May 4, 2020

Good News on the Virus Front: the FDA has approved a coronavirus antibody test that reportedly provides near-perfect accuracy.

This should help give us an even clearer idea of how widespread the virus already is. Previous studies suggest that far more people have been exposed than we thought and had mild or no symptoms, and that the death rate is actually much lower than originally estimated. That’s not to say it isn’t a very bad, even deadly, disease for those who are particularly susceptible, such as the elderly and those with underlying health problems such as obesity and compromised immune systems.

But if authorities expect Americans to keep complying with safety guidelines, we need to see some solid numbers to justify it, not wild, apocalyptic predictions that are used to impose draconian lockdowns, then are later scaled back.

On that topic, I’ve been hearing about how Sweden, which refused to impose a harsh lockdown and close its economy, was suffering devastating results. But here’s a report from National Review that suggests it’s fared no worse than nations that did destroy their economies.

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  • Lois Park

    05/10/2020 07:24 PM

    My family is curious about the possibility of intentional spreading to the WH and VP staff? If both Trump and Pence become incapacitated; we all know who takes over! Is that why she's staying in her mansion eating her expensive ice cream? Scary! Your thoughts?

  • Susanne Lewis

    05/10/2020 07:21 PM

    Mike, where is the count of deaths from the seasonal flu? They are probably counted as the covid!

  • Reggie Turnage

    05/09/2020 02:19 PM

    Yes I believe this is bad virus how ever I don’t believe none of these numbers. And have no confidence in press at all. I believe the dem. An the left are using it to dither their agender.

  • Linda soell

    05/04/2020 06:26 PM

    I’m am saddened and quite upset with the how’s media is sour to report false information that had created the pandemic. I am also upset that the government un necessarily stopped the economy. I believe they could have kept businesses open and stressed that people who have health problems should stay home . School’s should have never been closed . Doctors have said the virus isn’t effecting children under 18 . The whole situation in my option had been a political fall from the liberal Democratic Party due to the hatred of the president.

  • Elizabeth Prater

    05/04/2020 04:13 PM

    My family and I are looking forward to the antibody testing. I believe my husband had the virus in December.