August 9, 2019

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Unlike many people in the media and DC political bubbles, I try to stay in touch with what Americans who don’t talk for a living are thinking. And I’m definitely getting the sense that the liberal media outlets and Democrat politicians have greatly overplayed their hand with this whole “Trump is a racist white supremacist who hates brown people and he and his supporters are responsible for all mass shootings, including the one committed by a socialist Elizabeth Warren supporter” crusade.

(FYI: Conservative comedian and commentator Mark Dice has put together a compilation video of Trump denouncing racism, white supremacy and the Klan, with clips stretching all the way back to 2000. During that same year, Joe Biden was still proudly serving in the Senate alongside Democratic Party elder statesman and former “Exalted Cyclops” of the KKK, Robert Byrd, who would remain in office until his death in 2010):


With gratitude,

Mike Huckabee



Castro was wrong

By Mike Huckabee

And it just keeps getting worse:  It turns out one of the eeeeevil “Trump donors” doxed by Rep. Joaquin Castro didn’t even donate to Trump (the donor was his father with the same name.) But now, he’s concerned about attacks by the leftist loons whose attention Castro has drawn to him, and he’s been forced to go over emergency safety and self-defense procedures with his wife and kids.  Personally, I think his best defense move now would be to call a lawyer.

And he’s right to be concerned: a woman on Castro’s list already received a vile voicemail from some raging loon stirred up by Castro (warning: this is a link to the actual recording):

In case it hasn’t become clear to Rep. Castro yet (and it apparently hasn’t), this is why we expect people who hold positions like, say, CONGRESS MEMBER to behave with more intelligence and maturity than an angry 12-year-old.


A Big Salute

By Mike Huckabee

A big salute to Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross for refusing to kowtow to the angry leftist mobs demanding that everyone agree with their views or else. Ross’ businesses include the upscale SoulCycle and Equinox fitness clubs.  When word got out that he was hosting a fundraiser for President Trump – whom he’s known for 40 years – the Hollywood anti-Trump brigade immediately took to Twitter to call for a boycott of his gyms.

And bless him, Ross told them, in effect, to get their exercise by pounding sand.

Frankly, I don’t think Ross has a lot to worry about.  I’ve seen video of some of these anti-Trump radicals’ protests, and it definitely looks like most of them spend far more time acting like dumbbells on Twitter than they do lifting dumbbells at the gym.  At least Michael Moore kept his sense of humor, responding by tweeting that that’s it, he’s canceling his SoulCycle membership.  Whatever you think of Michael Moore, you have to admit, that was funny. 

I’ve never been a fan of politically-motivated boycotts.  They mostly just harm the employees and local franchise owners.  You also deprive yourself of something you might like that has nothing to do with politics (I am no fan of Starbucks’ politics, but I like their coffee, and when I’m an airport at 6 a.m., trying to get my eyes open, I’m not going on a hunt for a cup of java that aligns more perfectly with my politics.)  I hate the left’s mantra of making everything political.  One of the best things about watching a football game, or tuning in a comedy show, or going out to eat was that you didn’t have to think about politics.  Leftists have injected politics into all of them, and in the process ruined them.

Besides, most boycotts don’t even have that much effect (I’m sure all those Hollywood virtue signalers will really give up their luxury gyms and go to the Y, just to make a point, man!)  Boycotts are only effective when a business does something so stupid that it alienates their entire target market, like a sporting goods chain that bans gun sales or an athletic wear company that badmouths America, or a shaving razor manufacturer that trashes men in its ads.  But seriously, what company would ever be that stupid? 



The 50th Anniversary of Woodstock

By Mike Huckabee

Next Thursday marks the 50th anniversary of the start of 1969 Woodstock music festival.  It’s giving baby boomers, particularly the liberal, media-centric set, another excuse to look back in nostalgia and blab about all the wonderful ways in which their youthful, leftist, hippies ideals changed the world (I could think of a few, but I’m too nice to list them.)

Originally billed as “An Aquarian Exposition: Three days of Peace, Love and Music,” Woodstock turned out to be three days of music, gatecrashers, drugs, drug overdoses, chaos, mud, rat bites (that must have inspired the future leaders of L.A. and Baltimore) and the worst hygiene since the Middle Ages. 

