Democrats are acting crazy

January 7, 2019

Prof. Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit likes to say that all the Democrats had to do to regain power was not to act crazy, and they can’t even do that.  That may be the understatement of the year.

Democrats regained the majority in the House as of last Thursday, on promises to lower health care costs, rebuild infrastructure and return civility to politics. But in just their first four days, they managed to set a new land speed record for careening from “reasonable impersonation of a rational human being” to “full-on, bat-poop loonies.”  By this time next Thursday, I half expect them to be climbing to the top of the Capitol dome while screaming gibberish and waving flaming torches.


Here’s a recap of their MAGA (Make America Groan Again) agenda:


Within the first couple of hours, Democrats filed articles of impeachment against the President with no grounds, moved to abolish the Electoral College, and put out notices that they would be hiring lots and lots of lawyers for investigations of Trump, his businesses, family members, friends, acquaintances, chamber maids, dogs, cats and Chia Pets. 

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Rep. Rashida Tlaib stood in front of a crowd and said she was quoting what she told her young son when she declared that they were going to impeach the “BLEEP,” using possibly the most vile profanity in the language.  The Washington Post ran an op-ed defending her, and Nancy Pelosi refused to criticize her.  I’m so old, I can remember when Pelosi said that only if the Democrats won would civility return to politics.  That was a few months ago.  But then, she was also on Stephen Colbert’s show a week before the election, promising that when Democrats won, they would lower the temperature of political discourse and “we will honor the vows of our founders. E Pluribus Unum. From many, one.”  So far, all we’ve gotten from many Democrats is one big childish, partisan clown show.  It’s like watching a gaggle of first-graders who were left unsupervised in a candy store and are now tearing up the place on a sugar rush. 


Speaker Pelosi seems to be having her own mental short circuit, having declared walls to be "immoral" and claiming that the Constitution makes her the equal of the President, since the Executive and Legislative are equal branches.  Yes, except that Trump is the sole leader of the Executive branch and the nation in general, being the only official elected by the entire country and having garnered nearly 63 million votes nationwide.  She got just over 275,000 voters in one of the most far-left districts in America, and is the leader of one-half of Congress and one of 435 Representatives. I'm not surprised that she’s fuzzy on the Constitution, since I get the feeling it’s been a long time since she’s read it (if she ever has.)  But you’d think she’d at least know the difference between a President and a Representative, having lived through 20 Presidential elections. 


Democrats also announced a bill demanding that the President hand over 10 years’ worth of his personal tax returns. John Hinderaker at the Powerline blog noted that if Pelosi thinks she’s the equal to the President, then shouldn’t she have to turn over 10 years’ worth of her own personal income tax records?


Of course, any discussion of wack-a-doodle Democratic antics isn’t complete without Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  She hadn't held her first job in politics for more than 48 hours before calling for a radical “Green New Deal” and other massive programs that would vastly bloat the government, crush individual freedom, blow tens of trillions of dollars and remake America into a socialist Utopia.  She also made her debut on “Sixty Minutes,” where she called the President a racist and proudly accepted the title of "radical," saying that only “radicals” like Lincoln and FDR have altered the course of history and made progress in America.  Of course, in far more cases, from Russia to Cuba to Venezuela, it’s been radicals who have destroyed entire economies and oppressed and killed tens of millions of people, but let’s not split hairs.


She still tends to bristle when anyone brings up the fact- and math-challenged aspects of her statements or asks how she would pay for her radical socialist agenda.  But I’m happy to report that at least she’s moved beyond saying that we “just pay for it,” and now is being honest enough to admit that she wants to raise the top income tax rate to 70%. 


Of course, even that wouldn’t pay for her grandiose visions, so the New York Times’ economics columnist and failed stock prognosticator Paul Krugman helped her out by calling for raising the top tax bracket to 80%.  Economist Bill Anderson wrote on Facebook, “At the 2004 Southern Economic Association meetings in New Orleans, I asked Krugman in a room full of economists if he believed we should go back to the 1980 top rates [of 70%]. His answer: ‘Oh, no! Those rates were insane!’ His exact words. So, it is official; Krugman now endorses insanity. How appropriate.”


Okay, we have 80%, do I hear…90%?  Even an 80% tax rate isn’t insane enough to pay for the Democrats’ insane vision of a border-free, everything free, socialist America.  So former Obama HUD Secretary and Democratic President hopeful Julian Castro came to AOC’s defense by calling for a 90% top rate. (Bonus: he also cited the old saw about making corporations “pay their fair share,” which means they’ll raise the prices of their products and pass the cost on to consumers.  You, that is.)


