black

    01/11/2019 04:02 PM

    I think you , Mr Huckabee would be Very good in that position ! I would also love to see Trey Gowdy.

  • Donna Sudbrook

    01/11/2019 03:58 PM

    Musing about a possible peaceful politics option in this situation... would Ruth Bader Ginsburg be willing to be replaced by retired federal justice Janice Rogers Brown age 69.... an African-American woman.... who might agree to serve for 5-6 years.... To the end of a possible Trump second term... ie her mid 70s.... Giving the left another shot at electing a Democrat president in 2024 and replacing the Brown seat with a liberal replacement. Perhaps Ms. Brown could be talked into coming out of retirement if it was for a set amount of time versus the rest of her life! I always feel sorry for these senators and congressmen and judges who serve right up to their deathis.... I’m sure the job is captivating but with no time to retire and enjoy family again and just normal life… It would seem better to retire mid 70s to 80 at the latest in government. I’d prefer just a custom of retiring from government at certain times instead of mandatory term limits..... Just like the presidents used to do for a long time without a law... they only served two terms Up until Franklin Delano Roosevelt served 4 ... dying in the middle of his fourth term and then after that the Democrat controlled the house and senate apparently??? I should doublecheck that ...agreed to put term limits on presidents ??? Americans love liberty.

  • Dianna Fason

    01/11/2019 03:15 PM

    And Sir, you are absolutey correct! May God bless and continue to guide and protect President Trump !!

  • Dean Barto

    01/11/2019 02:50 PM

    If you were on Trump’s list of possible SCOTUS candidates, would you really be willing to go through what will make Kavanaugh’s confimation hearing look like a trip to Disneyland?

  • Steven Lechtenberg

    01/11/2019 02:05 PM

    Governor remember this, a conservative supreme court is the antidote to the lower court activist disguised as judges. With a solid 6 to 3 majority it will be fun watching the democratic liberals short judicial celebration in the lower courts get dumped out back like everyday trash. It will take many many years to replace all those liberal political judges. So a solid conservative supreme court is just what we need

  • Michael Batchelor

    01/11/2019 01:58 PM

    Ms. Ginsburg isn't diety, but the truth is that she's an eagle-eyed, sharp-witted jurist who's perception and logic is impeccable; very, very much like former Justice Scalia was. The reason those two often came to differing opinions has to do with starting premises rather than politics or reasoning capacity. The president will be hard-pressed to name a replacement who can match her. And in the current political climate, the left's political machine would oppose the choice if it was Ms. Clinton herself.

  • Bradley W. Shinn

    01/11/2019 01:20 PM

    Gee, you're almost giddy about the imminent demise of Justice Ginsburg. Ironically, this was the focus of my last e-mail to you. It is clear to me which side is the most filled with hate. Good Luck. I hope you get a great conservative.

  • Ruth Howard

    01/11/2019 01:17 PM

    How do we know that RBG is making the in-absentia decisions herself, or is someone else doing it for her in her Liberal name? Can Supreme Court judges make decisions in that manner, or must they be present at the Court?