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June 7, 2019 |

Warning to Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Maxine Waters and about 90% of Hollywood celebrities: This is what happens when Trump Derangement Syndrome reaches the critical stage.  So seek help now, before it’s too late.




I told you about YouTube demonetizing conservative satirist Steven Crowder under their “hate speech” policies because a liberal writer he made fun of complained that his feelings were hurt.  Crowder warned that this leftist censorship march through social media would keep coming for more and more content makers.  But this one is truly ridiculous.


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Under their new policy banning “videos that promote or glorify Nazi ideology, which is inherently discriminatory,” YouTube has yanked “Triumph of the Will,” the 1935 film on the Nuremburg Rallies by German female director Leni Riefenstahl. 

“Triumph of the Will” is a famous piece of Nazi propaganda glorifying Hitler.  But it’s also widely acknowledged as a cinematic masterpiece of sorts, a primer in how to create iconic images and sequences that sway crowds.  It’s been taught in film schools for decades, not to promote Nazism but to teach the art of filmmaking. Those who argue for removing it from YouTube claim it doesn’t include proper “context.”  But is it up to YouTube to assume every viewer is a naïve child who needs every video to be carefully explained with lots of PC rhetoric so it won’t influence the viewer in negative ways, even films that everyone knows are historic relics?  What’s next, will they remove Keystone Kops movies because they promote dangerous driving?     

By the way, I only link to this article to give you the facts of the story.  I think that you can assume the slant of the story from the way the writer tries to compare “Triumph of the Will” to Fox News.  How come this article is allowed to be posted online without any “context” provided to let the reader know not to take the author’s opinions too seriously?



Fortunately, the latest censorious policies of YouTube (whose parent company Google is also making free speech news by firing employees for expressing conservative views) are drawing wider attention, including the attention of Congress.


But as always, you can count on the Babylon Bee to make far more sense of today’s news than real news outlets do.




We’ve been talking this week about how “Progressive” “governance” in California is turning the Golden State into the Garbage State.  Writer/attorney Kurt Schlichter is a longtime California resident, and few others have his talent for being hilariously funny and brutally frank at the same time.  At the link is his assessment of what far-left government has done to his home state and why it’s not likely to be reversed before it implodes.




Excellent Column: Julie Kelly at American Greatness examines the Democrats’ erratic behavior – accusing Trump of obstructing justice for criticizing someone who was investigating him, then viciously slandering and demanding the firing, resignation, impeachment or even jailing of someone who’s investigating them – and poses the obvious question that nobody in the media is asking:

“Why are Democrats obstructing justice?”



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Here’s a refreshing story: a pro football player whom young people can truly look up to as a role model.  And that would hold true even if he’d never signed with the NFL.





RIP to the Night Tripper, Dr. John

By Pat Reeder

“Huckabee” writer and resident pop culture guru (http://www.facebook.com/hollywoodhifibook)

I’m sad to report the death of legendary New Orleans musician Dr. John (Mac Rubennack) of a heart attack at 77.  Like Louis Armstrong, he had a voice that was rough and limited in range, but instantly recognizable.  In an era when music is sinking into mediocrity and soulless, robotic technology, Dr. John provided one of the few priceless connections to the great traditional soul music of America.


He grew up in New Orleans in a musical family, but never studied music until his teens (and he was kicked out of the church choir.) But he loved the jazz of Armstrong and King Oliver, and early rock and R&B performers such as Little Richard.  By the time he was a young teenager, he was playing with the famous Professor Longhair.  He claimed he adopted his flashy, voodoo-inspired Dr. John “The Night Tripper” persona from the famous voodoo priestess Marie Laveau, but it’s also reportedly based on Dr. John, a spiritual healer he knew who came to New Orleans from Haiti.  He originally created it as a character for another musician to play, but when that guy dropped out of the project, Mac became Dr. John and never looked back.

Something you might not know: while he’s most associated with the Big Easy and his own Southern gumbo of rock, blues, jazz, soul, Cajun and other musical styles, in his early days, he was an ace session musician with the famous L.A. hired guns, the Wrecking Crew.  Rubennack played on records by everyone from Frank Zappa to Sonny & Cher.  He claimed he had to leave New Orleans because D.A. Jim Garrison cracked down on all the bars, strip clubs and whorehouses where he played.

Even after he became famous, he continued playing with countless other stars, both as duet partner and session player, including Rickie Lee Jones, the Rolling Stones, Neil Diamond, B.B. King, Carly Simon and James Taylor.  His duets often appeared behind movie credits.  He won six Grammies, and he’s in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 

Since we also recently lost another unique link to the great music of past, Leon Redbone, here’s a video of Dr. John and Leon doing their great rendition of “Frosty the Snowman” from Leon’s classic “Christmas Island” LP:


And here’s Dr. John’s biggest hit, “Right Place, Wrong Time,” performed live with special guest, Eric Clapton.



