June 29, 2019

In Thursday’s “debate,” Bernie Sanders did admit that “Medicare For All” would require everyone to pay higher taxes, but he claimed it would be less than we currently pay for insurance coverage.  Because he’s an expert on cost projections, coming from a state that tried and quickly abandoned single payer after it immediately ran far over budget.

(Sidebar: One thing these debates have exposed is just how little any of these candidates understand about economic issues.  They have no clue how to pay for any of their big giveaway schemes, other than “tax the rich” and “print more money,” two answers I’d expect from eight-year-olds.  And they seem to think all rich people are the same: just the monocled guy from the Monopoly game, only evil.  For instance, they accuse Trump of only caring about Wall Street bankers, because...all rich people do, right?  Trump is a real estate developer who is famous for fighting with Wall Street bankers over loans for his building projects. I have no doubt that he’s on a friendly, first-name basis with more Trump resort desk clerks than he is Wall Street bankers.  But I digress.) 

One thing that became apparent in the “debates” is that some candidates are still trying to assure Americans that giving away free health care as a “right” won’t force them to give up their private insurance.  A new Democratic Party poll found that 3/4tts of Democrats think “Medicare For All” would allow them to keep their private insurance if they wanted. But it would not: both the House and Senate bills would outlaw that.  And a Kaiser Family Foundation survey found that when told that “Medicare For All” would result in reduced quality of care or higher taxes, support plummets from a majority to as low as 26%.

I see this election as a test of the new paradigm: for all my life, Democrats have carefully hidden what they really believed at election time, posing as fiscal moderates back home before returning to Washington to tax and spend like drunken sailors.  But now, they seem to think their long march through the institutions of education and the media have indoctrinated enough voters that they no longer have to hide it: they can come right out and let their socialist flags fly.  We’ll find out in 2020 whether they’re right and America as we knew it is history, or if they’ve miscalculated spectacularly. 


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  • Joanne Harvey

    07/04/2019 12:07 PM

    The difference between Republican and Democrat is that Republicans used to believe that WE the people are to feed, cloth, and care for the poor, not the Government, who can then manipulate them. So tired of the Republicans caving to more government interference into our lives.

  • Robert Skinner

    07/03/2019 10:50 AM

    My earnest and fervent prayer is that they have "miscalculated spectacularly".

  • David Colonna

    07/01/2019 12:40 PM

    I actually have some cousins who are either stuck back in the days of JFK or they partake in way too much LSD back in the 60s that their brains are too fried. I just cannot believe it as my Grandparents hard core Democrats would sure the heck not vote Democeay today because of their strong Christian beliefs. They are making a mockery of our hard core Christian family and it truly hurts or makes me wonder if may be they were the milkman's children, yes I digressed a whole lot.

  • colleen ryan

    07/01/2019 01:20 AM

    Just sad, sad, sad. What happened to common sense? Is there anyone you can talk to about protecting our social security? Without it, we seniors are screwed. Excuse my french....

  • Carol J Mathews

    06/30/2019 11:51 PM

    For free;
    College tuition, all college loans paid, Medicare for all, automatic citizenship once you step foot on American soil, reparation for the blacks, and an income even if I do not work
    You know, I am too old for college, do not have a college loan to pay, already on Medicare and am white, have Social Security and a pension. This pretty much leaves out all the senior citizens who DO vote so for my vote I think everyone should also be given a new car at least every 5 years if you are over the age of 65. Now for the Green New Deal, it needs to be an electric car, of course. Everybody has a "right" and deserves to have good transportation, take nice trips, travel to visit family and friends safely, and to the nursing home.
    It gets more ridiculous every time one of them opens his/her mouth.
    The best example of living "free" is all the homeless on the streets of LA, Seattle, DC, Chicago and the many other large Democrat run cities. That is where everyone, except the millionaires will be living. The millionaires will be living in other countries after they close all their businesses, lay off all workers, move out of the country after being charged 70% tax increase. Does anyone honestly think that the wealthy will stand for this tax increases when they can easily shutter everything down and just leave. Can nobody think passed their nose. Wall street, Silicone Valley, Manhattan penthouse, sprawling estates owners do not have to live in this country, do not have to pay the higher taxes, do not have to keep their businesses open, do not have to employee anybody.
    Maybe AOC has an answer to that or any of the other 20?? idiots running for President on the retarded side. You want even be able to tax the middle class because they want have jobs or income to tax.
    As for free college. From the looks of what they have been turning out for the last 2 decades, parents might think better "not" to let their children even go and employers should think twice about hiring the college graduates. Instead of higher learning it more like mass social indoctrination and dumbing down.

