April 12, 2019


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Today's Commentary ---  Sleazy lawyer Michael Avenatti -- “Talking Out Of Both Sides of Mouth” Award -- Front Page of the Week   --- Tip of the hat to Texas -- Assange arrest sparks debate -- Hey Pete, why are you hating on Mike? -- Quotes from American History -- Democrats in denial -- Attorney Gen. Barr: "I THINK SPYING DID OCCUR."   -- Evening Edition -- Daily Verse


Michael Avenatti might not have liked it when I began routinely identifying him as “sleazy lawyer Michael Avenatti,” but it now appears that I may owe an apology…to sleazy lawyers. I don’t want them to sue me for defamation for associating them with Michael Avenatti.

Even with the herculean effort required to grant him a presumption of innocence, it’s getting harder with each passing day to keep a straight face when he claims he’s a victim of politicized prosecutors out to get him for attacking President Trump. If so, there must be a lot of Trump-voting prosecutors in unlikely places. First, Avanatti was indicted in New York for allegedly trying to extort $25 million from Nike. Then he was indicted in California on wire and bank fraud charges for allegedly misappropriating a client’s legal settlement for himself.


With gratitude,

Mike Huckabee

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“Talking Out Of Both Sides of Mouth” Award

By Mike Huckabee

Today’s “Talking Out Of Both Sides of Mouth” Award goes to CNN commentator Samantha Vinograd, who in one comment on Wolf Blitzer’s show Tuesday, slammed President Trump for his “inhumane treatment” of illegal migrant families by separating them from their children at the border while admitting that it happened under Obama, too, but when Obama did it, it was “for their protection.”

Here’s a direct quote slamming Trump, and brace yourself so you don’t get whiplash:

“He’s systemized that inhumane treatment that, again, Obama was doing to protect the children.”

She’s right: I think it’s high time Americans expressed more appreciation for all the inhumane treatment that Obama did to children to protect them.


Front Page of the Week

By Mike Huckabee

Hooray for the New York Post for delivering a much-needed reminder to Rep. Ilhan Omar that the 9/11 attack was not merely “some people did something,” but some radical Islamists murdered nearly 3,000 innocent people.

As disturbing as it is to see those photos, maybe it’s necessary to show them occasionally. In the immediate aftermath of 9/11, the media took criticism for airing the horrifying footage and photos too much. So an industry-wide decision was made to stop showing those disturbing images of the planes exploding, the buildings collapsing and the victims leaping to their deaths to escape being burned alive. That was an understandable decision at the time, and one that showed respect for the victims and their families.

Unfortunately, shoving those images down the memory hole also helped to obscure the horrors of that day and gave rise to a young generation with no personal memory of the attack and little concept of what it was actually like. Their ignorance is fertile soil for those who want to mislead them by rewriting history. This needs to be countered strongly, just as we have a Holocaust museum and preserve the concentration camps. No matter how painful it is to look at, we must make sure that what happened is never forgotten, because those who don’t remember the past are doomed to repeat it.

Incidentally, Rep. Omar and defenders are disingenuously trying to deflect the angry response by suggesting that it’s motivated by racism or Islamophobia. This is also offensive nonsense. The victims of 9/11 were people of all races and religions, as well as citizens from many nations other than America (they attacked the World Trade Center, if you do recall.) The people outraged by her comments include patriotic Muslims who served in the armed forces or as first responders or who lost family members, or who just were horrified at the slaughter committed by these terrorists in the name of their religion. Her comments would be reprehensible whether they came from a Somali Muslim immigrant such as herself or a Swedish-American Methodist.

And by the way: she couldn’t even be bothered to get the inoffensive details right: CAIR was not “founded after 9-11 because they recognized that some people did something, and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties.” It was founded in 1994, to lobby against anti-Muslim discrimination in general, but specifically in response to complaints of stereotyped Muslim villains in the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, “True Lies.” It’s ironic that “True Lies” gave rise to CAIR, and now Rep. Omar is using CAIR to propagate true lies.


