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February 1, 2024

James O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritas and now O’Keefe Media Group (OMG) and the Citizen Journalism Foundation, has done it again, using a disguise and hidden cameras to dig past the messages you and I are told and get to the truth we otherwise might never hear.

O’Keefe’s face is well known in Washington DC, so he colored his hair and wore fake glasses to go to a restaurant on January 21, 2024, for a “first date” with someone who works in the Executive Office of the President.  This individual is Cybersecurity Policy Analyst Charlie Kraiger, who does the usual first-date thing of impressing his companion with “inside” information relating to what he does for a living.  No doubt it does impress first dates when you tell them you work “for the White House.”

That’s why it’s so hilarious when he tells O’Keefe at one point, “I’m good at keeping secrets.”  What he’s good at is singing like a canary.

He says he manages cybersecurity for two federal agencies, the State Department and USAID.  (Side note:  That’s the United States Agency for International Development, which is headed by Obama’s UN ambassador Samantha Power, remembered in part for her name being on many, many surveillance requests.  President Biden nominated her to run USAID in January 2021.  She’s yet another Obama holdover.)

Kraiger’s job, he tells O’Keefe, is “oversight management.”  He helps oversee “responses to cyber incidents and cybersecurity problems.”  He protects “the networks of the federal agencies” that “you give all your information to.”  He says also that “we’re the President’s voice when we go into meetings, in terms of discussing and promoting the President’s priorities.”  (Aside:  well, this President does have trouble being his own voice.)  “I have recurring meetings with them where we talk about goals and we talk about the President’s priorities, and, like, how they are coming on certain executive order deliverables and all of this kind of stuff.”

Then the conversation gets gossipy, with Kraiger exclaiming at one point, “I’m just telling you what I’ve heard!”  O’Keefe leads the conversation by telling him he “loves all of Biden’s policies” but is concerned about the President’s mental fitness, saying, “Just witnessing --- it’s a bad look.  He stumbles to talk.”  Kraiger answers lightly, “Yes, he’s no Barack Obama.”

When O’Keefe flat-out asks him if Biden is going to be the nominee, he immediately answers, “Yes.”  O’Keefe shakes his head slightly, giving Kraiger a nonverbal cue that it’s okay to freely admit their concerns about this.

So, do his colleagues at the White House realize Biden has this problem?  Kreiger answers slowly, “I think that they probably do, but no one in modern history has ever said, like we’re not gonna renominate the President for a second term.  That just hasn’t happened.”

“And she [Kamala] will be the Vice President nominee,” Kraiger continues.  “There was a debate about removing her from the ticket, but, sadly, they didn’t.”

Kraiger brings up one of the weirder problems with Kamala, that she “can’t keep black staff.”  They “quit en masse.”  Even THE NEW YORK TIMES did a story about this, he says.  “People sent it around the office; everyone was like, ‘Oh (bleep).’”

When O’Keefe brings up the concern that Biden has “got dementia,” Kraiger says he hasn’t been diagnosed, but “he’s definitely slowing down.”  When asked if his colleagues at the White House realize this, he says, “I think so,” and also mentions the bad polling.  His colleagues talk privately of their concerns, he says, but they can’t speak publicly --- “no, no, no” --- about either Biden’s cognitive dysfunction or Kamala’s unpopularity.  “They have to toe the line.”

Note that he’s spilling this to his “date,” whom he has just met.

“They know it.  Of course they do.  But it’s the optics and, like, the scandal I think they feel wouldn’t be worth it...Does it make sense?  No, but that’s what I’ve heard.”

“You can’t remove the first black lady to be Vice President from the (bleep) presidential ticket.”  Because of the message it would give to black voters, “how would you spin that?”

“Like, she’s a woman, and she’s multiracial...I think they’re really concerned about that.”

“I think they need to get rid of him or get rid of her.  But I don’t think they’re gonna do that.”

(Another aside: Note that nowhere in this conversation was the topic raised about how dangerous it might be to America to retain a President who’s clearly in mental decline. The first and only consideration is protecting the Democratic Party and staying in power. If the guy they’re protecting leads the entire nations over a cliff, destroys national security and the economy, and gets us into World War III, that’s just a risk they’re willing to take.)

Of course, bringing in Michelle Obama to save the day would solve the Democrats’ race-and-gender problem, and this does seem likelier (to us) every day, but Kraiger tells O’Keefe he doesn’t think it will happen.  Still, he’s basing that prediction on a remark he heard her make years ago in a meeting, when he was just an intern.  When asked then if she would ever run for office, she’d said no, he told O’Keefe.  Paraphrasing her, he said Michelle had told them she’d seen all this (bleep) her husband had had to go through and it didn’t interest her.

Finally, O’Keefe decides to end the conversation.  “So you work in cybersecurity for the White House,” he says as he removes his glasses, “and my question is, what are you doing in a meeting with James O’Keefe?  And how do you think it looks to the American people that working in the Office of Cybersecurity, you’re sitting across the table from James O’Keefe?”

“...What type of cybersecurity operation are you guys running over there?...Did you not do your research?”  O’Keefe suggests they were running “a clown show.”

Sounds like it, but this is a serious concern.  (Note:  we do expect O’Keefe to supply an unedited video of the complete conversation.)  What if a spy for China or another adversary had pulled the same “dating” ploy to get information about the most pressing concerns at the White House?  Maybe start a relationship with someone there --- it apparently isn’t hard --- just to have an ongoing source of information?  How many would-be Eric Swalwells are working in such proximity to power?

Since this meeting, Charlie Kraiger’s social media has been scrubbed.  (Just as well; it said he likes “long walks on the beach” and “diplomatic negotiations.” Ick.)  And today, O’Keefe will release a follow-up video to let us know what else has happened since the ambush of this Chatty Kathy.

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