  • Jean MC

    06/30/2019 11:05 PM

    Oh what a tangle Web of lies the Demtards weave, these utopian dreamers have been pushing 'progressive' all encompassing gov't for more than 50 yrs, slowly dumbed down our educational academic standards, encroached on individual freedoms, bullied the States to acquiesce their rightful governing duties, and so much more, it is a shame these socialists have convinced so many of our younger generations that gov't is the end all, do all, Thomas Jefferson stated "A gov't big enough to give everything is big enough to control every aspect of your life a then take it all away (paraphrased)
    Many of the very issues we are fighting today are the same ones which started the American Revolution..
    Too many ppl today have no recollection of the Nazi's or Communist Russia.. SAD! Lessons not learned

  • Pam Bond

    06/30/2019 09:31 PM

    I miss seeing your show. We can’t get TBN on our antenna TV. I tried to get a subscription to the station on live-streaming and had a problem getting it set up.
    Anyway, we enjoy your e-mail reports! Thanks!

  • Arlene Metrione

    06/30/2019 09:03 PM

    We think it’s time that our Senators and members of Congress have the same health care as everybody else!

  • Linda Boudreaux

    06/30/2019 07:34 PM

    When I went on Medicare, after my retirement on a very limited income, I had to leave the excellent Dentist I had for many years and my very good Dermatologist I found after many years of searching. A lot of very good doctors are no longer accepting my Medicare Advantage policy. Unless you have the money to buy a better Medicare Supplement policy, this is what happens.

    I also deal with Medicaid for my mother who is in a nursing home. It is nightmarish trying to get questions answered when you have a problem. Same issues with Social Security if there is any problem. You are told to call one number and then another, and another. No one seems to know who can help you. Or you are told to leave a message but no one calls you back.

    Overall, to make things really difficult, to have less choice, and to lose your ability to effect change in your situation, choose the Federal Government to manage your life.

  • Ronald Rough

    06/30/2019 06:09 PM

    Mike: Great commentary! Keep it up!

  • Jeff Stotts

    06/30/2019 03:03 PM

    There is no need for Medicare for all. We already have government subsidized healthcare for all. Anyone can go to a Federally Qualified Health Clinic (do an internet search for FQHCs by state) and pay based on a sliding scale based on your income and Insurance or lack of insurance. Often times high priced drugs can be filled at a fraction of normal cost under the 340B provision. Office visits also are a fraction of normal costs. Anybody with commercial insurance, Medicare, Medicaid or no insurance can go here for medical care.

    Like many political schemes, “Medicare for All” is simply another way for politicians to pander to uninformed voters for “FREE GOVERNMENT CHEESE”.

  • Thomas R Sprenger

    06/30/2019 12:26 PM

    I had the pleasure and privilege of practicing orthopedic surgery for five years prior to the onset of Medicare. In 1964 Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ) was elected as the US President. In 1965 the US health care program aka Medicare was passed by the US Congress with an effect date of 1 July 1966. LBJ told the US public that the only difference in health care would be that the US Government would be the bill payer for those folks who had reached 65 years in age or if younger they must be disabled. Hospitals and health care workers were then paid their full charges.

    It did not take long before it was learned that LBJ and his crony PhD friend from the U. of Wisconsin who designed Medicare did not understand the cost of health care. Once the cost reached 10 times more than their estimates something had to be done to control the cost of health care. The cost of Medicare plus the cost of the Vietnam War, that LBJ called Veet Naam, destroyed LBJs desire to run for US President in 1968. LBJ, who was a master politician, could see that he would likely loose in 1968 if he ran again for the US Presidency. The US Congress, in control of Republicans in the early 1980s, put into effect a program called Diagnostic Related Groups (DRGs). That program reimbursed hospitals on the basis of diagnoses rather than the length of a patients hospital stay and it established what health care workers were paid for their services. In my pinion that health program designed to curtail the run away cost of Medicare was the start of health care rationing.

    Now Democratic Senators Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris plus 17 more Democrats believe that if they are elected president of the US can help pass a Medicare program that covers all Americans. These 20 Democrats will likely never admit that their programs are too expensive, but they keep on pushing for a Medicare program for all.

    When will US citizens learn that there is no free lunch relating to the cost of health care? Let us hope that this learning process occurs before the 2020 election.

