Box office failure for Jennifer Lawrence

September 19, 2017 |

How surprised would you be if I told you that the anti-Trump rally that passed for the Emmy Awards set a record for the lowest Emmy ratings ever?


Any more surprised than if I told you that a violent, repulsive movie that might be based on the Bible if you can make any sense out of it at all - starring an outspoken Trump hater who blamed the hurricanes on him (FYI, she claims that one was taken out of context) – tanked at the box office? In an already disastrous year for movie receipts, the studio is actually trying to blame the audience for the dismal failure of Darren Aronofsky’s “mother” with Jennifer Lawrence.

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According to Paramount’s president of marketing and distribution, most moviegoers won’t pay to see a movie that’s “audacious and brave” as opposed to “safe.” But she generously added, “It’s okay if some people don’t like it.” Considering it’s one of only 12 films ever to earn the lowest-possible CinemaScore audience poll rating of “F,” it’s probably “safe” to say that just about nobody liked it.

Or maybe we just don’t like people whose job is to entertain us instead giving us nonstop leftwing political lectures (like preaching to us about CO2 emissions while standing on an air conditioned OUTDOOR Emmy red carpet) and telling us what a bunch of sexist, racist morons we are. If anybody in Hollywood really wanted to show how “brave” they were, they’d make a movie about an honest, decent, straight white male conservative Christian business owner from the South. But that will never happen. So I’d settle for a buddy comedy starring Tim Allen and James Woods.


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  • Sandi Wyatt

    09/20/2017 12:38 PM

    Right on Huckster! By the way, Sarah is doing a great job! This is why I won't watch these clowns anymore! I'm with you, see if you can get James Woods and Tim to make a comedy together. Thanks for speaking out for us deplorables!

  • Mary Silveira

    09/20/2017 11:19 AM

    I love your daughter's press briefings.
    I am glad you mentioned this. DON'T PURCHASE PRODUCTS THAT SUPPORORT LIBERAL HOLLYWOOD AND MEDIA. The only way to get to them is $$$. I heard Dolly Parton had to endure Jane Fond's rant at the Emmys. She should have told the audience where to put that award. Dolly is the gentlest woman. so sad
    And, I won't even start with the blitthering idiot JL.

  • Ginger McMillin

    09/20/2017 09:22 AM

    I don't go to movies anymore unless it's likely to make it to Pureflix at some point! Not lining the pockets of any of these self indulgent left wing 'entertainers' !

  • Sandy Bishop

    09/20/2017 05:53 AM

    I did not watch the Emmys but just seeing the features on the news was so disturbing. If this kind of behavior had occurred during President Obama's terms...well, it just would not have happened. Period. I think Ms. Lawrence and Hollywood in general should be ashamed of themselves and I'm right there with you on choosing to view "movie alternatives."

  • Cynthia Paolucci

    09/20/2017 12:40 AM

    These Hollywood elites bash a Trump because they will get a positive response from the minions in the audience. If they had true talent, they could actually entertain the audience like those in the distant past. Seriously, I did not even know the Emmy's were on. I have not watched these award shows in years. It has become a convention for narcissists.

  • stephen thompson

    09/20/2017 12:19 AM

    I often wonder at the logic of the so-called Hollywood Elite. The director of this Jennifer Lawrence picture couldn't even get the story of Noah right in his last movie. (I think he had Noah confused with Gilgamesh,) I find myself cringing so often at the liberals in Hollywood who will tell you we all need to get along with the same breath that they condemn those who would dare disagree with them. I am embarrassed to hear anything spoken by Jennifer Lawrence, George Clooney or Ashley Judd because they all hail from my home state, Perhaps it would be wise to recall the old saying of "better to be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt."

  • Ellen F.

    09/19/2017 11:31 PM

    I don't care what movies anyone is in or if it's good or bad, according to your opinion. When someone doesn't agree with you or your beliefs just let it go, Mike. I wouldn't want my daughter getting paid to stand in public and spin her bosses words to make them more publicly palatable either, but I taught her that spinning is lying. Don't worry about Jennifer, you've got your own problems to tend to.

  • Debbie Hamilton

    09/19/2017 08:36 PM

    Maybe these "stars" will realize how superfluous they and their "craft" really is to the everyman! When their numbers and thus their marketability continues to fall, they might come to understand that we the people who elected President Trump respect him and at least expect some respect for our choices. When they continuously slam him and his administration, they slam us deplorables too! And no one will 'pay' for recriminations from these rude and self-absorbed actors to insinuate that their opinions and views are the most correct! I personally have almost quit watching tv altogether - but for a few exceptions on Fox News. (Tucker/Hannity/YOU when you have a spot appearance). Thanks for fighting the good fight! And btw - that Sarah that you can claim is one awesome gal - she 'schools' those journalists when they need it! Good for her!!

  • Mary Kirkland

    09/19/2017 08:27 PM

    Thank you for saying what we are all thinking. I'm tired of my husband and son being treated as second-class citizens, simply because some Christian white males have acted less than Christ-like in the past. That is no less wrong than treating all young black males as thugs. And I have protested that treatment for years, especially during my 28 years in public education. We have to get past the idea that it's alright to discriminate against a "group" simply because we perceive that group as prejudiced.

  • Rhoda Fox

    09/19/2017 08:15 PM

    Dear Mike,
    I just want to say how much your insights are right on point and I am so glad you are returning to TV with a new show. I cannot wait to watch your upcoming new show on TBN. God bless you for your honest and thoughtful commentary on today's politics and world issues. You are courageous!

  • Sandy Simpson

    09/19/2017 08:10 PM

    I'm with you Mike. Being preached to for all the wrong reasons just doesn't cut it.
    I can't wait for your new show.
    Someone with some sense to listen to for a change. It will be refreshing.

  • Mary Walker

    09/19/2017 07:38 PM

    What I wonder is how many of these Hollywood idiots are on George Soros payroll.

  • Julia Young

    09/19/2017 07:12 PM

    Exactly! I am so tired of the hypocrisy. Maybe a "celebrity" (and I use that term loosely) would be taken seriously if they "walked the talk". I really just wish they would close their mouths and act. I don't care what they have to say about anything..............

  • Wade Kallsen

    09/19/2017 07:06 PM

    Mike, I never tire of your commentary and the articles you post. I appreciate your diligence in addressing this tiresome and overwhelming Progressive movement that does nothing but abdicate responsibility, create false crises and of course do everything they can to make it my fault, the white conservative male.

  • June Lewsader

    09/19/2017 06:33 PM

    Thank you, Governor Huckabee! You totally rock, and I love hearing your comments and seeing you on Fox News. Your daughter Sarah is amazing too!

  • Stacy Smith

    09/19/2017 05:39 PM

    The one thing that gives me peace is the fact that so many people are getting tired of this never ending temper tantrum. We are seeing a change in the tides and these idiots can't be silenced quickly enough! I hope this teaches them that we want to see their acting skills, not hear about how "wronged" they feel whilst getting into their private jets and paying their nanny to wipe their kid's behind.

  • Shirley Rivers

    09/19/2017 05:18 PM

    I tend to equate my invested time as invested money. Watching TV/movies/etc cause me to invest time. If I do not see ROI for my investment, i.e. enjoyment/entertainment, it becomes 0 value added. Hollywood has become 0 value added. They no longer provide enjoyment nor entertainment.