Price's private air travel

September 29, 2017 |

What a little sunlight will do: after the approximately $1 million tab for Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price’s charter and military jet travel hit the news, and President Trump made it clear that he was “not happy,” Price announced that he will pay the cost of his private jet travel. Price released a statement promising, “The taxpayers won’t pay a dime for my seat on those planes.”

Admittedly, as someone who's spent about as much time on planes as Sully Sullenberger, I sympathize with Price. Between the slow, handsy airport security and the airlines turning jets into flying sardine cans that squeeze every passenger and every nickel, flying has degenerated from an exciting adventure to an iron maiden with beverage service.

Incidentally, the press recently tried to gin up a similar scandal involving Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. But that crashed and burned when it was revealed that DeVos, who is part of the family that founded Amway, not only covers all her travel expenses, she’s not even taking a salary for the job. That’s one of the benefits of filling offices with Republican business people instead of Democratic political operatives. The Republicans get rich BEFORE their “public service” careers, not during.

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  • Annette Christenson

    09/29/2017 05:16 PM

    I couldn't print my full comment, so am mailing it to you also. Thanks for giving me the opportunity, it's been hard to convince parents.

    So glad Betsy understands what happened 50 years ago. The National Education Association under Unesco, which strictly controls all U.S. public schools, advocates the UN One World Government and has been slowly guiding our public schools into Socialism/Humanism by the "Father of Education" John Dewey since the 1920's. Do not believe that your particular school doesn't teach this unless you are in each classroom each day with your child. It is taught beginning in Kindergarten. The Humanist Manifesto One and Two states that Religious Humanists regard the universe as "self existing and not created". Read it for yourself in your local library. By October 1962 the NEA had removed parental input in education. In 1967 History, geography, and Civics gave way to studies of Sociology from grade school to University levels. American students have learned less about how to become confident, independent thinkers and more about how to change society to reflect Socialists ambitions now taught in college professor's classrooms. It is only by facing the truth about our education system and banding parents together can we resist Communism in our schools. Many books have been written on this subject since the 1970's.