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March 8, 2023

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  • Margie Coleman

    03/10/2023 11:20 AM

    Just watched your interview with Dr. Jay Bhattatcharya and agree wholeheartedly with him. My daughter, a Registered Nurse and graduate of Purdue University, were already researching this covid virus after my 98 year old mother was hospitalized in 12/2019 for an unknown virus as well as two other infections. She survived but we had to put her in a Nursing home as we caretakers were seniors and couldn't continue our care. She died, 4 months later with what we believe was failure to thrive because we could not visit her because of the shut downs? In the first week of March 2020 we started telling people something was wrong about the mass masking and other procedure and we were posting on Facebook. They began censoring my FB account (that early in the, so called, pandemic). I then decided to go and research the CDC's website and on the webs front page was a study regarding a group recreating the 1918 Spanish flu. I posted the study on FB and they took it down stating that is was "mis information." As a CRJ major I was appalled that my country was censoring my posts? We continued to search the CDC site daily and found the numbers that were posted, on the deaths from covid, to be arbitrary! They even had a corrected amount of 33,000+ subtracted? I will tell you that I am not vaccinated and will die fighting this "nonsense" they are selling as a public pandemic health issue!! Ask Klaus Schwab or Bill Gates what the agenda "is"...population control of the most wicked kind.
    Thank you,
    Margie Hamilton Coleman