But hey, why stop at 90%?  Back during the ‘60s and ‘70s, British rock stars such as the Rolling Stones and Rod Stewart complained that they paid 90% in income taxes, then when you added in the annual property taxes and other taxes, they were being billed for more than 100% of their incomes.  Many owed debts from their early years of struggle and found it impossible to repay them when the government was taking all their money and then some once they became successful.


Their response, along with that of other high earners in all fields, was to hightail it out of the UK, so the government got 0% of their money, along with none of the economic benefits of having them live, work and hire in Great Britain.  As Keith Richards said, “We left, and they lost out. No taxes at all.”  This is why George Harrison wrote “Tax Man.” 


This wave of tax exile by high achievers in Britain became known as the great “Brain Drain.” Judging from their first four days in office, I assume that a loss of brains is something few Democratic members of the new Congress are worried about.


I will note, though, if they keep up their current levels of disconnect from their constituents’ lives and concerns, and from reality in general, that there are 33 House seats currently held by Democrats from districts Trump won in 2016 that will be up for grabs in 2020.  By then, Republicans will be itching to have Representatives who don’t need straitjackets.  And they now know not only to vote like the future of America depends on it, but to be on high alert for fake news campaigns, ballot harvesting and “uncounted” votes discovered in various car trunks.



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  • Carmen V Fritz

    01/07/2019 11:14 PM

    We lost the house for 2 important reasons. 1 was the vote fraud and this new Way to vote. Notice how the places we won, we ended up losing after they added in the second tier votes. Oddly enough, we had republicans senate win but the house was lost. Next, we need to get yge message out. The democrats are poisoning the well. The antisemitism is growing exponentially up north and must be addressed

  • Gary Stilwell

    01/07/2019 10:26 PM

    For the Cortez abberation:
    This person is an imbecile. She has not a clue.
    What is really concerning is the many nut cases who actually voted for her--if this is a portent of the future, this Country is is deep,deep do-do--
    She claimed no $ for a place to live in DC--I wonder who funded her abode??

  • Stephanie de Vries

    01/07/2019 10:18 PM

    Great article, right on the money! But I feel so hopeless...the people who NEED to read and understand it, won't. And the left has dumbed down their supporters and enough in the middle, that people won't even try to understand the truth. What can we do??? It feels like no matter how many times we speak the truth, the left and left-leaning center just won't hear it.

  • Jodi Jaenicke

    01/07/2019 10:16 PM

    I am so appalled by the "new" Democrats, I don't know what to think except, the USA has gone insane. These bills, corruption, lies, laws not being followed, is beyond my comprehension. I worry that we are too far gone to be able to restore sanity and safety for the American people. If you disagree with anything,
    you are a racist. You can call me racist, I have never felt I was before, but the "invasion" of refugees and illegals is going to finish our bankruptcy if we don't start decreasing our spending. We can not support the whole planet and I don't understand why the politicians feel we should. All the government aid and bogus other foreign aid is ludicrous. I worry for my kids and grandchildren. What kind of life will they lead if this insanity continues??? We NEED term limits so these politicians are not in office for life. no network wants to carry President Trump's address? Why are they even on the air??? Totally disgusted!!!

  • Linda

    01/07/2019 09:14 PM

    Love following your comments Mr. Huckabee. I pray for our President AND the House and Senate daily. This country is headed in the toilet if things don't turn around and fast!! I can't decided who is more dangerous, the Democrats or Liberals. Neither have our good in mind. They are so full of hate they can't see the truth that is in front of them. These newly elected that are either Muslim or Socialist are so detrimental for this country. We need new laws and we still need to drain the swamp and FAST!!

  • Cathy Henderson

    01/07/2019 08:53 PM

    Most Democrats are evil. They are immoral. President Trump is a great president. God has him in the white house to do His work. You also have an amazing daughter, she is a credit to you and your wife. God bless you.

  • Cindy Duncan

    01/07/2019 08:42 PM

    Each day establishes yet another historic level of idiocy, lunacy and utter madness. The fact that such bizarre indecent behavior is being applauded further confounds the intellect. I'm angry and I'm frustrated this madness continues. Where is my voice in all of this? What can I do?

