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February 21, 2023

The most important yet overlooked story of last week came when President Biden signed the “Executive Order on Further Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government.” As reports, it “requires the establishment of ‘Agency Equity Teams’ to ensure that equal outcomes are imposed on federal programs.”

To translate that into English, it orders all federal agencies to replace the American ideal of equality of opportunity with the similar-sounding but very different “equity,” the communist ideal of equal outcomes determined by government. It’s also a huge step backwards for civil rights and a blatant violation of federal law barring the consideration of race or gender in government practices. As the article states, “Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity are now the policy of the federal government.” I like that the words were put in that order so that their acronym is the appropriate “DIE.” This is where civil rights and equality under the law go to die. And I’m sure that with Susan Rice put in charge of it, it will be truly lethal to civil rights.

It’s astounding to me that the Democratic Party, the Party of slavery, the KKK, Jim Crow laws and segregation, is trying to bring back such noxious ideas as judging people by their skin color, hiring based on race, and segregated public spaces, only now under the ludicrous guise of fighting racism. I recently saw a photo of a sign on some campus space that read “Non-whites only.” This was supposed to represent a victory over “systemic racism” by giving people of color their own spaces free of the dangers of “toxic whiteness.” Throw out all that leftist gibberish, and it's nothing more than the old “Coloreds Only” signs that used to hang over Southern lunch counters and water fountains.

And now, Biden is proudly ordering it to be federal policy. As such, he’s following in the footsteps of our first “progressive” President, Woodrow Wilson, who also fired a lot of federal employees based on their skin color and was a big fan of the movie, “Birth of a Nation.”

I hope and pray that conservative legal organizations are already mounting strong Constitutional challenges to this fundamental transformation of our government into a racist spoils system. It won’t be an easy fight, with much of the media on the side of the racial divisionists, but it must be won or a century of real progress in civil rights will be reversed by this Administration.

To give you hope that people of good will of all races can fight back against this anti-American garbage and win, congratulations to the group Legal Insurrection for standing up against the DIE takeover of the Rhode Island school system. They just scored a victory, forcing a segregated teacher event for “educators of color only” to be replaced with one open to all teachers.

It can be stopped on the local level, now let's stop it on the federal level.

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