Evening Edition - March 6

March 6, 2019 |

The suspect in the violent assault on a conservative UC-Berkeley student has been identified, arrested, and now, is charged with three felonies (assault, battery and making criminal threats) and misdemeanor vandalism for damaging the victim’s cell phone.  He was released on $30,000 bail.


As the article notes, this is hardly the first time conservatives at UC-Berkeley have faced violence and attempts at silencing their free speech by radical leftists, and this is hardly the only campus where it's occurred.  While these charges are serious, given the sickening nature and motivation of the crime and the severe injuries to the victim, I hope that federal charges of a hate crime or attempted denial of civil rights and a big, fat civil lawsuit will also ensue. A message needs to be sent, and this crime, with its ugly brutality caught on video, just might be the turning point.

For too long, the radical left in America has gotten away with using threats, intimidation and outright violence on the irrelevant excuse that they were “triggered” by someone holding a different viewpoint.  These are not only assaults on human beings but assaults on the fundamental American rights of freedom of thought and freedom of speech. The perpetrators might be incapable of acting or thinking like mature adults, but they should still be treated like adults and held to full account when they commit violent crimes.

It is one thing for conservatives to turn the other cheek, but they will no longer tolerate being treated like punching bags.  To use a phrase I think these leftists will recognize: From now on, "no justice, no peace" for you. 

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It took far too long, and a second court battle that never should have been necessary, but Christian cake artist Jack Phillips is (I hope) finally free from persecution for his beliefs by the state of Colorado.

Phillips has been targeted by the Colorado Civil Rights Commission since 2012 for declining a job to design a same-sex wedding cake because it violates his religious beliefs.  He sells cakes to anyone who comes into his shop and declines other types of design jobs that also violate his beliefs, but because this one case crossed the gay rights agenda, he came into the liberal officials’ crosshairs.  They put sanctions and punishments on him that nearly drove him out of business, and were openly hostile and dismissive of his First Amendment right to freedom of religion. One commissioner even called religious freedom “a despicable piece of rhetoric,” and others supported her. 

This already went to the Supreme Court, which reprimanded state officials for their hostility to Philips' religious rights. You’d think being slapped down by the SCOTUS would have sent a message, but no: a liberal transgender activist lawyer deliberately went to his shop and demanded that he design cakes celebrating transgender issues and, for good measure, Satanism.  When he, of course, refused, the activist filed another complaint.  Instead of telling the plaintiff that the SCOTUS already slapped the state down on this issue so go pound sand, the officials once again tried to destroy Philips’ business.

But after over six years of battling, neither he nor his attorneys from the Alliance Defending Freedom were in any mood to put up with more religious persecution. Phillips said the state was "relentless in seeking to crush me and my shop for living consistently with my deeply held religious beliefs."  So they filed a big lawsuit against the state. 

Having already lost in the Supreme Court 7-2, state officials had an inkling that this was going to end badly for them.  Tuesday, they announced that they have agreed to end their actions against Philips and Masterpiece Cakeshop, and in return, he will drop his lawsuit.   

Philips said, “Today is a win for freedom. I’m very grateful and looking forward to serving my customers as I always have: with love and respect.”


While I’m relieved that Philips (whom I’ve interviewed on my TBN TV show) will not have to go through this ordeal a second time, it’s bad enough that he had to go through it even once.  Activists to legalize same-sex marriage campaigned on a claim that people of faith who disapproved had no reason to oppose it because it would never affect them.  But no sooner had the SCOTUS ruled in their favor (while unconscionably dodging its duty to clarify that First Amendment rights would remain supreme) than Christian business owners found themselves being targeted for destruction for declining to participate. 

It’s long past time that we rejected the scurrilous notion that simply holding a Constitutionally-protected, traditional Biblical view of marriage is some kind of “hate crime” against gays that calls for persecution by the state.  You can’t demand respect for one lifestyle while showing no respect for others, or protect one set of beliefs and persecute another. You’d think some things were such basic hallmarks of citizenship that they'd go without saying, but some people need to have it explained to them by the Supreme Court more than once.   



See, I told you that when Hillary Clinton said she was not running for President in 2020, that would depend on what the meaning of “not” is. Apparently, she’s like her husband Bill in thinking that “no” means “maybe.”