  • Becky Ledbetter

    01/07/2019 08:27 PM

    Governor Huckabee, thank you for all that you are doing! Love your show, love your commentaries, love your daughter, Sarah. Keep up the good work. God Bless you and yours. I pray that good triumphs over evil and that truth triumphs over lies and deception. In God we trust! ??

  • Karen Reeder

    01/07/2019 08:20 PM

    I can’t believe the insanity, and I am becoming depressed and worried. How do I cope with the hatred for Trump And the ignorance of people. I’m losing hope, help me understand.

  • Barbara Cooper

    01/07/2019 08:05 PM

    I'm not sure why everyone is so confused with the Dems behavior. It's as obvious as the nose on our face. For whatever evil reason, they have all turned globalist. What is the first thing that has to happen for the world to become one? The strongest nation's must loose power & fall. They are trying their damnest to take the U.S. down. Gaining power means the opportunity to do that with their bare hands. The bigger mystery to me is WHY OR WHO has caused them to desire globalism so suddenly and so strongly!??? I wish we'd begin to focus on that question rather then why are they acting this way, which again, is already obvious to many of us.


    01/07/2019 08:01 PM

    It certainly appears that following the last election more than one has flown over the Coco's nest. Regrettably, it appears that our generation has seen the apex of our Constitutional Republic. Unless, these following changes are made.

    We must banish the Federal employee union. All taxed payer funded positions must become at will contract positions that have automatic 12 year expiration date. Civil service position contract would be reopened but any former bureaucrat would need to show a minimum two year successful work history in the private sector to become eligible for re-employment. Each new contract would be open and all applicants would be interviewed without special treatment for previous government employment. Any elected position could only be filled for one 12 contract period. There would be no taxed payer funded health or retirement benefits. The employee would self fund those programs and they would be portable.

    The tax system would convert to the flat form of tax "The National Retail Sales Tax" FairTax, and our economy would become the world's tax haven. As international money now being held off shore to avoid taxes flows back in to avoid massive foreign taxation, our free enterprise capitalist system would need skilled workers and all wages would rise because there would be national competition for those workers.

    We think our economy is hot now... Just wait until we get rid of the present tax code, the lobbyist, and the crony capitalism that breeds the political incest present in D.C. now. The populist GNP Grand New Party... of the people, by the people, and for the people have hired Donald J. Trump to be standard barer and fundamentally change the course or our nation to it Constitutional roots. There is no longer a place for Demosocialist and Red Tie Republicrats in this new party. The silent majority has spoken and there is NO going back.

  • Bill Fox

    01/07/2019 07:47 PM

    I took civics in the 9th grade in 1962. Our Federal government is not running Constitutionally or civilly. It's a reflection of the citizens, the politicians, and the fact that God has been driven out of our lives and government at almost every level of our society. Interesting articles.

  • Cynthia Boyd

    01/07/2019 07:24 PM

    You mention vote harvesting. Is anything been done to prevent vote harvesting and hidden ballots in 2020?

  • Winston Hancock

    01/07/2019 07:23 PM

    The Democrats Party has become a godless, misguided, hatefilled group that only wants power and control for their elite group. If they continue with their insane demands and calls for impeachment of the president I see a Civil War developing within our nation.

  • Jen James

    01/07/2019 07:20 PM

    I used to vote for person, not party. I literally would have to change voter registration. Now that Dimms have made a horrible name for self, I will never vote for them again. I have read many people are saying same thing as me;)

  • Jenny Mixon

    01/07/2019 07:11 PM

    Mike, this is beyond comprehensible. As I watch all the insanity, including the insane remarks by Pelosi, I know I’m watching the manifestation of evil in all its pride and glory. Seriously, what can we do to put a stop to this absurdity. I know there are many sincere heart cries being offered to the Lord. But there must be something we the people can do.

  • Claire Ford

    01/07/2019 07:11 PM

    Thank you, sir. Your words and thoughts are right on target. They’ve lost their ever-lovin’ minds.

  • Patricia Godish

    01/07/2019 07:04 PM

    I'm from PA. Bob Casey won the election in PA only in the Philadelphia and surrounding area. I bet there was voter fraud in the Philadelphia area. Something needs to be done about voter fraud. Alexandria Cortez wants to do away with carbon fuels. I think she thinks we just put a plug in the wall and we get electricity by magic. She's 30 years old and talks like a 4 year old. Nobody questions her. She's as fake as Christine Ford. The Democratic elites lost all wisdom and they are fools. They are like zombies following the NYT. It's scary. Trump supporters are the salt of the earth with or without teeth,( In reference to Johnson's speech).

