November 18, 2017

Congress and liberal courts may be blocking much of the agenda President Trump ran on, but Republicans can’t fault him for the judges he’s been appointing, from Neil Gorsuch on down. Trump just released a short list of possible nominees if any further SCOTUS openings come up, and I think you’ll find they are a stellar lot, particularly if you prefer judges who follow the Constitution rather than rewrite it. For this alone, we should be giving thanks over our turkey next week that Donald Trump was elected.

Any frustrated Republicans who are thinking of staying home in 2018 or 2020 and leaving the appointment/confirmation of more SCOTUS Justices to a Democratic Senate and/or President need to think back to the giant bullet America dodged when Trump’s election blocked Hillary Clinton from stacking the Supreme Court with leftwing activists who would have wielded rubber stamps for the left’s agenda instead of gavels. Then go circle Election Day on your new 2018 calendar right now.


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