June 19, 2017


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Today's Commentary:  The Mueller Investigation Grows-- HuffPo scrambles to distance themselves -- RIP Stephen Furst


This is why anyone with common sense opposes the appointment of special prosecutors in all but the most extreme cases. Robert Mueller has hired 13 high-powered attorneys at taxpayer expense, with more on the way. One early estimate of the cost runs to around $100 million. This is to look into alleged Trump-Russia collusion for which months of investigations have turned up no evidence at all (indeed, it’s smelling more and more like a hoax concocted to hamstring and delegitimize Trump while covering up Hillary’s embarrassing loss) and to investigate whether Trump obstructed justice in trying to stop an investigation that he has the absolute legal power to stop but he didn't stop it.

With that many lawyers eating up that much time and tax money, special counsels are under intense pressure to find something – anything – to charge someone with. That’s when the investigations start expanding like the Blob. People start getting prison sentences for misremembering a detail while giving testimony, like Scooter Libby, or Martha Stewart, who was never charged with insider trading but was imprisoned for misleading investigators by denying a crime that she was never even charged with. We’re likely to enter a new phase, where the daily political news will start reading like a Kafka novel. Or, ironically, like something out of Russia, except from the era when Stalin’s henchman Lavrentiy Beria railroaded his political rivals into prison with the motto, “Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime.”

This is the swamp voters sent Trump to drain, but if he’s not very careful and doesn’t move quickly, his Administration will get sucked down into the muck before they can drain it.

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Mike Huckabee


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HuffPo scrambles to distance themselves

By Mike Huckabee

The Huffington Post is scrambing to distance itself from an article it ran just one week ago, in which HuffPo contributor Jason Fuller called for President Trump, his staff and top GOP Congressional leaders to be arrested, tried and convicted for treason, and summarily executed. Fuller argued that anything less would send a message to the world that America has lost its moral compass. Because nothing screams “morality” like holding kangaroo court trials for people you disagree with politically, then summarily killing them.

While HuffPo’s editors desperately try to pretend that they’ve never met this “Fuller” person, Fuller is standing by his article “100%,” and he doesn’t understand why HuffPo won’t stand by it, too. He figures that with all the things they’ve said about Trump and his supporters, HuffPo’s editors should agree that they should be investigated, put on trial, then executed under the law if found guilty. And you have to admit, he has a point.

HuffPo has fanned the flames of vicious, partisan lunacy for months, and if they really believe that even half of what they've said about Trump and Republicans in general is true, then they should endorse executing history’s greatest monsters. Maybe the fact that they don’t want to endorse that shows that the Scalise shooting shocked them into growing up and realizing how much harm their poison was causing to our society. Or maybe they just finally realized what most of us have known for a long time now: nothing you read on HuffPo should ever be taken seriously.

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RIP Stephen Furst

By Mike Huckabee

If you are of a certain generation, this news will sadden you and make you feel a little older. Stephen Furst has died from complications of diabetes at 63. He was a prolific actor and filmmaker with many roles to his credit, including a six-year run as Dr. Axelrod on “St. Elsewhere.” But he will always be best remembered for his early breakthrough role as Kent “Flounder” Dorfman, the hapless, chubby freshman pledging the Delta fraternity in “National Lampoon’s Animal House.” That movie inspired a whole generation of young comedians and helped usher in a wave of movie comedies that imitated and expanded on the raunchy, gross-out jokes, but usually missed the heart, warmth and nostalgia underneath.

In an announcement of his passing on his Facebook page, Furst’s sons Nathan and Griffith offered what might be the perfect eulogy for any comic actor:

"To truly honor him, do not cry for the loss of Stephen Furst. But rather, enjoy memories of all the times he made you snicker, laugh, or even snort to your own embarrassment. He intensely believed that laughter is the best therapy, and he would want us to practice that now. If you knew him personally, remember his gift for lighting up a room. And no matter who you are, when you think of Steve, instead of being sad, celebrate his life by watching one of his movies or use one of his bits to make someone else laugh - really, really hard."

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Message from Huck PAC:  

URGENT:  HUCK PAC NEEDS FINANCIAL HELP: Support conservative Republicans in 2017 who will pass President Trump's agenda. Help us raise an additional $15,000 in June by chipping in $5 or more today! This will help us reach our budgeted goal! Thank you!


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  • Mrs. Claudine Hale

    07/03/2017 01:54 PM

    Good afternoon, Please contact President Trump and tell him to discharge Mueller and his hinchmen immediately! I agree with you this investigation is a setup only designed to drag down our new president so he cannot do his assigned job! I also wonder if Comey had this in mind.... to help the Hillary camp in months to come! Discharge Mueller now! Thanks, Mrs. C. Hale, Thomasville, Ga

  • Wayne Doudney

    06/19/2017 10:41 AM

    Hey Governor Huckabee, It seems to me that this is a Spiritual Battle between Almighty God and Satan. And the reason that Satan seems to be so strong is due the poor effort of Born Again Christians. Even our Pulpits have been silent for the past 50 years. Satan seems to have gotten a toe hold during the sixties and he seems to be great making progress since. Spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ is all that needs to be done. After all Satan lost the battle at the Cross, however, even many Christians seem to be ignorant of this fact.