I must confess, I was almost sorry to hear her say she wasn’t running because that would mean we wouldn’t be able to look forward a new series of wacky excuses for why she lost in 2020.  She’s already blamed her loss in 2016 on everything from a Russian conspiracy to men telling their wives how to vote.  I used to look forward to her excuses the way people do to new parody songs from Weird Al Yankovic: You never knew what either of them would come out with, but you knew it would be off-the-wall and hilarious. Unfortunately, Hillary is slipping below the Weird Al standard and seems to be grasping at straws now.

For instance, on Sunday, she claimed she lost Wisconsin not because of her arrogant and insulting attitude toward blue collar workers or her failure even to visit there after winning the primary but because between 40,000 and 80,000 voters (who presumably all would have voted for her) “were turned away from the polls because of the color of their skin, because of their age, because of whatever excuse could be made up to stop a fellow American citizen from voting.”  That was such a transparent load of cow flop that even the Washington Post fact checker gave it “Four Pinocchios.”


Let’s hope she does run again because she really needs another loss to Trump to inspire her to come up with better, fresher, more entertaining excuses.  Something like, “My voters saw ‘2020’ on the ballot and mistook it for an eye chart” or “That racist Trump deliberately depressed the minority vote by creating so many jobs for minorities that they were too busy working to show up and vote for me.” 


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Former New York City Major Michael Bloomberg looked at the Democratic Presidential field, which is now packed as tightly with ranting mental cases as a New York subway car, and decided that he will not run in 2020. Bloomberg said, "I am clear-eyed about the difficulty of winning the Democratic nomination in such a crowded field."  Plus, his history of having actually run something successfully would probably kill his chances in today’s Democratic Party. 

The good news for New Yorkers, though, is that current Gov. Andrew Cuomo and current New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio are both still considering running.  That would be good news for New Yorkers because if they ran for President, they’d probably have to resign from their current jobs. 




It’s too early to say if this is “fake news,” but considering it’s a New Yorker “expose” about President Trump and Fox News (and the New Yorker’s “inside knowledge” of both is about as deep as a flea’s knowledge of calculus), I am highly skeptical.  The accusation is that the late Roger Ailes tipped off Trump about a hostile question that debate moderator Megyn Kelly planned to ask, giving Trump advance warning to have a snappy comeback ready.

Fox denied the allegation, and Kelly has already said Ailes did not oversee her debate prep.  I was also in those debates, and I never noticed that Trump needed any help coming up with snappy comebacks.  Besides, if Fox wanted to help someone by giving them the questions in advance, why not me? I’d actually worked there!  Boy, you think you know who your friends are…

(Disclaimer for the humor-impaired:  That last part is called “sarcasm.” I do not really mean I expected them to give me the questions in advance.  In fact, I’m laughing derisively at the very idea that anyone would do that for anybody.  The people I know at Fox News are professional journalists who would never cheat to promote their preferred candidates. I understand how that concept might be foreign to most of the current liberal media outlets. And sadly, no, that’s not sarcasm.)  



Like socialism, the anti-vaccination movement is yet another groundless idea that’s taken hold in blue states and is leading to the return of terrible things that we’d nearly eradicated in the last century, such as measles and whooping cough. It’s based on a fear that vaccinations cause autism.  No legitimate study has ever supported that.

Now, Danish researchers writing in the Annals of Internal Medicine report on an exhaustive new study of 657,461 children, 6,517 of whom were diagnosed with autism.  Here’s what they found:

Not only was there no positive correlation between the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine and autism, but children who got the vaccine were actually 7% less likely to develop autism.  Kids who had no vaccinations were 17% more likely to develop autism than kids who did get vaccinated. 

Dr. Saad Omer of Emory University in Atlanta, who co-wrote an editorial accompanying the study, says this adds to a large body of evidence showing that the idea that vaccines cause autism is a myth.  It’s time for the anti-vaxxers to take their medicine and let their kids take theirs. 


