June 19, 2018

The Southern Poverty Law Center was forced to apologize and pay a nearly $3.4 million settlement to a liberal Islamic reformer and his group for wrongly labeling them as an “anti-Islam extremist group.”  Still awaiting the policies and settlements to the various Christian groups they’ve wrongly labeled as “hate groups” just for disagreeing with their far-left political policies.


It was recently revealed that major social media platforms such as Facebook are relying on the SPLC to identify groups that should be censored, which is like putting a hungry wolf in charge of the henhouse.  This has not only resulted in conservative and Christian groups being silenced, but it’s also harmed groups that are trying to liberalize Islam while boosting actual Islamic extremist groups. 


At the link, an explanation for how real extremist groups are exploiting the kneejerk political correctness of Silicon Valley to get social media sites such as YouTube to exclude such “insensitive” terms as “jihad” from their censorship algorithms – so that they can preach jihad without getting caught in the censorship net.  Result: anti-jihad groups are banned while pro-jihad groups that actually preach hatred, violence against gays and the subjugation of women go untouched.


The Internet was supposed to be an open superhighway of information.  It’s bad enough that giant media platforms have moved in and attempted to control the traffic.  That needs to end, and I can’t think of a better reason to hurry that process than the news that they are letting radical political partisans and jihadists be the traffic cops.


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  • Enrique DeHoyos

    06/23/2018 12:10 PM

    I hope some day you run for President again.