December 29, 2020

Cornell University announced that all returning Caucasian students are required to get a flu vaccination. But black, indigenous and other students of color may forego flu shots because they may have concerns “based on historical injustices and current events.” They may have feelings of “distrust or powerlessness” due to “acts of violence against Black people by law enforcement.” Or people of color might feel it “suspect or exploitative” due to BIPOC bodies having “been mistreated, and used by people in power, sometimes for profit or medical gain.”

So, having bent over backward to come up with PC justifications for not giving flu shots to students of color, the university administrators should be asked this question: “Why do you want students of color to get the flu, you institutional racists?” We all know that when the rate of flu cases rises higher among minority students than whites, it will be ascribed to racism anyway, so why not get a jump on it and just accuse Cornell of racism now? After all, if I said that a college was giving flu shots to white students but not non-white students, wouldn’t you assume that was a story out of the 1940s?

This is your brain on political correctness. The only vaccination against that is to not send your kids to a school like Cornell.

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  • Josephine M Mumford

    12/30/2020 12:03 PM

    Laughing uncontrollably. I am an American woman of Mexican descent. I retired two years ago. I was senior communication technician in Transport video. I am Trump supporter who heard President Trump speak ages ago about our economy and how big business and government were giving our jobs away. Even I saw the writing on the wall when NAFTA was initiated. It was like when computers were coming online and they were giving us the bs about how much better our lives were going to be and that we would have more time to do things. Oh sure and what job will I have. At the time I was a clerk. Again the writing on the wall. I took steps and took classes in electricity and electronics. Applied and passed tests to become a Communications Tech. We were born with a brain to use.