July 8, 2019

Once again, Huckabee writer/researcher Laura Ainsworth has chosen to answer a reader’s comment personally, as she is not nearly as nice as the Governor...


From Gary:

In the President's July 4th speech, when the Battle Hymn was played, I thought I saw Melania mouthing the words --- at least the tune; her husband, however, had no lip movements. Am I to believe this man does not know the words to this Hymn? On such an important occasion, you would expect at least some outward acknowledgement of this refrain. The hymn usually brings tears to the eyes of true patriots –- it does to mine, every time I hear it –- that includes the 1812 Overture.

And over these proceedings the President chooses to wear the worn-out red 'Power Tie.'
Our country is not some bully in the world that we must demonstrate our military might in front of everyone (watch Russia’s or China's parades –- they strut out all their weapons and claim how great their might is). I am of the opinion the US does NOT need to copy this sort of bragging; as a matter of fact, it lessens our credibility on the world stage. It also sets us up to be the loudmouth that needs to be knocked down a few notches.

Our Country is FREE –- we welcome all to come here and be a part of our culture; we do not dictate what the rest of the world must do.

A blue tie would have been more appropriate.



From Laura:

After the Fourth of July, I was thinking back to the Washington, DC, celebration and feeling good about how well it went --- how non-partisan and well-focused it was --- when I encountered Gary’s comment critical of the event and, specifically, of President Trump.


Mind you, Gary, we wouldn’t dream of denying you the opportunity to express your opinion. As long as you didn’t encourage violence or use language or imagery that our fine readers don’t deserve to be subjected to, the Gov welcomes other views. Not being Google or Twitter, we enjoy examining other opinions, as we are curious to journey into the type of mind that produced them. Typically, though, it’s a short trip, as we find little of benefit to see in there. And many times, although the light is on, nobody’s home.


You took time out of your day to rant about President Trump, mainly because he didn’t mouth the words to the Battle Hymn and also for THE COLOR OF HIS TIE.  Is this for real?


Of course, it would’ve been difficult to find a more substantive reason to criticize the President, as he fulfilled his role well. Politics played no part. And, unlike the previous Commander-in-Chief, he refrained from using the word “I,” which Obama is known for repeating scores of times in a single speech. Trump critics like to say he makes everything about himself, but, really, go back and read Obama’s speeches and then tell me which President did that. Gary, have you ever taken time out of your day to rant about the inappropriateness of Obama using the word “I” in a speech, say, 70 or 80 times? Correct me if I’m wrong to presume; otherwise, admit you haven’t.


When Trump first mentioned the idea of featuring military hardware, I’ll admit my first thought was, “Really? TANKS?? Hm, I don’t know...”  But, unlike most of Trump’s critics, I researched and found that Presidents of both parties (FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy) have presided over such parades. This is nothing new, and it is not comparable in any way to the military swagger of dictators such as Kim Jong-Un, who put on pathetic shows to try to intimidate us while their own people are starving and rotting in political prisons.


On this we agree:  America doesn’t have to show off her military might.  But that’s not what we were doing, Gary. The inclusion of tanks and planes was meant to honor our military. American soldiers have perished in tanks like those on display, along with pilots who died in planes like the ones seen in the magnificent flyovers. There is a cost to freedom, and generations of Americans have paid that price dearly to help keep others free. THAT’S what the hardware symbolized to me. The display of a couple of tanks must have seemed anti-climactic to those who'd envisioned long columns of tanks rumbling down the street. Too bad --- it meant there was less to rant about, and they do enjoy their rants.


No matter what Trump does or doesn’t do, his critics will always see a bully. (Notice the focus-group-tested word “bully” cropping up in Biden’s campaign rhetoric?) If Trump had worn a blue tie instead of red, they would’ve said something like, “Trump tried to conceal his aggressive, bullying stance by wearing a blue tie instead of his customary red, but this seemed out of character and he fooled no one with his dishonesty.” And if he HAD mouthed the words to the Battle Hymn, they would have said, “Instead of standing solemnly and respectfully for the Battle Hymn, the President made it about himself, pulling focus and showing off his ‘patriotism’ for his right-wing base by moving his lips in an exaggerated fashion.”


The double standard is stunning, and Trump will never please his most virulent critics. You imply that Trump is not a “true patriot,” while others accuse him of being too much of one. He absolutely cannot win.  He is criticized for everything he does, talks about doing, thinks about doing, mentions purely as a negotiating tool, would like to do but changes his mind about, never intended to do, is wrongly accused of or thought to have done, doesn't plan to do in the future, would never do in his wildest imagination, and even --- by judges who fancy themselves mind-readers --- for the motives he might or might not have for any of this.


Trump would surely agree with you that “we welcome all to come here and be a part of our culture.” But most of his critics condemn the phrase “be a part of our culture.” And they refuse to accept that all who come must apply and get in line to pass through that “big, beautiful door,” not pour in by the hundreds of thousands and overwhelm the system, as they are doing now.


If anyone damaged the Fourth Of July festivities, it was Code Pink, by flying the grotesque baby-Trump balloon and displaying a 16-foot Trump sitting on a gold toilet, tweeting, pants around its ankles. What image does THIS send? Don’t you think THIS “lessens our credibility on the world stage?”


Yet what did you choose to single out as inappropriate? The color of Trump’s tie. Come on, even the Washington Post had to admit that “Trump made his critics look small during his ‘Salute to America.’” Get a grip, man, before you look so small you risk disappearing entirely.