To those who claim that President Trump’s pro-life views are not sincere, take a look at the Administration’s latest action regarding federal funding of research on tissues harvested from aborted babies.  You know, that practice that Planned Parenthood denies is a profit center?  Read the whole thing, and especially note this part:

“According to Fox News, officials inside the Trump administration say decisions like these mark the administration’s ‘wider’ pro-life agenda — and they come directly from the Oval Office.”


You can tell Trump is sincere about his pro-life beliefs because he doesn’t just pay them lip service.  For over two years, he’s put them into action in the form of policies and stood up to a tsunami of fury and criticism from the media and the pro-abortion lobby.

Now, here’s how you can tell when a politician has no principles and will tell you whatever you want to hear to get elected: when just one day of criticism is enough to make him do a complete 180 on his deep, sincerely-held beliefs on the sanctity of life.   



Turns out, when I said that I –- for once –- actually agreed with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on something, I was in some extremely good company. Here is an ABSOLUTE MUST-MUST-READ article by Monica Showalter saying just what we’ve been saying here, only in stronger language and with some new information.


Did you know that Manafort is now in a wheelchair? That Rikers has no air conditioning (or even ice water) and that at least one prisoner has died there during a heat wave? That Alan Dershowitz quotes a judge saying that this move is about pressuring Manafort to cooperate in taking down Trump on unrelated real estate cases? That, ironically, this treatment of Manafort echoes what happened in Russia to a man named Sergei Magnitsky, whose death in prison led to sanctions being placed on Russia through the passage in 2012 of the Magnitsky Act?


If Manafort is transferred to Rikers, it will make him, in effect, a political prisoner. Putin must love this. Gosh, the Chinese, too.


Deep State: First, the attempted coup. Now, the political prisoner ...



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  • Autumn K Terrill

    06/08/2019 11:26 AM

    Does anyone have an address to be able to write to Manafort at the moment? I had no idea his situation was so extrememly dire and the lack of coverage on what they are doing to him needs to be forefront of the news narrative. I am surprised Aoc is speaking up for him, but also grateful. If anyone has info In how to write to him, or be able to sign a petition to get him better conditions, please share with me. Thank you very much Gov Huckabee for keeping us informed about this extrememe brutal, cruel, barbaric torture of this man. Thank you

  • David L. Stafford

    06/08/2019 08:48 AM

    Just heard that Congressional Democrats are pushing for a raise in pay. This is a good time to look at congressional pay structure. These politicians represent individual states and the states are in the best position to know what they are getting from these politicians. Why not place the responsibility for paying the congressmen and senators on the states payrolls? While there would probably be some variations (and there should be), these reps of the people could feel the burden of true representation by having to earn their pay. It would also bring meaning to election days and probably result in fresher faces in Congress on every new session. Stand by for -scratch that- BRACE yourself for the protests from the afflicted.


    06/08/2019 01:51 AM

    Interesting notes about Dr. John. "Right Place Wrong Time"...Bonnie Raitt & B.B. King did an awesome rendition of it. One of the Neville Bros. recently passed away. Sure love to visit N.O. Jazz fest.

    After 15 years over the road as a trucker I'm going thru a "travel menopause." Privacy and no stress. And no traffic.

  • Ann Bruce Pineda

    06/08/2019 12:25 AM

    Incredible articles, Pastor. My soapbox is ending abortion or at least defunding Planned Parenthood. I saw Poppy Harlow corner Ryan, a Catholic from a blue collar neighborhood. She made it clear to him that he could not expect support from the Democratic Party if he were pro-life. I also remember that at one time the Republican Party had a chance to list life as their priority but instead they chose tax cuts for the wealthy. Please suggest that Sarah teach POTUS to criticize actions all he wants but not to call people names. He can be just as powerful, more powerful saying Megyn Markle's comments were snarky as saying she is "nasty". I started supporting Trump because friends who are missionaries - honest, generous, hard-working, intelligent, down to earth, devoted to their cause, unselfish people of faith - assured me that God would be with him. June 2nd was so powerful that even Jim Acosta was raving about the speech POTUS made in Normandy. Our God is an awesome God but I hope Donald Trump knows what happened to Nebuchadnezzar when he bragged (Daniel 4: 28-33) but also what happened when he repented (Daniel 4:34-37).