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A lot of people are trying to come up with ways to estimate and put into comprehensible terms the gargantuan cost of the Democrats’ “Green New Deal.”  I think I’ve found a way that the average American can grasp.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is famous for his action thrillers filled with apocalyptic special effects, from all the “Fast and the Furious” car crashes up through the destruction of London in “G.I. Joe: Retaliation,” through burning skyscrapers, alien and monster attacks, toppling buildings, and worst of all, in “San Andreas,” the entire West Coast decimated by a massive earthquake that collapses Hoover Dam. 

So the Rotten Tomatoes movie site decided to figure up how much we could sue The Rock for in damages if we could blame all the property destruction in his movies on him.  They focused only on his 22 most destructive movies and came up with a tab of just over $12.2 trillion in damages. 

The latest cost estimate on the “Green New Deal” put its cost at nearly 8 times that much. So we’ve finally found something even more destructive than a movie starring The Rock.   




Yet another example of the media’s favorite “Democratic socialist” showing that she prioritizes being “morally right” above being factually correct, except that this time, she was neither:





Here’s an “inconvenient truth” that the left would prefer nobody talk about: Ivanka Trump, who serves as a jobs creation adviser in her father’s Administration, revealed that during the first quarter of fiscal 2019, more Americans re-entered the work force than in any other quarter since the government started keeping track of that number.  For the first time in history, we have more job openings than there are unemployed people, so a stunning 73% of the people who entered the workforce during the last quarter came off the sidelines and weren’t even considered among the unemployed.

If you remember the Obama economy, we often heard claims that the unemployment rate was artificially low because people who had exhausted their unemployment benefits and couldn’t find jobs just gave up looking – which, ironically, meant they were no longer counted among the unemployed.  But there are now so many jobs that even people who couldn’t land a job a few years ago and gave up looking are now coming back into the workforce and getting hired.   

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The Wall Street Journal reports that after years of struggle and disappointment, people who previously couldn’t find work are not only finding jobs, but those jobs offer better pay than they used to.  Low-skilled workers, manufacturing workers, women, racial minorities, the disabled, people with less education and even those with criminal records are all among the groups enjoying improved job prospects.  And before anyone plays the “Thanks, Obama” card, it should be noted that manufacturing jobs, for example, are up by 3.5% in Trump’s first two years while they grew by just 0.5% during Obama’s last two years.   

No wonder the left is attacking Ivanka and her dad so viciously.  They’re doing too good a job of helping the private sector create jobs that allow people to earn the maximum paychecks that they can.  That kills demand for the #1 product of socialism: a guaranteed minimum government paycheck.






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  • sylvia Dutton

    03/08/2019 11:20 AM

    Vaccines: what ingredients are in them that are safe to human body? Questionable article given. Are there are falsehoods in evidence being covered up? Parental choices are difficult.

  • Mary McCauley

    03/07/2019 09:54 PM

    I had my children vaccinated before all the the the furor over whether or whether not to vaccinate. I know Dr. Ben Carson was asked about vaccinations during the 2016 debates. He suggested that maybe they were given too close together and that it should be studied. Sounds like a good idea. Today that I read about a family who had not had their child vaccinated found their 6-year-old son had tetanus. It is a terrible disease. The boy's jaws were clenched and his neck and back were starting to arch. I remember a photo in one of my nursing books of a drawing of a Roman soldier with tetanus with a completely arched back in agony. The boy ended up in the hospital and the doctors and staff were able to save him. They gave him a tetanus shot and wanted to give a second a second shot, but the parents refused to let their son have the second shot. The bill was $80,000 dollars. The parents were irresponsible in my view.

  • Fred Raaflaub

    03/07/2019 05:27 PM

    Just a clarification on the use of fetal cells for vaccines. I think they are used in its cultivation not actually in the vaccine itself. It is terribly immoral, however, that babies are killed so that others may have some benefit.

  • Carol Carvajal

    03/07/2019 04:04 PM

    Please review the CDC's Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database which lists settlements for vaccine injury, naming the vaccine and the injury for each. The consumer is not allowed to sue the vaccine manufacturer so a fund was established to compensate for injury. Children are given vaccines for multiple illnesses - MMR is three in one - and other vaccines all at the same time. Someone said even God would not inflict someone with that many illnesses at the same time. Someone else mentioned in the comments about vaccines containing aborted fetal tissue. They also frequently contain aluminum as an adjuvant. An adjuvant causes the body to react to a foreign substance to start the process to supposedly develop immunity. In the case of some of these outbreaks , some of those who came down with the illness had been vaccinated.