Tip of the hat to Texas

By Mike Huckabee

One reason America is facing so many problems today is that far too many things have been removed from our schools: prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance, civics, legitimate economics education, unbiased American history, discipline, respect for teachers, freedom of speech, etc.  But a big tip o’ the Stetson to the Texas State Board of Education for at least reversing one misguided move by bringing back instruction in cursive handwriting.

Common Core reforms eliminated cursive on grounds that it was obsolete because kids only type on keyboards now.  But opponents argued that learning to write in cursive is a time-honored rite of passage for children that taught them discipline and eye-hand coordination.  Recent studies support that, showing links between learning cursive and developing fine motor skills which promotes reading, writing and cognition skills.  Also, as the article notes, “scholars of the future will lose the ability to interpret valuable cultural resources - historical documents, ancestors' letters and journals, handwritten scholarship - if they can't read cursive.”  Of course, that hinges on “scholars of the future” actually wanting to read historical documents rather than burning them. 

Besides, it’s bad enough that between the lowering of standards and grade inflation, the average grade at Harvard is now an A-minus. Raising a generation of A-minus college students who have to sign documents with an “X” like Jethro Bodine is just downright embarrassing.   


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Assange arrest sparks debate

By Mike Huckabee

As I predicted yesterday, the arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has sparked heated debate on a number of levels.  Assange declared himself a journalist as the US moved to extradite him from the UK to face conspiracy charges.  That opened a debate on whether he is a journalist, a whistleblower or a dangerous purveyor of espionage and stolen classified information.  His attorney will argue that extraditing him to face charges sets a precedent that endangers every journalist, which is surely an overstatement, but the kind that appeals to many journalists' egos so they're susceptible to believing it. 

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton, who lists Assange high on her Top 1,000 Things to Blame for Her Loss Other Than Herself, sniped that he is the “only foreigner that this Administration would welcome to the US.” 

For the record: 1.  Trump has made it clear that the US needs and welcomes immigrants who come legally and bring needed skills.  2.  Extraditing someone to face very serious charges is hardly a “welcome.”  3.  She’s still angry that WikiLeaks published those DNC emails, not because they gave voters a false account of what she and the DNC were doing but because they gave voters an accurate account of what she and the DNC were doing.  Her worst enemy wasn’t Assange or even Trump. As always, her worst enemy was the truth.


Hey Pete, why are you hating on Mike?

By Mike Huckabee

Despite dismissive mockery from the media, there is definitely a war on people of faith, and the most popular weapon wielded against Christians by the left is the bogus claim that if your faith forbids you to embrace their agenda, whether it be abortion, unisex bathrooms or same-sex marriage, it means you “hate” those who do. This is a perversion of the most basic precepts of Christianity, which calls for believers to reject the sin but love the sinner. It’s also yet another example of how the left can’t win an argument using facts, so they have to redefine the terms to tar the other side as “haters” (supporting border security means you “hate immigrants;” not wanting to pay for abortion drugs means you “hate women,” declining to participate in same-sex weddings that violate your religious beliefs means you “hate gays,” etc.)

This is scurrilous and phony, but sadly, it’s been effective enough that one of the Democratic Presidential candidates is trying it to separate himself from the pack. Pete Buttigieg must have realized that being Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, is not the kind of resume enhancer that screams, “I’m ready for the White House!” And while being openly gay sets him apart, it isn’t enough for today’s identity group/victim mentality Donkey Party.



Quotes from American History

"Any man worth his salt will stick up for what he believes right, but it takes a slightly better man to acknowledge instantly and without reservation that he is in error."

- Andrew Jackson


Democrats in denial

By Mike Huckabee

The same liberal politicians and media figures who told us Trump was crazy when he said he’d win the Presidential race (he did), and that he was crazy when he said Trump Tower was wiretapped (it was), and that he was lying about not colluding with Russia (he didn’t) are now claiming that Attorney General Barr is crazy for saying it’s possible that “spying did occur” on the Trump campaign during the 2016 election.

