July 31, 2017


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Today's Commentary:  Trump Russian Dossier  -- White House shake-up -- Harry Potter trickery  -- North Korea does it again -- Iraq vet responds to Lady Gaga  -- News Bits --Share something


Happy Monday America!

The so-called “Trump Russian Dossier” turned out to be filled with easily-debunked errors, but that hasn’t kept investigators and Trump critics from continuously referencing it. But months have gone by, and evidence of Trump campaign collusion with Russia has proven to be as hard to find as a Trump voter at Stephen Colbert’s show. So some people are starting ask questions about how that Fusion GPS “dossier” came to be, and who paid for it, and – hold the phone – what if it was nothing but slimy fake news paid for Hillary supporters, or even her campaign or the DNC? That’s just speculation, but for some reason, when Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley wrote to GPS founder Glenn Simpson demanding to know who paid for it, Democrats who’d been waving it around like a bullfighter’s cape for months suddenly clammed up and refused to sign the letter.


Mike Huckabee



White House shake-up

By Mike Huckabee

New White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci got in hot water this past week for saying some unrepeatable things about his colleagues, one of the nicest of which was accusing Chief of Staff Reince Priebus of being a leaker and saying he’d be resigning soon. The leaking accusation is unproven, but he was spot-on about one thing: Priebus resigned within 24 hours.

President Trump showered Priebus with praise and thanks, but he’s been under fire for an inability to control the leaks to the press that are undermining the Trump presidency, and as if the leakers cared, harming America in general. Trump’s surprise choice to replace him was the current Secretary of Homeland Security and retired Marine four-star general, John F. Kelly. Kelly is just the latest of several top military leaders Trump has appointed, which suggests he has more trust in the military to put aside partisan feelings and do their duty than he does in the DC bureaucrat class, and with darn good reason. The job of imposing discipline on the current White House staff and stopping the underhanded leaks has been compared to herding cats. But if anyone can get a herd of cats marching in unison, it’s Gen. John F. Kelly.


Harry Potter trickery

By Mike Huckabee

Why is there so much fake news about President Trump? Because some people seem to need regular doses of it the way junkies need heroin. Case in point: This past week at the White House, President Trump gave a speech about Obamacare surrounded by people who are having problems with health care. One participant was an adorable three-year-old boy in a wheelchair. The very first thing Trump did was to bend down and talk to the boy. Afterward, the child was taken into the press room, where Trump’s staff sang “Happy Birthday” to him.

Someone edited the video to make it falsely appear that he snubbed the child. “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling retweeted the misleading video with a multi-tweet anti-Trump diatribe that was “liked” and retweeted tens of thousands of times, along with comments about what an awful monster Trump is. Nothing surprising there.

But…here’s the interesting part. It didn’t take long before some people started posting the unedited video and pointing out that it was a smear job. To their credit, a few Rowling fans admitted their mistake and denounced the slander. But even seeing the trickery with their own eyes didn’t faze most of them. They have such a visceral hatred of Trump and a deep-seated need to believe the worst of him that some insisted that even if it wasn’t true, it’s the type of thing Trump would do. No, it’s obviously not the type of thing he would do because he had the opportunity to do it, and he did the opposite. With all this magical thinking going on, maybe Ms Rowling will be inspired to write a new book: “Harry Potter and the Prisoners of Preconceived Notions.”



North Korea does it again

By Mike Huckabee

North Korea launched another missile last week. While it crashed in the Sea of Japan, this is the first one they’ve launched that reportedly has the capability of reaching virtually any target in the US. Here’s a story about the US and South Korean response, a round of live-fire ballistic missile drills. But I doubt it will make an impression on Kim Jong Un. It’s going to take something more forceful to drill some sense into his skull.




Iraq Vet responds to Lady Gaga

By Mike Huckabee

Celebrities are going ballistic over President Trump’s decision to ban transgender recruits from the military, but some don't have the best aim. One of the biggest stars in music used a sad statistic to attack Trump's policy. But it backfired when an Iraq war veteran pointed out an obvious logical flaw that actually turns her tweet into an argument that trans people shouldn’t be handed anything ballistic. This is a good illustration of why military policy should be determined by those with training and experience in military matters, rather than by who gets the most likes and retweets.



News Bits

In case the argument over transgender military recruits isn’t confusing you enough, here are two articles from the Christian Post on that topic. The first is called “Why Christians Should Denounce Trump’s Transgender Military Ban.”



…And the other is called “Why Christians Should Applaud Trump’s Transgender Military Ban.”



Hey, US Senate, are you ready to Rock?! Better be: Kid Rock leads Debbie Stabenow in new Michigan poll 49-46%.  



"Congratulations to Carol U. and her husband Rick.  They will celebrate 50 years of marriage on August 5th!"

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Mike Huckabee


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  • Ricci Henry

    07/31/2017 09:13 PM

    Help me with one notion. Watching Tucker Carlson debate a professor about censorship of speech. Hope you watched it? The lady debating TC says one should not invite people who are purveyors of hate speech to Universities, etc. Namely conservatives. Is it me or are they doing exactly the same thing they used to accuse conservatives and Christians of doing. Not many years ago the liberals spewed every sort of vile speech and then demanded their right to do so under "free-speech." Talk about hypocritical! When good people controlled the nation they demanded their rights of free speech and now they've gained some power, they want to censure those who speak of good, moral ideals. Can you expand on this notion? Some one needs to highlight their double standards. Thanks! God Bless! Fight fire with fire! As long as it's right.

  • George A. Phelps

    07/31/2017 11:26 AM

    Dear Governor Huckabee,

    I agree with everything you say and stand for. But (-: I'm not sure I agree with your opinion to change the 17th Amendment to the Constitution. It's difficult to say whether Senators should be elected by the people or by State Legislatures. I feel as though the election by State Legislatures invites corruption. And, yes, election by the popular vote of the people is questionable as well, since the 'people' have a history of re-electing the politicians over and over again---basically because of 'name recognition.'

    So, it's a sort of dilemma, however I opt for the election by the citizens. Would the California Legislature vote for a Republican?? I think not!! Yes, it is a dilemma, but I think we should leave the 17th Amendment as is??

    I think your daughter is doing great as the White House Press Secretary.

    Best Wishes, and keep up the good work. I see you on Fox News all the time and I love to hear your opinions and commentary!!

    George Phelps (Decorated Korean War Combat Veteran)
    League City, Texas