  • Judy Nurkkala

    03/07/2019 02:32 PM

    Not all that important, but just a suggestion: Print your daily Bible verses in a more recent translation of the Bible. King James is so archaic that unbelievers may not understand it. The NIV or ESV versions have truly opened up Scripture to me. Love your humor, your articles and TV show - and your daughter. Keep telling it like it is!

  • Donna Yates

    03/07/2019 11:29 AM

    Mike, I too want to comment on the vaccines issue. I too am an anti-vaccine mom. Before I made my decision years ago about vaccines I made an informed decision. There are many pros and cons on the subject and websites to back it up. Here's one of many of my decisions. Many vaccines contain Mercury. Mercury is highly poisonous to the system. It leads to death or can cause brain damage. Also the drug companies lobbying for lesser years of testing all drugs. It used to be drugs including vaccines had to be tested for 20 years, then dropped to 10 years to now only one or two years.
    There has never been any kind of lifelong testing on vaccines so no one really knows the true long term effects of vaccines. Here's another reason to think really hard about vaccinations. On the day a baby is born doctors have already given silver nitrate in the eyes to the baby. As a parent you have no idea doctors are told to do this. Nor do you have a choice about it.
    It supposedly helps to prevent blindness. However it was only used on prostitutes who gave birth because of STDs. A lot of their babies were blinded due to the STDs. That was 30/40 years ago before it became the norm to use it on all babies born in hospitals.
    The same goes for HIB shots given to new borns. It was originally used to prevent babies born from prostitutes to prevent liver diseases in the babies. Now it is the norm to give all babies HIB. The pediatricians use scare tactics to force you to allow them to vaccinate a baby only hours old with HIB.
    As a parent who takes their newborn to a pediatrician the pediatrician will have given 36 vaccinations by the time that baby is eighteen months old.
    A mother's breast milk is the best prevention of diseases not a ton of chemicals used in vaccines.
    There are also many differences in live and dead vaccines. There are also a lot of dangers in those vaccines.
    As a parent of two boys I did agree to the HIB and MMR with my oldest son. Because I was talked into something I was not comfortable with. I gave birth to my sons when I was 40 and 45. I am college educated. This is a decision up to the parents and not the government to say if a child should be vaccinated or not. In many states it is manidatory to vaccinate. My youngest son has never been vaccinated. Both of my sons went to public school and were healthier than most of the kids they went to school with. Both of them were given awards in attendance every year.
    I also want to bring up the point of immigration having a lot to do with the diseases reappearance in the US and after decades of them having been irradicated. Third world countries have diseases due to how unsanitary they live. These diseaes had run their course in the US about the time vaccinations had been developed. If you look at history of diseases over centuries you will find diseases die out on their own without intervention.
    I'm not saying all drugs or vaccines are bad but should never be relied on as a cure all for every ache and pain. I'm saying parents should have the rights to make informed decisions.
    Drug companies are not non-profit companies. They only make money from government funding as well as charging top dollar for their drugs. In the US we allow drug companies to advertise their products. Little children, teenagers and adults watch these commercials. It is ingrained in our brains from a young age that drugs are needed to cure ADHD to depression to bipolar to aches and pains, blood pressure, etc, etc, etc. No wonder we have a drug problem in this country. There's a drug for everything. And we fall for their brainwashing.
    I have two very healthy well adjusted sons. One 23 and the other 18.
    I had the opportunity to decide to vaccinate or not and risk loosing them to brain damage or worse. The state I live it is only required. Which means you still have a choice. Why should government tell me I have to vaccinate my kid. Just like Democrats want to control our lives by making all of our decisions when they can even make good decisions for their own lives.
    Why are drug companies allowed to advertise but cigarette and alcohol companies are not? At least not on public TV.

  • Susan Ramge

    03/07/2019 09:57 AM

    Mike, please investigate about vaccines. Especially check how many vaccines kids get in their childhood today vs. when you were a kid. Follow the money. Also, why is big Pharma pushing vaccines in the 3rd world? Why do they want to make them mandatory? If that's not a violation of rights, I don't know what is.

