October 5, 2016

When Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers were dancing partners, it was said that their enormous popularity came from the fact that she gave him sex appeal and he gave her class.

Not to say that Ginger didn’t already have class, but nobody had class like Fred Astaire. These days class is a scarce commodity --- not just in Hollywood, but (especially) in politics --- and when we see it, we take notice. In the 2016 Presidential race, when it comes to class, Mike Pence is bringing it.

In the one VP debate before Election Day, Trump’s running mate showed why he’s an asset to the ticket. Sharing the stage with someone who thought he could make points by constantly interrupting like a yappy little terrier, he stayed calm and in control. From the start, Kaine resorted to prepared insults and canned lines (example: Trump has “a personal Mt. Rushmore of dictators”), so much so that it would have been understandable if Pence had turned to him and said, “Good lord, man. Get a grip.” But he stuck to the issues and let Kaine continue showing himself to be annoying.

Here’s what the Clinton campaign doesn’t get: one essential quality that Hillary lacks, and has always lacked, is likeability. She needed a running mate who contributed at least a smidgeon of that. Kaine did a spectacular job of projecting unlikeability. To anyone who checked the content of his constant yapping, he projected dishonesty as well. Can her ticket stand more of that?

I do have to say, there was one question handled well by both candidates: the one about their struggle with conflict between personal belief and public policy. Kaine used the death penalty in his state as an example. It was Pence who brought up abortion, making an eloquent case for his pro-life views (“Before you were formed in the womb, I knew you.”). The candidates let each other speak, and each gave a thoughtful answer. But then Kaine just had to take a dig by wrongly insisting that Trump wants to punish women. It was the disappointing end to a particularly good exchange.

Pence had the last word in the debate, in answer to a question about how to bring the country together if his ticket wins. Again, he showed real class, getting right to the point and capsulizing what the Trump campaign has always been about. Americans will come together when they see America strong again, standing tall in the world. They want a comeback, and that takes leadership.

After this debate, no one should doubt that Pence could provide it if called upon.

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  • norma strickland

    10/08/2016 08:45 AM

    Governor/Pastor Huckabee,

    With all of yesterday's WikiLeaks that Hillary and the world is using against Trump, why has no one mentioned her past (or present) personal sins?
    While Trump is ashamed and apologized for his past, so should we all, including Hillary Clinton.
    But it seems she is above being ashamed of anything.
    The media is working feverishly to tear him down, rid of him, including weak so called Republicans who most likely have been guilty of the same sin, and if that not particular sin, some other sin. In God's eyes, it's all SIN.
    There is not a person on earth that can point their finger at him.
    As my dad use to say, when you point the finger at someone for their wrongdoing, you have 4 more fingers pointing back at yourself.
    People of this nation need to WAKE UP! and see who the real enemy is.
    People should look inwardly at themselves, and no one has the right to accuse.
    Do we want continued wickedness in the White House?
    Or Do we want a repentant man in the White House who will hear from Heaven and allow God to help us?

    If MY people, (i.e. those who called themselves Christian (Christ like), who are called by MY name, will humble themselves, and pray and seek MY face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

    To the dear snobby do-good Republicans that are part of the Establishment - which one of you can cast the first stone? I believe God is using Trump to set the stage for our nation to get on its knees, repent, and turn from our own wicked ways.

    Thank you

  • Samuel Shoults

    10/05/2016 10:01 AM

    Totally agree. I would add that Kaine was very disrespectful and sexist to the moderator. When Pence was speaking Kaine was glaring at the moderator, intimidating her to stop Pence from making his point, which she did several times. She rarely made an attempt to get Kaine back on topic or under control.

    Kaine really shows he has no self control. This is a trait rampant among Hillary supporters. They only believe in free speech when it is THEIR turn to speak. They are likely a product of a generation of children raised by parents who want to be their buddy instead of their parent and role model. Sad.