I’ve written about the hysterical “methinks they doth protest too much” responses from several anti-Trump stalwarts such as Chuck Schumer, Jerry Nadler and James Clapper elsewhere today, but here’s a late entry into the Denial Sweepstakes:


Attorney Gen. Barr: "I THINK SPYING DID OCCUR."

By Mike Huckabee

AG BILL BARR: “I think spying on a political campaign is a big deal. It’s a big deal.”

COMMITTEE MEMBER: “’re not, you’re not suggesting, though, that...spying occurred.”

BILL BARR: (long pause)...”I think spying did occur. Yes, I think spying did occur. I’m not suggesting it wasn’t adequately predicated, but I’d need to explore that.”

First of all, anyone old enough to remember Watergate (count me in) knows that spying on a political campaign IS a big deal. The Watergate scandal –- which changed history in incalculable ways –- began as a low-tech, early-’70s version of political spying on a presidential campaign, a simple break-in at the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate Hotel in Washington, DC, to install a wiretap. Keep in mind, this was in the Jurassic Period, before the age of digital communication, so the physical installation of listening devices (“bugs”) was necessary. But it was the same thing that happened in 2016: SPYING.



Evening Edition - April 11

By Mike Huckabee

A wrap-up of all the news you might have missed yesterday!


Daily Verse (KJV)

"And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves: for charity shall cover the multitude of sins."

– 1 Peter 4:8

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  • LeeMar Zarr

    04/12/2019 02:32 PM

    "Sanctuary Cities?" Mike, how many illegal supportive advocates live in or very near sanctuary city (ies)? I know many of these advocates who are denying or ignoring the borders' crisis live in gated communities with security services to protect the gated community residents. Could this be ONE reason that those advocates do NOT want the illegals in Sanctuary Cities? Is this not the purpose of Sanctuary Cities, to provide a Safe place for the illegals to keep their families together, get the public assistance programs like food, housing, medical care, and even education while "waiting" for their court date to maybe roll around. That is what most of the advocates/news reporting agencies have been preaching all these years...Isn't that the purpose of Sanctuary Cities? If that is True then why are all the illegal aliens advocates AGAINST the illegals being sent to Sanctuary Cities all over the US especially in Cal and NY that have so many Sanctuary Cities. Personally, IF I were an illegal alien I'd be VERY UPSET that my family and I are being PREVENTED from safety/sanctuary by those that are SUPPOSEDLY ADVOCATING FOR MY FAMILY AND MY WELL-BEING! I would feel that All people like me and my family were being LIED to BIG TIME and WE will NEVER TRUST A THING YOU SAY EVER AGAIN!!!!!!

  • Allen M Swatsworth

    04/12/2019 12:06 PM

    Mike, Loved your article about "Talking Out of Both Sides of Your Mouth Award". Can anyone truly understand "He’s systemized that inhumane treatment that, again, Obama was doing to protect the children." is so two faced and a true contradiction in meanings. If it is a truly an "Inhumane Treatment" for one person then why is it ok for another to do for "Protection". Did she really expect us to buy this doublespeak unless you still have a "chill running up your leg" admiration for Obama. Again, thank you for bring us the article. Keep up the great work of providing the "unclean, deplorables" the truth.

  • Daniel Messenger

    04/12/2019 11:23 AM

    On the Julian Assange ordeal, unless someone can convince me otherwise, I don't blame Julian Assange for leaking those documents. If Hillary Clinton had followed the rules and used the secure government servers, I don't believe Assange would have ever obtained those documents in the first place. If they prosecute Julian, they better prosecute Hillary. Just my humble opinion....

  • Stephen Russell

    04/12/2019 10:45 AM

    Assange arrest: Im divided since Assange & others pointed out the Deep State spying, Im grateful for OR was that a cover for aiding that transgender spy hack on a secure computer??
    Cant tell.
    & did he have stuff on DNC & Hillary?? or that a smokescreen