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November 29, 2022


For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

John 3:16 KJV


1. More on Special Counsel Jack Smith and the targeting of conservatives

By Mike Huckabee

Last week, we brought you what we’d been able to find about newly-appointed special counsel Jack Smith, who was Attorney General Merrick Garland’s choice to pick up where Nancy Pelosi’s Kangaroo Kommittee leaves off and also to examine President Trump’s possession of so-called “classified” documents at Mar-A-Lago.

One of the worst black mark against Smith is his coordination with IRS official Lois Lerner to target politically conservative groups and weaken the fledgling Tea Party movement. Recall that Lerner pleaded the Fifth and retired rather than admit what was going on and be held accountable for her actions.

As Rick Manning, president of Americans for Limited Government, writes for TOWNHALL, Smith is “just another corrupt part of the Justice Department’s political hit squad.” And he backs that up.

By the way, here’s how describes Americans for Limited Government:

“Americans for Limited Government (ALG) is a libertarian political advocacy organization that seeks to reduce the size and scope of the government to increase individual freedom. It promotes free enterprise, fiscal responsibility, regulatory reform, and government transparency to members of Congress and state legislatures. [2]

“ALG has supported reforms to limit eminent domain, strengthen private property rights, reduce taxes, limit government spending, implement school choice programs, limit the power of the judiciary, and mandate government accountability. [3] ALG has stated that its agenda is to roll back government programs and regulations wherever they have “impaired or impinged” individual freedoms.”

Interestingly, Americans for Limited Government sounds like just the sort of nonprofit that would’ve been targeted by Lois Lerner’s IRS brigade, and perhaps it was. Manning likely speaks from personal experience. After all, the words in the above description are in keeping with the “search words” the IRS was using to target conservative, small-government groups. Individual freedom, free enterprise, fiscal responsibility, government accountability, etc...this group has all the classic earmarks of a domestic terrorist organization and must be hindered at every turn! Thank goodness we have brave, proactive people in positions of authority, people like Jack Smith and Lois Lerner, to hold them in check!

2. Pelosi attack: How does a reporter become a nonperson?

By Mike Huckabee

On November 4, NBC NEWS reporter Miguel Almaguer did an on-air report about the incident at Paul and Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco home around 2AM October 28 between Mr. Pelosi and a hammer-wielding assailant. The 82-year-old husband of House Speaker Pelosi, who was in Washington DC at the time, had suffered injuries to his skull and arm and had been taken to the hospital, where he underwent surgery for a fractured skull. He was released from the hospital a week later, is expected to make a full recovery, and we continue to pray for him and wish him well.

But Almaguer’s report differed in some details from the ‘Justice’ Department’s account. (For the record, so did that of local police.) According to Almaguer, Mr. Pelosi opened the front door to police when they arrived at his house with a “knock-and-announce,” and instead of immediately asking for help or rushing outside to safety, he stepped back into the home before being attacked by the assailant, David DePape, who was later found to be a “nudist activist” and a very weird person who indulged an odd assortment of conspiracy theories.

NBC NEWS took swift action after Almaguer's report quickly went viral, retracting it that afternoon and scrubbing it from the internet, saying only that this reporting “didn’t meet company standards.” As Brian Flood at FOX NEWS reports in an update, “Almaguer’s report seemed to coincide with theories that key details are being withheld from the public.” It appears that Almaguer, a Los Angeles-based correspondent, was suspended from the network, though NBC has made no official announcement of that.

The established narrative is now that DePape broke into the home and was looking for the Speaker, threatening to break her kneecaps if she didn’t “tell the truth” and even calling out “Where’s Nancy? Where’s Nancy?” as some of the Capitol Hill protesters did on January 6. (Incidentally, we’ve never heard from whose account that little detail came. Who is the witness who offered that conveeeenient piece of information, so evocative of J6? It seems this would have had to come from Paul Pelosi unless there was another eyewitness in the house.)

Some critics were quick to say that Almaguer’s report had “fueled conspiracy theories,” but we now know that police bodycam footage supports what he'd said about Mr. Pelosi answering the door to the cops himself. According to the WASHINGTON POST, NBC sources told them that Almaguer was incorrect when he said Mr. Pelosi had told police he was not in danger. Was that definitely determined to be a mistake? And if it was, didn't they want to get that detail right instead of just being murky?  In such a case, doesn’t a network usually just issue a specific correction and move on?

