"Storm Area 51"

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August 22, 2019

As the 50th anniversary of Woodstock recently reminded us, just because an event is a dumb idea that nobody is prepared to deal with, that doesn’t mean a giant crowd of slackers won’t show up for it and have to be dealt with.  And so, we have this generation’s Woodstock, “Storm Area 51.”  Only instead of massing by the thousands in a field full of mud and manure to see British Invasion bands, there’s a chance that masses of humanity will show up in the desert to rush into the top secret US air base in Nevada on the premise that “they can’t shoot all of us” (note: yes, the US military could, and would) and demand to “see them space aliens!” 

This all started as a joke on Facebook, but now, authorities are concerned that enough doofuses wil take it seriously that it could turn into a real problem (so it’s not only like Woodstock, it’s like Antifa and the “Beto For President” movement.)  Sparsely-populated Lincoln County, Nevada, had to declare a state of emergency in advance to prepare for the possible impact on its finances, resources, supplies and medical and emergency services of having up to seven times the entire county’s population show up on one day (and all demanding to be shot.)

At least at Woodstock, the bad acid didn’t start getting passed around until the hippies had already arrived.  What is these people’s excuse?

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  • Sandra

    08/23/2019 08:24 PM

    I hope the military stops these idiots. They are probably Gen Xers AND their children, GEN Zs.