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June 15, 2021

Today’s MUST-READ (and share): Fox News reports that Yeonmi Park came to America at age 13 as a defector from North Korea and was able to attend Ivy League Columbia University. Her verdict: the anti-American brainwashing there is worse than in North Korea.

She knew something was wrong on day one when she said at orientation that she liked the novels of Jane Austen and the instructor scolded her that writers of classic literature were racists and bigots and “had a colonial mindset.” She said the anti-American propaganda was like what she grew up with in North Korea. She was also attacked for not getting people’s “preferred pronouns” right when she was trying to speak in her third language.

Park, who had seen people die of starvation in front of her eyes, knows what real oppression is. But she said the Columbia students kept saying how oppressed they were and how much injustice they’d seen when they had no clue how great they had it. She said, "It was chaos. It felt like the regression in civilization…Even North Korea is not this nuts. North Korea was pretty crazy, but not this crazy."

After a lot of arguments, she finally “learned how to just shut up,” maintain a high GPA and graduate. It’s tragic that she had to flee a totalitarian communist state seeking freedom, only to discover that our college campuses have become totalitarian communist states.

This story comes on the heels of another about a mom who survived Mao’s cultural revolution blasting her kids’ school for its “Critical Race Theory” brainwashing that’s eerily similar to China.

When refugees from communist states with no freedom can’t even tell the difference between our schools and the places they fled, it’s time for a “purge.” Not a communist-style purge, but a purge of the school officials who have turned America’s education system into indoctrination camps to brainwash kids into hating their own country.

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Comments 1-10 of 71

  • William Henderson

    06/18/2021 05:22 PM

    Tragic but true. I got bits of that at southern seminary back in the 90's but nothing like what the people in the article describe. My step dad fled Czechoslovakia in the years following WW2 after enduring the same tactic. The consequences are horrific but who can stop it? The regression of society will mean depravity and suffering but few are alert or wise to see it. Thanks for the great article

  • Ann Odom

    06/18/2021 04:24 PM

    This has been going on for some time but the education system is now out of control. It is time for us to stand up and take our country back. Thank you for all that you do to report what the truth is. I forward your reports to so very many of my friends.

  • Hazel M Siebrecht

    06/17/2021 04:41 PM

    This has nothing to do with North Korea. I am wondering why you are no longer using KJV as your scriptures reference. I do not read watered down versions and I can spot them a mile off! I can't come up with one good reason.

  • Steven Lechtenberg

    06/16/2021 07:47 PM

    Everybody talks about how bad our education system is, but nothing is happening to change it. “HIGHER EDUCATION” is a big joke in this country. These status symbol professors are one part of the problem, part two is the administrations that allow this unprofessional conduct to continue. I don’t really blame the clueless students, they are a product of K-12 indoctrination. Then where are the parents?? I have read about parents across the country finally rebelling against these out of control school boards. I view it as to little to late. These last two generations are fully indoctrinated and will be almost impossible to win over to the good side. The future is now, what are we willing to gamble to get our education system back??????

  • Mike Brannick

    06/16/2021 06:59 PM

    I just posted a comment on your Instagam page because I couldn't get to this page using my "Brave" browser. I tried using Chrome this time and it worked on the second try. The first try I got an error msg saying the site was down, just like Brave said. So your page may have some issues with both these browsers, but especially with Brave. Finally, here's my comment. In your June 15 Morning Edition newsletter you have an article on the "National Strategy To Stop Domestic Terrorism." One trick they use to get the results they want is to carefully choose the dates they include in their statistics. Their data doesn't include 9/11 or the Pulse nightclub attacks considerably lowering the casualties caused by Islamic terrorists. Let's see, I believe it goes "liars, damned liars, and statistics."

  • Ed Hatosy

    06/16/2021 04:36 PM

    PURGE is absolutely correct! To quote an old 9th-grade math teacher of mine,"The quicker, the sooner, the faster, the better!".

  • Walt Gill

    06/16/2021 03:54 PM

    Brother Huckabee, that sounds as bad as not being instructed as to the treatment for this virus that plagues our land. The students should be made aware of Regent's College (Bro Pat Robertson's school - CBN), as soon as someone finds out what they are going through. Then, also I wish there was a platform, in addition to DayStar, for people to learn about Dr Richard Barlett's treatment for COVID. But, as usual, our nation bans good and useful news getting to the public at large. Wish you could interview Dr Barlett on your TBN show.

  • Leah Goodman

    06/16/2021 03:04 PM

    It is nuts that refugees can't tell the difference, because the schools are this bad.

  • Sharon Clark

    06/16/2021 01:32 PM

    Yes. Your idea of needed purge is correct. Until the mainstream media is rebalanced, the majority who still depend on it will not learn in time.

  • Lavonne Hunt

    06/16/2021 01:07 PM

    Yes, the condition of the American state run education system is nothing but an anti-American, marxist training ground. So, how do we pull the plug? How do we defund the public propaganda system when it's protected by the powerful NEA, marxist democrats, and the mockingbird media???