But San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins certainly has the “correct” narrative down pat: DePape’s motive “could not have been clearer,” she insisted. In her filing, she wrote, “He forced his way into the Pelosi home intending to take the person third in line for the presidency of the United States hostage and to seriously harm her. Thwarted by Speaker Pelosi’s absence, Defendant continued on his quest and would not be stopped, culminating in the near fatal attack on Mr. Pelosi.”

After being a regular correspondent on NBC’s “Today” and “NBC Nightly News,” Almaguer has been completely off the air for nearly a month now. The FOX NEWS update does offer some speculation from “NBC insiders,” but that’s all it appears to be --- guesswork. One theory is that they had a problem with his source, and we’ll likely never know who that was.

And this might be the strangest part of an already strange story: Since Almaguer’s apparent suspension, the NBC affiliate in the Bay Area reported details similar to what he had in his original report, and even asked the logical questions. But that report wasn’t scrubbed, and anchor Jessica Aguirre and reporter Bigad Shaban weren’t taken off the air. This twist to the media coverage should have everyone scratching their heads…

Almaguer’s status as a nonperson, at least for now, seems nearly complete. Although, like most reporters, he had been active on Twitter, he hasn’t tweeted anything since November 3. As far as we've seen, the only social media presence he’s had was this picture of himself posted on Instragram from Barcelona, Spain, last week. Perhaps he was spending the Thanksgiving holiday there.

NBC NEWS didn’t respond to questions from FOX NEWS such as how long Almaguer would be off the air and what was wrong with his report. Almaguer’s agent was reached but declined to speak “on client matters.” Jack Phillips at THE EPOCH TIMES also tried to contact both NBC NEWS and Almaguer and received no response from either.  If you have a subscription to ET, here's a link to Phillips' report.

A former NBC NEWS executive who worked with Almaguer told FOX NEWS Digital that “NBC’s silence on this matter speaks volumes, and that the network “owes it to its audience to be truthful and not cover this up.”

And that’s the main point to keep in mind about this whole story. In looking at what happened to Paul Pelosi, my focus certainly has not been on his personal life at all, but rather on what’s happening to our media and how we can ever trust what it’s telling us. There’s a reason Miguel Almaguer is not on the air at NBC NEWS, and we all should be asking what it is.

3. Blasted

By Mike Huckabee

The leader of a union for US Air Marshals blasted the Biden Administration, saying that they’ve sent so many agents to deal with the (Biden-created) border crisis that air security has been “decimated.” He said air marshals are now on less than 1% of flights, and we’re “demolishing our chances of stopping another 9/11.” He gives a number of examples of recent outbreaks of violence on flights, and there were no air marshals on board to deal with them.

Considering the huge numbers of unvetted people who’ve streamed across our border in the past two years or so, we shouldn’t be cutting efforts at stopping another 9/11, we should be doubling or tripling them.

4. Word of the year

By Mike Huckabee

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary people chose “gaslighting” as the “word of the year” for 2022. And if you think it’s not, you must be crazy.

It first entered the language with the 1938 movie, “Gaslight,” about a husband trying to convince his wife that she’s losing her mind. But only in recent years have politicians, academia, the media and social media made both a science out of brainwashing people into believing things that they should know instinctively are not true (for instance, yes: gender is binary, and men can't get pregnant.) 

Fortunately, more people are waking up to the scam every day. One reason the gaslighters hate Elon Musk so much is that he’s pulling back the curtain to reveal how they’ve done it. For years, they’ve gaslighted us that there was no political bias in the decisions to ban or shadow-ban Twitter users, when it was obvious to many of us that it was leftwing censorship of anyone to the right of Rob Reiner.

But now, expect more howling from the left as Musk just announced that he’s found the Twitter files on free speech suppression and will soon make them public on Twitter because “the public deserves to know what happened.”

If you want to know who’s gaslighting you, just watch closely to see which “news outlets” applaud the idea of the public having a right to know what actually happened, and which ones openly oppose that principle and attack Elon Musk for pursuing it.

