October 21, 2022



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John 15:13

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Let’s pray this story starts a wave

Let’s all pray this story marks the start of a wave of repudiations of the Biden “Justice” Department’s targeting of political opponents with groundless legal actions.

It all started after the Biden DOJ and other leftist advocacy groups sued Alabama for passing a law to protect minors from being given puberty blockers, hormones and sexual organ surgery (i.e., “gender affirmation” quack child abuse.) The Eagle Forum is a small conservative nonprofit that’s not a target of the lawsuit. Nevertheless, because they had advocated for the law, which is clearly their First Amendment right, the DOJ subpoenaed virtually all their communications to find out what they’d said about it and to whom.

Now, the good news: In an October 14th hearing, federal Judge Liles C. Burke blasted the DOJ for its “vastly overbroad and unduly burdensome” subpoena. He said he would have ordered it quashed entirely if they hadn’t already caved in the face of strong opposition by a number of conservative groups and withdrawn all but about 1% of it. Even so, he suggested that he was still open to sanctioning the DOJ.

This shows that if enough people work together and “take the bums to court,” it is possible to fight back against the rank politicization of these federal agencies and win. That’s what we’ll have to keep doing, at least until 2025, when I hope a Republican President and Congress will finally clean out these corrupt agencies the way Hercules cleaned out all the cow manure from the Augean stables.

Midterm elections update

With the midterm elections heading toward the Democrats like a freight train, each day seems to bring a new poll with more bad news. Thursday’s comes from Monmouth University. It found that overall, President Biden has a 53% disapproval rating, about the same as his FiveThirtyEight polling average. But among parents with kids in the house, he has 69% disapproval to 24% approval, for a whopping 45-point gap.

In 2020, Biden won among parents of school age children by 52-46%. But that was before they realized what his Administration was going to do to their kids, from imposing vaccine mandates to putting biological males onto girls’ teams and into their locker rooms, to allowing dangerous and irreversible “gender affirmation treatments” for kids over parental objections, to filling school auditoriums with drag queens and school libraries with gay porn. And if parents object to any of this, the FBI comes after them as “domestic terrorists.” Considering all that, it seems like it's the 24% who approve who should be investigated by Child Protective Services.

In short, the only good thing Biden has done for parents is to convince them to homeschool their kids.

Related: Here’s yet another poll showing that the Dems chose the wrong horse. A new Trafalgar poll finds that nearly 79% of Americans oppose giving puberty blockers and permanent sex change procedures to minors and think that should wait until they’re adults. That even includes over 53% of Democrats. But somehow, anyone who opposes that is an "extremist."

Least Surprising Story of the Day

Politico reports that Biden’s US Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Chris Magnus is under fire by other top officials in his department for literally sleeping on the job.

They say that Magnus seems unengaged in his job (protecting the border) and often skips meetings related to the (Biden-caused) border crisis. When he does show up, they say he seems more interested in bringing up sidebar issues like grievances against other government agencies. They’ve even seen him fall asleep during multiple meetings.

Magnus sounds like the perfect person to implement Biden’s border policies, which are summed up in the headline of that linked story: “Asleep at the Wheel.”

New Podcast Episode

On this bonus edition of “The People’s Podcast,” Governor Huckabee speaks with ordained minister and former Lead Chaplain for the Austin, TX Fire Department, Dr. Andrew Fox. Dr. Fox was fired from his position because of a personal blog post about male participation in women’s sports. They’re joined by Ryan Bangert, Dr. Fox’s attorney from the Alliance Defending Freedom.

Listen here>>>


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  • Helen S. Tritt

    10/24/2022 09:18 AM

    Thank you Gov. Huckabee for your Common Sense Wisdom in all aspects of logical thinking...So Refreshing. I cannot think of anything more EVIL than what these BARBARIC DEMOCRATS are doing to our Society.....murdering BABIES by the Millions, and Intentionally Torturing, Scarring children into believing them to changing their sex is what should be done in their best interest. BALONY!!!! Any parent to go along with those Monsters needs their heads EXAMINED. The democrats are just plain disgusting, and certainly the most Nauseating, Insane creatures on the Planet!

  • James Drury Jr.

    10/21/2022 07:38 PM

    Thanks Mike & Staff!