November 13, 2019

San Francisco, which is already suffering from unaffordable housing, rampant homelessness and needles and feces in the streets, got exactly what it didn’t need on Saturday: voters elected an incredibly left-wing radical, Chesa Boudin as district attorney. He plans to impose the leftist ideal of social justice, which means reducing crime by simply making criminal behavior legal. Leftists call this eliminating “lifestyle” crimes that criminalize “being poor,” but what it means in reality is simply letting people commit petty theft and shoplifting, solicit sex and do drugs in public, sleep on the sidewalks and urinate anywhere they want.

Here’s a bit more background on this charming individual whose election was cheered by Bernie Sanders, who wants to take these disastrous ideas nationwide.

If you’re wondering how San Francisco voters could possibly be dumb enough to be drowning in a sewer and vote to pour more sewage onto their own heads, it should be noted that Boudin’s total included many second- and third-place votes from people who wanted more conservative candidates, but their votes went to him because of the “ranked voting” system that New York City voters just approved last week. That's the one strongly endorsed by AOC, because it helps elect leaders such as Boudin and AOC. 

So good luck, New Yorkers. If you want to see your immediate future, look at San Francisco. If you want to see further into the future, look at Detroit, then cast your eyes toward Veneuela.

As for San Franciscans, you can just look at Oakland.


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  • Valerie I. Vanorden

    11/14/2019 06:26 PM

    So Sad! I guess the Netherlands have legalized prostitution, drug abuse, and euthanasia, for many years! And to think that's where the Reformation and Renaissance began!! Lordy, Lordy, help us, Jesus!!! I feel sorry for the Northern Californians....they cannot due their utility company that keeps cutting off their power, so I suppose they've lost their frozen food, etc!! What do people with pacemakers do about monitoring without electricity? I guess it pays to be Amish!!