March 9, 2018

At this late date, I keep thinking…hoping…praying…that there will be no more stories lowering the bar even further on the staggering incompetence and indifference of the authorities who failed to prevent the Florida school shooting. But this week, in closed door testimony to Congress, FBI Deputy Director David Bowdich reportedly admitted that the agency did manage to connect the future shooter to the YouTube comment that read, “I’m going to be a professional school shooter.” But they decided not to pursue it and closed the case. They also had multiple occasions to share information about him with state and local authorities, but didn’t.

I suppose this should restore a little faith in the FBI. It boggled the mind to think that the world’s foremost investigative agency, one that seemingly has access to every last tweet or email, was incapable of figuring out who left that message when he signed his fairly unique name to it and he had a number of disturbing and threatening social media posts also under that same name. So the good news is, they aren’t as hopelessly incompetent as a drunken yak after all. They are able to do their job – they just chose not to. And now 17 innocent people are dead.

No, sorry, that doesn’t restore my faith.


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  • Diana Gomez

    03/11/2018 11:46 PM

    School Shootings:
    My idea will cost time and money to change the school curriculum K-12.
    1. Psychology training for teachers. Teachers need to recognize troubled children and report these kids to the principle for evaluation. Parents must be notified. 2.Sometimes parents aren't aware their child is having problems.
    Behavior class must be taken together. Parents are too busy to see that their child needs help.
    3. Other children must feel safe to report what they heard or saw that is questionable. If they know it's bad tell a teacher. They want to say something but they don't want to look like snitches.

  • Roberta Morrison

    03/10/2018 06:36 PM

    Maybe it is time to replace the FBI with a new agency that can find recruits who actually want to do their jobs. The way they've been handling things I think I'd trust the Keystone Cops before the FBI. The Keystone Cops might actually manage to do the job of protecting people, while the FBI seems to simply flush America and Americans down the toilet. So much for being "untouchable."

  • grace barbera-bryson

    03/10/2018 11:54 AM

    i have been tweeting and facebooking etc for months that the entire fbi is all corrupt - yes rank and file too. i no longer trust any way the american kgb twists the story. boston bombing - opps missed those warnings. towers - sorry . parkland - too damn busy trying to take down trump w/ left agenda. where is seth richs killer ? oh wait, they covered that he had sent wikileaks emails and fbi made sure to spin it to russians so did the fbi cover for dnc or did dnc hire fbi to cover? What story are they coming up with for vegas. CORRUPT THRU AND THRU. SHUT THE DOORS. NO GOING BACK. LAW AND ORDER NEW ORG HEADED UP BY SOMEONE LIKE DAVID CLARKE W/ AMERICAN VALUES

  • Amelia Little

    03/09/2018 07:25 PM

    Everyone is screaming and hollering about more gun control. And, for how long now have we been encouraged to report something that would seem to indicate someone has plans to or wants to or dreams of mass shootings? Yet, when information IS passed along, it would seem, oh, yeah, well, we have bigger things to do today (as in today--focusing on that Russia thing.) Seems they dropped the ball on the night club shooter, too. And probably others. What I don't hear about is--the FBI thwarted the plans of a mass shooter--whether with information they came (stumbled) across or with information from citizens. Yet, when they drop the ball, the blame goes to the NRA and President Trump. I'm just wondering why I didn't hear people blaming Clinton for Columbine? And Obama for the mass shootings on his watch--like Sandy Hook, Aurora Theater, the night club, etc. Why didn't these same people blame the sitting President for these tragedies?