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May 25, 2022

At this writing, at least 19 school children and two teachers are confirmed dead in the horrific school shooting yesterday in Uvalde, Texas. The 18-year-old shooter is also dead, thanks to the heroic efforts of law enforcement, particularly one unnamed member of an elite Border Patrol tactical unit called BORTAC. He was injured in the leg while exchanging fire with the shooter, who was barricaded and in body armor.

This is a breaking story, so here’s a link to Fox News’ continually-updated news reports:

I know that you will join me and others around the world in praying for the victims and the grieving parents who are experiencing the worst nightmare any parent can face. This is a horrifying and senseless tragedy, and all our attention should be focused on the victims and their families.

Unfortunately, as is always the case, many people rushed to cameras to exploit the tragedy by trying to blame it on their political opponents or use it to push their existing agendas before they even knew who the shooter was, what his possible motives might be, what his politics were or what kind of weapon he used (early reports said a handgun and possibly a rifle, but that’s one of many things we don’t yet know for certain.) Also, as is the case too often, it appears that the killer left red flags on social media that were ignored.

There are those calling for ending the Second Amendment, despite the fact that it’s been around since 1791, and these kinds of cold, conscienceless mass murders have only come in recent years, in an era of family breakdown, rejection of God and moral teachings, desensitizing graphic violence as entertainment, and the erosion of respect for the sanctity of human life. As I wrote recently after the tragic shooting in Buffalo, we have welcomed evil in our midst, and we refuse even to acknowledge its existence. I can make a better case for those things being contributing factors than for “the gun did it.”

But this isn’t the time for political arguments. It should be a time to come together, grieve, offer prayers and comfort to the families, and send a message to the entire world, and especially any would-be future attackers, that every one of those victims was a gift from God and the loss of their lives is an unspeakable tragedy for all of us. Stressing that message to everyone in society – that every life matters and is precious -- would do more to end these horrific attacks than passing more ineffective laws or blaming people who had nothing to do with it.

Related: This is a very good commentary by Darvio Morrow on some things that could be done that really would make our schools safer.

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  • Mary Bionaz

    05/30/2022 05:45 PM

    I have been saying for a long time to hire retired vets and police for security at our schools. They would have to go through testing for PCSD etc. Maybe it would help some of our vets to get off the streets (with proper testing). I also feel the government should cover the cost for this security. Our precious children are as important as everyone else that has government security.
    Thank you for reading my comments.
    Mary Bionaz

  • Kathleen Riley

    05/30/2022 11:20 AM

    Where did the body armor come from? Was it purchased by this 18 year old "kid"? And no one raised an Eyebrow???? See something. Say something. But Paying Attention is key.

  • David Womack

    05/30/2022 10:23 AM


    America already has part of the solution to school safety.

    What is needed is an army that is trained, armed, experienced, vetted, ubiquitous in every community, and available at a reasonable price. We need a federal law directing each state to form a commission to regulate and manage this "army."

    America already has all this: ex-cops. In 2004, President Bush signed the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA). Each state was directed to form a commission to manage the training, vetting, and certification of retired police officers to carry weapons, concealed, nationwide. Each applicant tests and is certified every year. Each must have served as a police officer with full arrest powers for at least 10 years. Their arrest records must be squeaky-clean (minor traffic offenses ONLY!). They are relatively young (some departments allow retirements after 20 years).

    Additional training in Active School Shooter Response is all that would be needed.

    And...most retirees have children or grandchildren of their own and would bring a strong interest for the safety of the children at a school.