  • William Schlumpf

    03/07/2019 09:57 AM

    Excellent, enjoyable read once again. Your facetious sense of humor is well appreciated and brightens my day.
    Thank you.

  • Donald B. Skelton

    03/07/2019 09:37 AM

    Always enjoy your subject matter. Look forward to reading it every day!
    Have watched over the years the continuing increase in failures of the “Democratic” process, and likewise the party of the same name, as all they seem to do is look for an opportunity to trash the President. Amazing how the personal fortunes of the Clintons, Sanders, and a 30 times increase in the Obamas(best guess net worth from 1.3 million to somewhere around 40 million) over last few years. No wonder the Dems want back in power! Just saying!

  • Jerry koba

    03/07/2019 08:03 AM

    It's so discussing that Obama was the laziest do nothing beneficial president we had the fact is he was worse than reported if that is even possible. I hope the man punched by that bully from Berkeley gets the maximum sentence and
    That comune they call Berkeley is severely pu ished.

  • Suzanne Herzberg

    03/07/2019 07:40 AM

    Your newsletter is the very first thing I read each morning! THANK YOU....I thoroughly enjoy your sense of humor and honesty. KEEP IT UP!

  • Anna Kupfer

    03/07/2019 04:09 AM

    I wanted to comment on your post about anti-vaccination. I'm one of those that don't vaccinate. I don't have children but I don't get vaccinations for myself and if I had kids I wouldn't vaccinate them either. I don't know about the correlation between vaccines and autism however one of your statements is a bit confusing, and I quote "Not only was there no positive correlation between the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine and autism, but children who got the vaccine were actually 7% less likely to develop autism. Kids who had no vaccinations were 17% more likely to develop autism than kids who did get vaccinated." Now if there was no correlation between MMR vaccine and Autism then the statement that children who got the vaccine were 7% less likely to develop autism and kid who had no vaccines were 17% more like to develop autism. No logic here since there is supposedly no correlation and MMR is for mumps, measles and rubella ... not autism. Also, another reason I don't like vaccines is that a lot of them contain aborted fetal tissue. Read on of the vaccine inserts to see for yourself.

  • Amelia Little

    03/07/2019 01:07 AM

    The democrats are good at projecting--just because THEY do something illegal or immoral, they think everyone else would, too. Now, what was the name of the gal who used to be in the DNC who gave good ol' hilary questions that were going to be asked in a debate? Where was the democrat outrage at that? But, does not mean the same occurred in any Republican debate. In fact, I was looking forward to Megyn Kelly being the moderator, I remember her from way back during some cases we saw on Court TV. But, was extremely disappointed that she seemed to focus on who said what about who, and how do you feel about having that said about you? Now, I guess one could call those hostile questions, I think they were dumb and made a mockery of the debate. Haven't cared for Megyn since then, but certainly do not believe she gave any of her questions to Ailes or anyone else to leak to any candidate. Probably too embarrassed to let people know what she planned to do.
    Congratulations to Mr Phillips and his win over discrimination against HIS rights!! Just wish that the others who have lost their businesses (a baker, and venue provider, can't think of the others) for the same reason could be reinstated. Maybe lawsuits against the people oppressing them. I think it should be a hate crime for someone to deliberately going into a business solely for the purpose of harassing the owner and employees--getting some 15 min of fame while doing so. The organizations who bring the lawsuits against the business persons should be sanctioned with heavy duty fines. I don't know about the other people, if I ever heard their names, but the lawyer in Colorado, if he was looking for recognition, probably doesn't realize that few people probably remember his name.

  • Naomi Webb

    03/06/2019 10:28 PM

    I agree with most of your political beliefs and enjoy your commentaries very much! However, you are wrongs about the vaccine issue. Please watch The Truth About Vaccines by Ty and Charlene Bollinger. Big Pharma, the AMA, Monsanto, etc. make trillions by poisoning American citizens with chemicals, then 'healing' or 'preventing' disease with more chemicals!!! Because of their tremendous contributions to so called 'Disease Prevention' groups, they are able to control the 'studies' and the outcome of these studies... It's a conspiracy racket, much like Big Government has become... They don't want us dead, but they don't want us healthy, either. They make too much money with chemo, radiation, dialysis, prescription meds, etc. Vaccines used to be much fewer and much simpler when we were young. Now, they pump a newborn infant full of all kinds of poisons, including tissues from aborted babies...! Please realize that you don't know all the facts on this particular issue! Respectfully, an Anti-Vaccine Mother/Grandmother