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Comments 1-25 of 190

  • Bonnie McLaughlin

    08/28/2019 07:27 PM

    Thank you for setting this "critic" straight. It never ceases to amaze me what some people notice over important things. Will there ever be a day when President Trump will be able to not be on defense. He's so good in the pro-active (offence) stance. God bless America!

  • Bonnie Sappington

    07/15/2019 02:20 PM

    Laura gives an excellent rebuttal to a stupid comment. She can be a diplomat. I cannot. I have no patience for stupidity. And this guy, Gary, thinks is unreal. If he had to live under communism, he would be bawling like a baby. And, for Gary's, information, the color red is also a symbol of the blood that JESUS CHRIST freely shed for all humans who accept HIM, so we can go to heaven for eternity. Thank you, Laura Ainsworth.

  • Kathy J Cook

    07/15/2019 08:41 AM

    Just wanted to Thank you, Laura Ainsworth, for the wonderful effort of this article! God bless you always! Love Kathy Jean Cook

  • Kathy J Cook

    07/15/2019 08:31 AM

    GOOD JOB LAURA! I certainly could not have said this better! Lol

  • alice williams

    07/15/2019 12:58 AM

    I wish everyone was forced to read those words. I agree with everything she said. God bless our President and keep him safe!

  • LB Lane

    07/14/2019 11:33 PM

    I was at the Salute to America Celebration standing on the Mall by the reflecting pool. I really enjoyed the sence of unity I had with 1000's of my fellow American brothers and sisters. All chanting USA USA USA together with one voice united. The Presidents speech was focused on our military. Refreshing to be there and left proud to be an American. USA USA USA!

  • Linda Spensley

    07/14/2019 10:58 PM

    Gary, one picky point since you are being so picky about President Trump....Even though the 1812 Overture is played at many Fourth of July celebrations, no more one should really be getting tears in their eyes unless you’re a Russian LOL. Check the details.

  • Lavon Jackson

    07/11/2019 11:48 PM

    I can say a couple of things. I am glad I am not married to a man like that. What a bore. What a whiner. What a disgrace to manhood. And what a loser. President Trump is 100 X's the man that this person is. He will certainly go down in history as the President of the United States who was needed at exactly the right time. MAGA!

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    07/11/2019 11:08 PM

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  • Linda K Plank

    07/11/2019 10:10 AM



    07/10/2019 06:47 AM

    Thank you! President Trump did a great job July 4th. Surprised this is the best they can do. The haters are going to hate, I'm shocked they didn't say Melania didn't mouth the right words.

  • Wayne Stander

    07/10/2019 01:02 AM

    Well said. Thank you.

  • James V Wright III

    07/09/2019 09:07 PM

    That’s one thing great about our USA, we can all state our opinions, and mine is we have the greatest President we’ve had in quite some time and I am so thankful! I’m looking forward to another four years of President Trump! PS I thought the Parade was great!

  • shelley Rubinstein

    07/09/2019 02:50 PM

    Thank you, Laura for nailing this nincompoop to the wall!

  • Anne Turner

    07/09/2019 02:07 PM

    Oh please let the Gary’s of the world disappear, not die of a million dollars to get a good start in America, these people would talk about how fake, or whatever, he is. He can do no right. Have you noticed how Melania, a truly beautiful woman with gorgeous appropriate clothes does not make the cover of magazines or the style section of the WP. Michele still pops up all over the place. She was in the WP style section on every occasion possible, with comments about her style and lovely clothes. Michele is an attractive woman and her clothes were generally appropriate, mostly flattering and usually nothing to write home about.

  • Warren Earhart

    07/09/2019 01:31 PM

    Thank you, Laura, for such a thoughtful and keen response to yet another critic of our POTUS. I love it!

  • Ronald G Potter

    07/09/2019 12:14 PM

    Thank you, Laura
    Your thoughtful response brought tears to my eyes. Gary obviously has too much time on his hands and he spouts drivel.

  • Tracy deck

    07/09/2019 11:08 AM

    SPECTACULAR! take that Gary????????????????????????????

  • Terrie Freeman

    07/09/2019 10:42 AM

    Right-on! I so enjoyed watching on TV from Oklahoma!

  • Janet Burton

    07/09/2019 10:28 AM

    Awesome Laura!!!

  • Dennis Mackowiak De

    07/09/2019 10:04 AM

    Well said Laura !! To ALL Trump.hating Bozos " put a SOCK in it " !!w

  • Carol Blumenfeld

    07/09/2019 09:35 AM

    We (not I) are in complete agreement of your response to Gary. The bottom line is those who choose to criticize our President do so with an agenda that doesn’t support or appreciate his achievements and efforts. And who actually cares if he sings or doesn’t as long as he remains respectfully silent.

  • Joan Paup

    07/09/2019 09:14 AM

    Laura. You said it SO WELL!!! Trump's critics will find or create something to "hit" him with about just "breathing too much air"....using precious commodity the illegals "them (and that includes 90 percent of the Democratic Party", he will NEVER do or say anything to suit them! They don't just disagree .. they most often have to express themselves in a crude vulgar way(you mentioned a couple examples)!! Thank you and ALL who understand and SEE the good our President is doing for America!

  • Deby Johnston

    07/09/2019 08:07 AM

    Awesome rebuttal!!

  • Dick Algire

    07/09/2019 07:00 AM

    Well done Laura!