    Retired Sergeant
    Michigan State Police

  • Ed Thompson

    05/30/2022 09:16 AM

    What has happened to people that now in the 21st Century with space flights being real and Dick Tracy wrist watch TVs being an actual thing we have children killing children and people killing people in their own homes and in school houses and in places of worship? We have made huge strides in science and technology yet now we have people of all ages with mental problems and others on drugs and others still without any reasons for excuses killing people for why? I think we should ask God to come back to America and put His Words back into our schools and anyone who has a problem with that should not have a job with our school systems. We have given those people more power over us to have it their way now and we can see exactly what happens when you take away morals and respect for decency and common sense and replace everything with “do what you feel like if it makes you feel good!” At some point you have to learn not everything everyone wants to do is good for them or us! That’s why we have laws about speeding and yelling fire inside a building! These are moral laws that everyone reaps benefits from, common sense rules for life and quality of. We don’t need to build our schools like bunkers we need to put common sense back into our society. And start with bringing back His Words to our public schools. And let children be children and stop telling them they should be ashamed of themselves for being themselves. Woke is wrong-CRT is wrong— core is just stupid—Jesus is everything right. He is Truth.

  • Kerry Caudle

    05/30/2022 08:29 AM

    Where did the shooter get the almost $5000 to buy two ARs and 400 rounds? And where did he buy them, a day or two after his 18th BD?

  • tom jeffs

    05/30/2022 06:53 AM


    I pray that this is true but I have doubts Mike - - - - - - -

    please pass this idea on to Donald J. Trump45 - - - - - - -

    please beat China once and for all by suing them IN THE HAGUE so that ALL countries who experienced losses due to the chinavirus can recoup those losses from China - - - - - - -

    I remind you Mike that I'm 1 of the 4 'regulars' of the Huckabee Show as per the audience producer of that show, Jennifer Rhule (I blissfully remember Matt the floor director whose little girl called him 'Peter Pan' and Ryan Reiss the audience warmer upper as well) and if you think for a minute about my moustache + muttonchops in Manhattan you probably remember me due to our many many many conversations in the rope line - - - - - - -

    I'm also a veteran of Israel Experience 2012 whom David will probably remember since my infirmaties caused him to walk with me many times since I couldn't keep up with the crowd as we moved from site to site - - - - - - -

    finally Mike, I'm the guy who donated all those red polo shirts to your family that you wore in Iowa during your candidacy which you proudly remind us of in all your new relaxium ads - - - - - - -

    keep smiling Mike, I'm still a big fan of yours - - - - - - -

    AND I pray that you actually do read these comments - - - - - - -

  • Keith Harris

    05/30/2022 06:52 AM

    I would like to ask the question were did a 18 year old boy get the money to buy all the guns and body armor. Body armor I would think would be cost a lot. This boy was set up to go to war.

  • Peter Winn Martin

    05/29/2022 05:27 PM

    Where did this shooter get the money to buy the weapons? Fast and Furious?
    Liberals calling for gun control AND disarming and defunding local police has as a desire complete chaos. Then they call for order through their sychophant press for a National Police Agency. This would be used, as the HSA in Loudon, to oppose and suppress their opponents.

  • kathleen mills

    05/29/2022 02:45 PM

    Hi Milke! Thank you for facilitating truth through your pulication(s). With the barrage of news mails, it is more than helpful that you are running interference and winnowing out the important items.
    I do have one request, not just of you but all those publishing to the patriot audience. Please consider the choices of ads you use to finance your work. I am not the only reader who would appreciate not EVER seeing another fungus invaded toenail, open mouth with a pill on the tongue, fat-roll filled naked belly and other similar pictures that are being used to hook the reader. As for me, the turn-off is enough to stop reading. Please consider applying your winnowing skills to the advertisers you choose to finance your efforts. Thanks for listening.

  • Carol Wadley

    05/29/2022 02:20 PM

    Common sense measures would help alleviate this problem. Locked steel doors, one point of entry, locked classroom doors that open from inside, locked bathrooms accessible thru student ID trackers, windows high off the ground (a ladder or two for student access while in classrooms) two (or more depending on the size of the school) armed well trained school resource officers, ballistic blankets, and well trained staff. Panic happens and everyone makes mistakes. Eliminate as many as possible by unannounced drills.

    Teachers’ unions have the money for these adjustments already. The are just reluctant to let go of it because they plan on kicking it back to the Dems in campaign donations!