June 11, 2020

Right now, the media are dominated by voices claiming that America is a land of racism and hatred, built on oppression and slavery and white supremacy. Well, pardon my language, but they are full of bull flop. There are a handful of bad apples, but it’s a very big barrel, and if we really were to do as the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed and judge each other by the content of our characters rather than the color of our skin, I bet we’d mostly find a lot of good, caring people of every shade. If you don’t believe me, turn off all the hyperventilating hate merchants for a moment and look at this story:

Last Thursday, there was a car crash in Indianapolis, and a woman was trapped under an overturned van. Nearby resident Laurie Collins reported on Facebook that she heard the crash and ran to the scene. She said that suddenly, many people “came out of nowhere” to help. Some comforted and reassured the woman and tried to assess her condition while the others determined to lift the van off her somehow. They gathered around, called out, “1...2…3!” But they couldn’t move it. So more guys joined in, and the second time, they did the seemingly impossible: they lifted the van and pushed it off of her.

As you can tell from the photo, and from Collins’ description, there were “all kinds of different people and they were all trying to help together.” Please note that the people who rushed to help were men and women, and all different races. I’m sure many of them didn’t know the race of the victim, and couldn’t care less. When they heard someone was in need, and rushed in, joined together, and all lifted in the same direction to help.

That is the America I love and the American people I know. No matter how many buildings are set on fire or statues are vandalized or phony history books are forced onto students, you will never convince me otherwise.

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  • Ruth A. Williams

    06/12/2020 05:59 PM

    As I watched video of Columbus monument toppled:
    (For my granddaughter)
    I hope that someday soon a new generation of youth will wonder what was erased from America's history. I hope they will delve into old books, the ones that are soon to be forbidden from our schools and shelves. I hope they will read about early emigrants, pioneers and settlers, great men with ideas and dreams of forming a new nation. I hope they can read of battles and wars fought to strengthen our young country. I hope they will try to understand the principles America was founded on.
    I hope they will learn that every fight has two sides and, were they to consider the alternatives, know that good prevailed. I hope they realize that despite difficulties and lives lost, and struggles, people were able to say, "We are better for having gone through it."
    I hope that new generation will discover how things came together over hundreds of years to be the America people were, at one time, so proud of. But I hope they also wonder what destroyed that sense of pride. Who stood for a nobel cause? Who fell fighting against it? Why weren't those good men and women honored through written word, artists' hands, and stirring song?
    I hope there is still enough of our past left that they can discover that those tributes did at one time exist. That valiant men and women were represented in great writing, beautiful statues, epic paintings, and moving song. That they were held in high regard for the building of our America.
    Then, I hope the new generation will ask, "Why?". Why did some parts of history have to be intentionally disregarded, banned? Why did Americans allow that part of their past to be hidden, destroyed, and erased?
    I hope I live to see the new generation develop a strong sense of American Pride through what they will discover hidden away. I hope they come to a great understanding, a revelation, of what over 400 years truly accomplished. That each struggle overcome in those early years was a foothold in an effort to build a better country, a great nation.That once upon a time America was a land of great opportunity, there for all to gain, if they might work hard, learn, persevere, rise above.
    I hope someone will teach them about our current struggles; that we had to stand against hurtful actions of rage that escalated and against men encouraged to fight injustice with greater injustices. I hope they see that some actions obliterated what progress earlier Americans gained. I hope they will hear that statues and cities fell, that manuscripts were banned and burned, that much was lost again as with our great wars. Only this time they might see that there was seemingly little desire by some to rebuild bigger, better, stronger after the struggle.
    I hope I see a time when the hero's story can be taught again and his image stand again in tribute for all to see.
    I hope that American Pride can be restored through the education and enthusiasm of that new generation, if not before.
    I hope our country can become...
    Better for all
    and stronger forever.

    (c) R. A. Williams 2020

  • Linda Matthews

    06/11/2020 12:38 PM

    Thank you for getting a positive message out there and for reminding Americans how truly we are blessed... overwhelmingly ....with GOOD AND CARING human beings who are all just Americans with no adjectives attached to define them.

  • Mary challier

    06/11/2020 11:44 AM

    This is the America that I know and love, too.