  • Harold Gurske

    03/06/2019 10:06 PM

    Unfornately I live in the messed up state of California where they are now going to eliminate bail and turn all the crooks lose on their own recognizance so they can fail to appear and back right back out on the streets committing more crimes. I’m stuck here because my wife won’t move away from our grandchildren and because of the health insurance I have. I see no hope for this Liberal state of lunacy. Do you think it will ever get bad enough here for the people to wake up and get rid of all these stupid liberals?

  • Gary Stilwell

    03/06/2019 10:05 PM

    Is there a way to reply,or support comments by others?
    Please respond

  • Carl Smith

    03/06/2019 10:04 PM

    Not covered today in your always excellent and humors commentary but I have the solution to Nadler demanding 81 people and volumes of material already reviewed by Mueller. All the people 'asked' to come before his committee and be subjected to a public Dog & Pony show. They should all DEMAND IMMEDIATE HEARINGS ---Behind CLOSED DOORS, other wise take the 5th. Behind closed doors takes all the media attention off the Morons. Then order a massive document dump with hundreds of thousands of REDACTED sentences and all out of sequence. This is the way the game is played. When they complain double the documents and the redactions. Naddies Revenge will still be sorting paper in 2025.

  • Gary Stilwell

    03/06/2019 10:00 PM

    For the Co. Cake shop---I would NEVER have agreed to drop the lawsuit--these wastes of skin should be buried once and for all

  • Don Stanker

    03/06/2019 09:53 PM

    You tell it like it is Mike. Very Good!!!

  • Toni DeFronzo

    03/06/2019 09:39 PM

    Your commentary is so very much appreciated. We never have to wonder whether you are being honest, which is a rarity! A little humor mixed in with the truth makes it easier to accept. Thank you

  • Kenneth Nicholson

    03/06/2019 09:37 PM

    You have heard the scariest thing someone can say is " I am here to help. I'm from the government. ". Socialism makes this worse.
    You remember the jokes about government workers, one works while four watch. This explains why socialism doesn't work. Productivity is minimum and those who do the work get angry because everyone is not doing their share. It is human nature to want reward for hard work. Socialism goes against human nature.

  • Cheryl Andersen

    03/06/2019 09:36 PM

    I totally disagree with you on your statement about Hillary running again. As far as I am concerned she should be the subject of a criminal investigation with the outcome of a trial and facing a jury with subsequent lengthy jail time. While I understand and agree with the belief of innocent until proven guilty, there is just too much clear evidence that laws were broken, and the worse part is that Americans lost their lives as a direct result of her abject failure and neglect as Secy of State. Couple that with her private email server and the shenanigans with her foundation, the only thing we should see is her finally facing some justified consequences for her corruption.

  • Jane Mitchell

    03/06/2019 09:29 PM

    I was glad to see that the Christian baker got his bakery back, and that the haters didn't get to put him out of business. But I'm sure you remember the Christian couple in Oregon a few years back, I think their bakery was Sweet Cakes (or something close to that). I'm wondering since the state of Oregon went against their first amendment right of freedom of religion, they fined them a whopping $135,000 they had to pay to the lesbian couple for "emotional suffering." That story kind of disappeared, and I am wondering what ever became of them. Can they go to the Supreme Court to get Oregon's decision against them changed?

  • Flora Lee Rauch

    03/06/2019 09:12 PM

    Love your take on current events! Thanks for your inside information, wisdom and humor!
    Please pray my fractured ankle heals quickly and my right knee and leg being overworked heals too.

  • Joyce

    03/06/2019 09:03 PM

    Mike - you’re the best. Watching Tucker tonight (Wednesday) This BS with the dems has to stop. Immigration - how can they not see we have a problem. The MSM are sick. The list of 81 people is insane. Socialism is scary. We listen to Bongino, Levin, Hannity, Inraham daily. Why aren’t the GOP fighting back ? The left attack, the GOP lay down. The dems need to be called out for all of their garbage. Sorry - upset tonight