June 27, 2018

Today’s Must-See Video: Some loudmouthed leftist millennial students at Georgetown University pulled one of their “public shaming” attacks on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as he was getting into a car after a campus event, screaming at him about separating families at the border.  But they didn’t count on meeting more than their match in the form of his wife, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, who got right back in their faces.  They’re lucky her security intervened and directed her toward the car before she kicked their pathetic heinies. 


TRENDING: Evening Edition - June 26

At the link, note that one of the protesters refers in his social media posts to himself as a “rising senior” and talks of being furious that McConnell was invited to “my campus.”  He seems to have an awfully high opinion of himself for someone who is now best known for yelling at his elders like a jackass while wearing a backwards baseball cap like a sad rapper wannabe from 2005. 


I can’t help thinking as I watch this video that if the parties were reversed, the left would be trumpeting this far and wide as an outrageous example of toxic masculinity and white privilege threatening a Chinese-American woman.  As it is, though, I seriously doubt these guys have enough masculinity to reach the level of “toxic.” Or even the level of “detectable.”





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  • Amelia Little

    06/27/2018 11:41 PM

    I think that if there are injuries or (God forbid) death from any of this idiocy, that Maxine Waters and any other politician or hoolywood elite who is advocating this behaviour should be charged for every instance of injury or death. If anything happens to Barron Trump, in addition to whomever the perpetrator might be, Peter Fonda should be charged the same. You would think that politicians and "stars" would have more brains than to publicly call for vile things to happen to someone they don't agree with. Or, worse, their families. Now, how are they going to differentiate between someone who came on new after Trump was elected, and who is an obama holdover? Gonna go after them, too? As for the guy on campus, I don't care if he has spent the last 20 years trying to graduate--it's not "his" campus alone. Evidently, there were others on campus who have every much the same rights as he who must have invited McConnell to be there. Unless this stalwart senior has bought the campus and funds the entire campus--it's not "his" campus. He would probably welcome obama and pelosi and feinstein and maxine--even though there might be students who wouldn't want THEM on "their" campus. He sounds like a winner, by the way. NOT!!!!

  • Margo Ayers

    06/27/2018 09:40 PM

    Hi Mike,
    l never take the time to comment so will do so now....l've been unable to work (RN for a hundred years lol) since l broke my hand in San Diego last October. l was rescuing someone from on top of a burning building ...lol...l tripped on a sidewalk in Coronado while going to watch the sunset with my daughter, who lives there. They did emergency surgery on my hand the next day, and when l got home to Columbus, Ohio and went for a follow-up appt. to a hand surgeon...he discovered the San Diego bunch had forgotten or didn't notice (?) a couple more fractures and dislocations AND a shredded tendon or whatever...so l needed another surgery! When that surgery was healing, my fingers started growing sideways off my hand which enabled the Dr. to realize l have Rheumatiod Arthritis which was accelerated by the trauma and made my knuckle joints (spoken like a true Psych nurse) disintegrate so l had to have ANOTHER surgery to replace those joints last March. That was successful (l guess) but when l went for my follow-up appt. the surgeon discovered that l couldn't raise my fingers was because my tendon(s) had ruptured, so if l want to use that hand ever again...you guessed it...Monday l'm having surgery...God may have a reason (which l'm told He always does) for all this, so l'll find out someday what that is.
    All l was going to do was explain why l have been off work since October...So l guess we can both understand why l never get around to leaving a comment! lol
    l mainly wanted to tell you how much l enjoy your quick wit, your appreciation for great music and the people behind it, your faith, your patriotism, your awesome faith,...o l could go on & ON!!! l'm sure l speak for many people! So keep up the great work!

    Kindest regards,
    Margo Ayers

    Say hi to Sarah for me...l think the world of her, too.