PBS is airing a new documentary called “Woodstock: Three Days that Defined a Generation,” and even if you couldn’t care less, you really should read this article about it by Glenn Garvin from Reason magazine.

He points out that the film reveals that Woodstock was, believe it or not, an even bigger chaotic disaster than we knew.  Most people heard how the fences were knocked down and hordes of people just streamed in without paying (I guess it also influenced the current liberal position on immigration), but you might not know about the other disasters wrought by the “organizers’” complete lack of organizational ability.  If it weren’t for the small town squares they were railing about taking pity and sending supplies, the hippie attendees might have gone without food or water.  Or worse: a 50,000-volt cable got unearthed by the rain, and it was only by the grace of God that everyone wasn’t electrocuted.  As Garvin says, if Boomers arrogantly tout Woodstock as their generation’s defining accomplishment, this should make them question their accomplishments.

Side note from “Huckabee” pop culture historian, Pat Reeder:

“My favorite story about Woodstock was that Yippie radical leader Abbie Hoffman, high on drugs, invaded the stage during The Who’s set, grabbed the microphone and launched into a political diatribe.  Pete Townshend reportedly knocked him off the stage with his guitar (nobody swings a guitar like Pete), which is how he tells it in his memoir. There’s no film of it (darn it!), and in a new interview, Roger Daltrey (who calls Woodstock the ‘worst gig’ the Who ever played) says he doesn’t think Pete actually bashed Hoffman in the skull with his guitar, since that would’ve killed him.  Roger thinks Pete just made a threatening motion with his guitar and yelled, ‘Do it again and I’ll kill you!’  Either way, to me, that will always stand as the high point of that three days of peace and love.”




I wanted to make sure you also read these comments


Must-Read Article:  This week, the New York Times accidentally ran a headline about President Trump that was fair and objective.  When their readers nearly rioted, they quickly changed it for the second edition to a negative headline about Trump, and apologized for accidentally committing an act of professional journalism. 

Chadwick Moore in the London Spectator expanded on that apology to create this open letter from the New York Times to its subscribers, and it is spot-on brilliant and hilarious.  Note to  This is not an actual letter from the Times editors.  It’s meant to make a point through humor (i.e., “satire.”)  And we all know that, so you don’t have to fact-check it for us.



Having instituted crazy leftist policies that have resulted in rat infestations, California’s legislators are finally taking action…by banning rat poison.

There is actually a reason for it: rat poison used indiscriminately can kill other animals, too.  Besides, there is a much safer and simpler way to get rid of the rat infestations:

Vote Republican.


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  • Nancy Bradley

    08/10/2019 12:27 PM

    Hi Mr. Huckabee. We are avid watchers of your program, and enjoy it very much!!! Mr. Huckabee, How can I contact your daughter? The Putnam County Republican Women (Hurricane, WV, near Charleston, WV) would like for
    her to speak at our annum dinner next March, 2020. We sent a letter to the White House, a few days before she resigned, so we have no idea if she received it or not. We changed our dinner from August, 2019, to the 2020 date, in hopes we might be able to contact her again!!! Respectfully, Nancy Bradley, President.

  • andres b cid

    08/09/2019 10:53 PM

    While I applaud your efforts to quote scripture would it not be better to quote from the Original King James version? There is proof that the newer versions of the bible leave out portions of the scripture from the KJV. The author of these newer versions (NIV,NKJV) has been quoted as saying the KJV is difficult to read and understand so believers need "help" with the words. So in effect is he saying Christians are not passionate enough to understand scripture that hasn't been changed for 500 years? To be fair many pastors on TV are also using NIV and NKJV to quote scripture. Maybe it's time to go back to what has been solid for 500 years.

  • Dave Hancock

    08/09/2019 01:42 PM

    The only Woodstock I know is on my .30-06

  • Stephen Russell

    08/09/2019 11:51 AM

    Universal pic The Hunt counter:
    Hunting Leftists: sample leftist types: Mob, Triad, MS13, cartels, gangs, pimps, hoods, terrorists & crooked politicos & Conservatives hunt them since theyre" diseased".
    To save homes in Game area
    Conservatives use guns & crossbows etc.
    Boycott Universal Studioes theme parks