  • Anne Amato

    06/07/2019 09:59 PM

    Dear Governor....once again....thank you for using the email platform! Since I do not utilize FaceBook any longer; nor Twitter, this is the only forum that I really have at my disposal. ( :

    Regarding abortion: It is my firm belief that at conception, the human life has a soul.
    And...since I read a great deal...I have an active imagination, so came up with the following question.....
    It has been proven tht a baby in the womb can hear people speaking, and some prospective parents even read to them; they can also become agitated or quiet in the womb depending upon the music we play.
    So....(this is the imagination part)..... What if......???
    Birth itself must be a trauma for the child being born, and the first days or a month must be confusing...learning to be comfortable in this world.
    Within a few months, the baby learns some simple responses...perhaps a smile....or a giggle....and they definitely know how to cry.
    And gradually, over time, they learn to roll over and to sit up by themselves.
    Then...they creep....they learn how to crawl...and one day they stand....and then take their first steps.
    All this takes time.....and during that period, they babble a lot, and may learn to form a few words when prodded. But actual conversation takes time.
    So...why would that be?
    Is it possible that God wants to give infants time to gradually adjust to this world.....and forget the beautiful and glorious one from which they came?
    After all....God gives us all choices....and perhaps the first choice is letting us decide to come here in the first place (and then it is up to us to determine our purpose).


    06/07/2019 08:27 PM

    I just love your take on all subjects and read the Evening Newsletter every night. Thanks, Gov.

  • Kathryn J Rae

    06/07/2019 06:00 PM

    RE: The Fl lady that stabbed herself. Sadly, this lady has issues that have nothing to do with President Trump. The Fl lady needs professional attention, not media attention. Our 1st Ammendment was not intended to be abused for political purposes. This poor soul in FL is being used by the liberal media. Where is the outrage from people who supposedly care about the mentally ill and disabled? They're obviously satisfied with the media's abuse of this lady because it fits their liberal agenda against President Trump. "We The People" need to put a stop to this.

  • Wilbert Swihart

    06/07/2019 05:20 PM

    Planed parenthood should be defunded now!!! Enough of this baby killing. God help us.

  • M.P. Carroll

    06/07/2019 05:18 PM

    If Joe Biden is so anti-gun (now), why doesn't anyone ask him about his and Obama's "Fast and Furious" scheme which led to the US government losing thousands of guns to the Mexican cartels -- guns which were NOT used for peaceful purposes and which have been tied to crimes on both sides of the USA - Mexican border. Where is the accountability for the deaths caused by the Obama / Biden team ???? Where is the media's moral outrage and accountability for Obama - Biden - Eric Holder for knowingly putting guns into the hands of criminals???

  • Darlene F. Donston

    06/07/2019 05:13 PM

    By the way.......I forgot .......Sarah looked so Beautiful in London having dinner with the Queen. Lucky her! I bet that was truly a wonderful thing for her as not very many people ever get to do something like that! Lovely Sarah!

  • Darlene F. Donston

    06/07/2019 05:05 PM

    As for "hate speech" policies I have been in Facebook Jail for almost 30 days for saying that I want to fly all the Muslims back to their own countries where they came from as Obama flew them in in the dad of night! They gave me a list of hate speeches and it was EVERYTHING that a Conservative believes in! Something is definitely wrong with this and this Political Correctness has gotten out of hand. That is not hate speech and when I say the same thing about deporting every illegal that is living here in the U.S. I don't feel like that is hate either! They all don't belong here unless they come in like my Irish Grandparents did way back when! They are not assimilating into our culture. They have their own beliefs and their own flags and they ALSO HAVE OUR MONEY that should be used for out Vets, Senior Citizens and Children who are American Citizens! More and more people ARE moving out of CA. Our Daughter over in Franklin has a friend moving here as I write this. They have a Daughter getting her Masters down in GA and a Son starting his Freshman year at UT here in Knoxville. Her friend's husband must have a job in the Nashville area because they are moving to that area. I am sure they will love it here instead of So. CA as it has changed so much just in the 6 years we moved here!

  • Victoria DeLacy

    06/07/2019 05:04 PM

    We currently give $Billions to countries around the world, many of whose people hate us. How about re-directing half of those resources to instead build decent shelters to put a roof over the heads and food into the mouths of our homeless people? They should NOT be forced to live on the streets like cats and dogs. As my grandma used to say, "charity begins at home". A more Trumpian way to phrase that might be AMERICA FIRST:)!

  • Evelyn Ross

    06/07/2019 05:04 PM

    Thank you for the wonderful job you do of keeping us up front with the news.
    If I don’t get to hear it any other way, I count on getting it in my daily email box.
    I hope your audience increases 100 fold this year.
    Thank you.

  • Regena Brown

    06/07/2019 04:44 PM

    Ive become somewhat numb to the ridiculousness of the Pelosi/Schumer/Waters/AOC/Warren circus. Ive become more adamant about how serious I, individually, have a duty and responsibility to voice my support of the president and what is wrong with Washington; I am tired of the media and the paid puppets on TV/Radio/Media who for some reason, have no moral compass on what they report and lie blatantly to the public. Sick, and fed up, which cause me to fight ever more for our country and for what a few in Washington are doing to keep the communist and socialism Democrats at bay.

  • Helen

    06/07/2019 04:38 PM

    Thank you Mr. Huckabee call