  • Joan payne

    01/07/2019 07:00 PM

    You are always right-on, Governor. Thank you for your clarity amidst such chaos.

  • Sheila Brewer

    01/07/2019 06:59 PM

    I would love for everyone in office to act like law abiding adults who respect others. I wish President Trump could sign an executive order stopping their salaries until they come up with a budget.

  • Justine Woodham

    01/07/2019 06:52 PM

    I agree with everything stated. I also respect the office of the President. Praying for our president, administration, families. Stay strong! Don't give in to the falsehoods, misguided politicians that are tearing apart the foundation of our country. Socialism and ideals not honoring our constitution have infiltrated our government. Scriptures have stated this will happen. Its heartbreaking to see our American citizens treated worse than illegal immigrants. Our Veterans, elderly, children that are abused, neglected,homeless forgotten. While illegal immigrants continue to benefit. Its heartbreaking to have individuals coming to America in proper channels being bumped to the back of the line. Its not right. Our founding fathers are flipping in their graves. The entire history of America being erased. It is shameful to have American monuments, memorials destroyed. If you travel to Europe you will hear guides sharing the past history as a learning tool from where they came to what the wish to from tragedy of wars. You allow the few to literally dictate the masses. Its shameful, embarrassing to see the so called leaders carrying on as bullies in the school yard. PLEASE PRESIDENT TRUMP, STAND TALL, STRONG, PRAYING FOR GODS GUIDANCE. WE THE PEOPLE SUPPORT... WE THE PEOPLE. KEEP AMERICANS STRONG! SAFE! SECURE! FREE!

  • David Prentler

    01/07/2019 06:47 PM

    I think it is a great idea to require twenty years of tax returns. OOOPS I forgot to say for every elected official in our Federal Government!!!!
    Lets be totally transparent. The tax returns would include the whole immediate family!!!! None of this diverting your hard bought influence to your spouse or child, or even your uncle Louie.

  • Rebecca Stiles

    01/07/2019 06:45 PM

    Dear Governor Huckabee: Excellent article! I agree with everything you wrote. Possibly we need to send a copy to every member in Congress (just so we can say they were warned). My daily prayer is “may everything done in darkness be brought into the light of day, amen.” Thank-you for your wise and fearless words. Keep it up!

  • John Drexler

    01/07/2019 06:42 PM

    I can't remember a more disconnected, vile and venomous bunch of loonies in government in my lifespan of 9 presidents. There has always been disagreement, often heated. But NEVER the amount of gutter-speak and ignorant ranting that I am assaulted with today. It all started with Bill Clinton's affair with ML, and Hillary's defense of her husband's indefensible hound dogging in the Oval Office (couldn't even have the dignity of the office to take her to a motel!). All this to say that I suspect IF the SAME goofy statements we hear today coming out of neophyte and seasoned Democrats alike were to be uttered from the lips of conservatives, the Left would decry them as outrageous lies and spout angry and indignant mutterings. But the fact that THEY make them seems to be OK, and they seem appalled that the remarks are not unanimously accepted as true and reasonable. Robert Heinlein in his timeline of sci-fi novels listed the millennia starting at 2000 as the "Crazy Years." I believe he was prophetic, for that is exactly what government (on both sides of the scale, in honesty) has become in is outlook and function: crazy. When we have justices on the Supreme Court who make political remarks before hearing a case on the very issue they make comment on, there's something stinkin' in the Lincoln. And it ain't bad tuna...

  • Patti JWR

    01/07/2019 06:41 PM

    I believe God put President Trump in place and I believe He can make make crooked paths straight. (I also believe it may not happen without some discomfort.) I'm like a few others I read in that, I'm staying in prayer. I'm appalled and disgusted at the actions of the spawns of Satan that try to pass themselves off as Democrats. They call themselves that because it sounds way better than Socialist. The one thing they are good at is word-smithing to make poop appear to be sugar until you actually have to taste it. One thing we can do is to keep this petition moving.....doing nothing is not a good strategy.

    While you're there, there are at least 2 other petitions worthy of signing. One is Latinos for Trump to build the wall and Expulsion of Maxine Waters. Those are good starts.