  • Linda Springer

    06/30/2019 09:09 AM

    I also bet they would not want medicare coverage for themselves, insane idea, I pray this never happens

  • John A Dullnig

    06/30/2019 08:04 AM

    Hey Governor,

    Even a drunken sailor doesn't spend more than he has in his pocket!

    I read your newsletter everyday just to stay informed.


  • Ted Hitzler

    06/30/2019 07:50 AM

    My wife was a little late in applying for medicare part B,they now take half of her SS to pay for it.

  • Linda Orf

    06/30/2019 06:43 AM

    Of course they won’t give up their “private” insurance, most of them have tax payer paid for insurance as a perk of being a government elected official, and its far superior to Medicare, Medicaid or anything else you can buy. And if I am not mistaken, they keep those perks even after they leave office., And the one or 2 who said they would give up their “private” insurance, I’m wondering if semantics went into their answer. Their insurance is “public government” insurance. Have to be honest. I watched the first debate yawning. The second debate I had to turn off because it was making me irate at the arrogance they all had giving away free stuff to everyone and expecting we the tax payers to provide it all. It’s clear they just want a bigger government and external more control over we the people. And I fear our younger generations may be swallowing this thinking in hook line and sinker because our education system has failed to teach our youth basic civics 101


    06/30/2019 01:17 AM


  • Bradly S Curtis

    06/29/2019 09:01 PM

    Medicare is a program for Seniors. leave it to these creatures to take the vulnerable older citizens and rob them of full health care. limited treatment for seniors with serious conditions would result because of the cost burden. Rationing healthcare so the "producers" are kept healthy. No doubt treatment options would be limited as a person grows older. In other words they get to die!

  • gary stilwell

    06/29/2019 08:42 PM

    On healthcare---the Federal Gov't does NOT belong in the healthcare business, period--that is reserved for private enterprise.
    What the Federal Gov't MUST be in is REGULATION of that business--to make sure Doctor's orders are paramount(with obvious oversight provisions) and the pharmaceutical and insurance companies DO NOT dictate what is best for the patient

  • Darrell Brawn

    06/29/2019 07:46 PM

    Very well written & I agree 100%.

  • Larry Olson

    06/29/2019 07:43 PM

    We are preaching to the choir. We need to infiltrate democratic forums and spread the REAL word. No democrate is going to read this.

    And there's a REAL issue of one getting elected again...... most of the US is on some government payroll, or goerment freebee, or doesn't work or is supported by someone else. So, they think that money grows on trees and have absolutely NO concept about economics. Heck, neither does Bernie or the rest of them.

    They have to realize that there is NO free lunch. You can't tax the rich. When they get enough they will take their toys and money and go elsewhere. And these democrats don't have a clue that the rich people provide jobs for them.

    This is getting scary....

  • Mary C Blood

    06/29/2019 05:40 PM

    Dear Gov. Huckabee:
    As a 72-year-old lifetime Republican, I am curious to know where to find this Medicare plan Bernie Sanders espouses. He says no premium, no copays and no deductibles. I paid into the Medicare system and have been on it for years now. I pay all three. Does he not know the truth about Medicare? Or is he just spouting pie-in-the-sky freebies for liberal votes?

  • Ruby Howell

    06/29/2019 05:17 PM

    "Free Medicare for all" will be poor quality healthcare because the medical personnel will have to use the herd method to treat people. In other wordsthere would not be the testing & time to investigate the best way to treat the patient. Besides to pay for " free college & Medicare" it will end up costing 1/2 of a working man's salary to pay for These "free" things. I had to work for everything in my life including paying for college! If everything is given to people then the pride is not there that they did this themselves. Besides it would get to the point that if an elderly person was costing too much then that person will end up not getting the care they deserve instead this is where delibert killing of the sickly , elderly & handicapped will take place.

  • Doug Smith

    06/29/2019 05:16 PM

    I heard a replay of some of Elizabeth Warren's speech at a rainbow gathering somewhere and she kept saying how when she is president she is going to fix this and fix that but nobody asked how she was going to do it all. In fact, all the candidates seem guilty of this babble. And another thing, they seen to have a goal of letting illegals vote. Hmm, if we are going to let non-citizens vote let's just get Europeans, Asians, everyone vote. I could go on but this is enough. One more thing, the government is sooo good at running the VA how do you think they would do with health insurance for all?

  • Lillian E. Caballero

    06/29/2019 04:53 PM