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September 19, 2022

You’d think that if there really were evidence tying President Trump and “MAGA” Republicans to criminal behavior, the Democrats wouldn’t have been so busy manufacturing the fake kind. But the way they’ve been cranking it out, one might wonder if Jussie Smollett were on their payroll. We have several new examples.

This doesn’t count the fake “dossier” stories, the fake “good people on both sides” narrative, the fake letter saying Hunter’s laptop had “earmarks” of Russian disinformation, and all the rest of the fake stories that have come to light in the past few years. I’m talking about fake stories that are just now going around.

First, we see that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s kangaroo court has apparently falsified evidence and made it public. Last Thursday, they released what they said was a communication among members of the Oath Keepers both inside and outside the Capitol building that day, supposedly captured by a “walkie-talkie” app. They had a video of Trump supporters entering the Capitol with that conversation as the audio track.

The problem is that this video was apparently faked, a put-together with different audio. THE GATEWAY PUNDIT has the exclusive story, after Jonathon Moseley, former attorney for January 6 defendant Kelly Meggs, wrote to them to say the video was a lie. He explained that the audio was NOT from walkie-talkies and did not come from people who were even at the Capitol. Rather, the audio is a clip taken from a 2-hour, 20-minute recording of people watching the riot on TV. Moseley said the people heard talking weren’t even there.

The video was provided earlier to defense attorneys by the federal government, presumably as part of discovery. Moseley says he received this same video from prosecutors on October 19, 2021, so he has “personal, direct, first-hand knowledge” that what we’re seeing now is a fake put-together.

It seems this would be easy for any viewer to discern, as there’s no crowd noise on the recording, when it would’ve been simple to mix in a little realistic-sounding crowd noise, to make it a better fake. As THE GATEWAY PUNDIT concludes, “The January 6th committee took a fake audio and combined it with a video of peaceful protesters walking inside the U.S. Capitol and tried to push this lie on the American public.”

(Side note: We’re trying to get details on why Moseley was disbarred in Virginia in April of this year. The Virginia State Bar says he “violated professional rules related to candor toward the tribunal, fairness to opposing party and counsel, unauthorized practice of law, and misconduct, among others.” It’s been difficult to find reports on this that don’t emanate from far-left news outlets, so we don’t know if this should reflect on Moseley’s credibility about the video. We tend to give him the benefit of the doubt, though, because of the many other stories the government has faked.)

Next in our fake news lineup, we have a phony-baloney document that turned up in the papers confiscated during the raid on Mar-A-Lago. According to the WESTERN JOURNAL, the document, “a clear fabrication,” was purportedly from the U.S. Treasury Department and said that agency had seized “sensitive” documents related to the August 8 raid of Trump’s home. It even included two fake warrants, one ordering CNN to preserve “leaked tax records."

Even though this fake document had some misspellings and other errors, it convinced a court clerk that it was real. (Who says we don’t need an experienced “special master” in the Trump case?) It apparently was created, however, by a serial forger currently behind bars at a federal prison complex in North Carolina.

When asked by the WESTERN JOURNAL if the document was indeed false and why the government had not addressed that, ‘Justice’ Department and Treasury Department representatives would not comment. WJ also contacted the court clerk’s office and the magistrate, Judge Bruce Reinhart, who approved the search warrant for the raid on Mar-A-Lago, and they had nothing to say, either.

Now, let’s see...what else is fake?

Well, according to attorney and legal commentator Preston Moore, a graduate of Harvard Law with a large presence on social media, he was approached by a 501(c)3 organization ironically named the “Good Information Foundation” and offered $400 to make a video critical of President Trump and post it on his social media platforms. At first, he thought he might actually do it, as he is not a Trump supporter, but what they wanted him to say went beyond what he would have volunteered. In fact, they gave him a set of talking points, he said. They had told him this was to be nonpartisan, but what they gave him to say definitely was partisan.

Moore has made a video about his experience, which, thankfully, has gone viral, and in it he discloses that he was given a set of talking points about January 6, including that “the Trump campaign paid literally millions of dollars to make January 6 happen.” When Moore asked the organization’s contractor, called “Vocal Media,” for evidence to back this claim, he stopped receiving replies. They probably never dreamed he would ask for EVIDENCE of bad stuff they wanted to say about Trump.

As Moore pointed out, the so-called Good Information Foundation “was essentially looking for social media influencers who were willing to misinform.” He said they wanted him to use fear to manipulate people into voting blue, or “voting not Trump.” They wanted him to use particularly loaded words and phrases (we’d think the ones that tested best with focus groups), such as “Trump Republicans” instead of “Trump and his allies.”

What bothered him, he said, was not that this was to be critical of Trump, but that it was to be dishonest in its criticism.

We checked out the website for the Good Information Foundation, which says it was set up in 2021 to “tackle the growing information crisis in America that is undermining social trust, harming public health, and damaging our democracy. Oh, brother. These people aren’t the solution to the information crisis –- they ARE the information crisis, looking to manufacture fake news. Go to their homepage, and you’ll see red flags all over the place. Just read what’s under the subheads “Voting Counts” and “Good Information Civic News Initiatives,” and think about it in light of what Mr. Moore says he was asked to do.

We didn’t see any information about their funding, and BREITBART couldn’t find any, either. To maintain its tax-exempt status, a 501(c)3 isn’t supposed to participate in partisan political activities. Calling Lois Lerner!

Finally, California Rep. John Ratcliffe, former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, appeared with Maria Bartiromo on SUNDAY MORNING FUTURES to talk about the FBI. He pointed out something we mentioned last week: that the newly-appointed special master was a FISA judge who signed at least one of the warrants to spy on Carter Page, and who now knows the warrant applications contained altered and otherwise bogus information. This judge is surely wise to their fakery.

RELATED: Florida attorney Christopher Roach, who is also an adjunct fellow of the Center for American Greatness, has written a must-read opinion piece on the prospect of President Trump being indicted and tried in a Washington DC court, as the Department of ‘Justice’ surely hopes to do. He explains why there is no place to try him in all of America that would be more politically and personally biased against him, and asserts that “trying him in DC will render the proceedings a farce, an insult and an act of violence, the result of which deserves no respect from any American.”

My question is, do they even care about respect as long as they get what they want?

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  • Jonathan Lynn

    10/06/2022 08:12 PM

    You bring up a very alarming point about a question I also have about 501c “tax exempt” affiliations: if no company or corporation can operate under a “non profit” tax exempt status claiming they are a non-partisan “non-political “ organization, how does the group AFPI claim to be a “tax exempt” organization, and claim all donations are “tax deductible “, when they are clearly a partisan platform in support of Donald Trump?

  • Don Pocek

    09/25/2022 05:24 PM

    Convince me that President Trump is good for America.

  • Jim Greer

    09/19/2022 12:37 PM

    Gee… l didn’t know that even walkie-talkie conversations are recorded. Guess l’d better be careful what l say on mins from now on. ??