Related: CNN scolded Elon Musk, “Be better,” after they claimed he posted disinformation about them. It was actually an obvious joke meme of a fake news headline reading, “CNN: Elon Musk could threaten free speech on Twitter by literally allowing people to speak freely.”

It’s easy to knock CNN for having no sense of humor and being unable to recognize a joke, but look at it from their point of view. That sounds so much like an actual CNN headline, it’s easy to see how they might assume people would think it’s real. Maybe the solution is for CNN to be a better news network, so their headlines aren’t indistinguishable from satire.  

5. I’m starting to suspect that “climate change” is like the COVID virus

By Mike Huckabee

A registered Democrat that gladly complies with whatever narrative the Party finds most convenient at any given time.

With COVID, its spread required locking down churches and Republican gatherings, but it obligingly did not spread at BLM protests. And while “climate change” will devastate the entire environment of Earth, somehow, it’s only caused by oil and coal produced in America or Canada, not oil and coal produced (and even burned) in other nations, like China and Venezuela. That's why President Biden refuses to allow drilling in Texas, but is fine with buying oil drilled in the socialist dictatorship of Venezuela. “The Party of Science,” ladies and gentlemen!

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  • John R Clark

    12/01/2022 10:16 PM

    the sister in law who got 3 absentee ballots was in Marietta, GA

  • Jerry

    11/30/2022 10:04 AM

    Having biden at site where adults were trying to hammer out an contract agreement in our RR transportation system is equal to Elmer Fudd eating assault against the China although Elmer would have more success than Sleepy joe dud biden. Biden has corroded every issue he was able to get involved with and that is fact Jack. Come on Americans figure it out a consideration for a Democrat is a vote for disaster. That is if you are an American by DNA and not a Communist by choice. Tic Tok really


    11/30/2022 09:42 AM


  • George W. Trever

    11/30/2022 08:51 AM

    I hear from our politicians that methane is 80 times more "Potent" or "dangerous" than CO2? I have yet to see any scientific evidence that methane is such a hazard. Methane has but one wavelength of IR absorption, much less than CO2. We really need credible scientists to present a video and text to say what is really what. Is it not time to expose the SCAM?

  • Jerry

    11/30/2022 07:57 AM

    Americans have Joe Biden Kamala Harris john Kirby Kariine the WH press secretary what is the difference between the CCP the Kremlin Facebook CNn cbs but nothing none of these know how to tell the truth one side of the issue without fact the people of China know the people of Iran know the people of Russia know that the the truth is not being told the people of the United States don’t know the truth half of Americans choose to embrace the unbelievable

  • Jerry

    11/30/2022 07:11 AM

    Congratulations America biden promise to get everyone out of Afghanistan and now Amtrak Joe is pulling the railroad spikes from the tracks just another case where Biden is a backstabbing coward just another entity of people that no longer trust this lout

  • Jerry

    11/30/2022 06:59 AM

    Does any one get nauseous when Biden takes a microphone and lies about Accomplishments he claimed had done that others have completed biden has not created a New job opportunity biden is in a collection of senators that shipped jobs to China biden’s relationship with China goes back to the 70’s it is no wonder biden gets on his knees when China is concerned America takes a loss every time biden opens his mouth nothing but aHuge disaster as far as this country and most of the world is concerned

  • AAH

    11/30/2022 01:11 AM

    Your URL for the story on Special Counsel Jack Smith is bad. The correct URL should be

  • pat green

    11/29/2022 07:56 PM

    By left leaning news media holding back on Old Nancy's husband, it just gives rise to every kinda kookie San Francisco story out there.

  • Karl Schmidt

    11/29/2022 06:41 PM

    Curious how many of the climate change squad actually have followed their own advise. Is President Biden's home compound fully solar or wind powered? Does anyone of this crew in Congress have a fully, off grid, "green" home(s). How about Bernie's Sander's multiple homes. What is their green status? We all know John Kerry is a green hypocrite. Why shouldn't all of these "greenies" set an example for the rest of the world? Why didn't Nancy Pelosi, you know, the one that controls the purse-strings as she likes to remind everyone, budget to transform the Capitol Complex to a green utopia? I think we all know the answer, but shouldn't someone push them to put up or shut up? You know, in a nice way.