July 7, 2020


Deep in the heart of Texas, there is an ache today, as this year's great State Fair of Texas has just been officially canceled due to COVID-19 concerns.

This marks the first time the Fair has been canceled since World War II. I guess now we'll never find out if a heavy enough load of deep-fried foods can cure coronavirus. Who's to say? Take it from me, if anything's good for what ails you, it's a freshly-fried Fletcher's corny dog, and many would happily volunteer for that experiment.

Anyway, sorry, Texans. It just seems so..."unfair."


I hope you had a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July weekend, which means I hope you didn’t turn on the news for the past four days, except to watch President Trump’s speech at Mount Rushmore. Here it is if you missed it, and if so, it’s today’s Must-See. It may be the most important speech of his Administration and one of the most important of any President.

After weeks of riots, looting, arson, vandalism of national monuments and historic statues, slander of America’s founders, bullying and intimidation of law-abiding citizens and “canceling” of anyone who dares voice an opinion unapproved by the radical left mobs, Trump took to national television to stand up and fight back against leftist fascism and on behalf of America’s great heritage of liberty, justice and government of, by and for the people. In the most memorable line of a stunning speech, he declared that Americans “only bend the knee for God.”

Naturally, the anti-Trump media had a hair-on-fire hissy fit. The New York Times repeated the mischaracterization of his Inaugural speech by claiming that Trump gave a “dark and divisive” speech. The most hilarious bit was their claim that he created a liberal “straw man” by trying to convince us that the left is engaging in violence, rioting, and anti-American radicalism. I have to assume that the Times’ reporters haven’t glanced at their own news pages in the past month.

Of course, for the Times, denying reality is par for the course.


Another Trump comment that the Times took issue with was his assertion that Democrat-led cities have allowed violent thugs to run rampant in the streets. Seriously, where does he get these crazy ideas?

Maybe from watching the real news. Even the New York Times was forced to report the tragically bloody holiday weekend in Chicago, where at least 72 people were shot between Friday morning and Sunday night, 15 fatally. They included a 7-year-old girl who was visiting her grandmother when she was killed by drive-by shooters who attacked a family gathering with a number of children. Several other victims as young as 10 were wounded around Chicago.

New York City had 44 shootings with 63 victims, the direct result of Mayor Bill DeBlasio dismantling the effective policing that Rudy Giuliani instituted when he brought the city back from the devastation of the Dinkins years.

And in Atlanta, 8-year-old Secoriea Turner was riding in a car with her mother and another adult when they came too close to where protesters were gathered at the burned-out Wendy’s whose parking lot was the site of the police shooting of Rayshard Brooks. The group opened fire on the car, hitting it multiple times and killing that innocent little girl. She was black, but apparently, her life didn’t matter to them, any more than any of the other victims of the violence that’s raged since the death of George Floyd, something that people of all races and political views condemned. Over the weekend, four people including Secoriea Turner were killed in Atlanta alone.

The heartbreaking murder of Secoriea Turner finally – FINALLY – convinced Atlanta’s Democrat Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms to say “enough is enough” and order the area around the former Wendy’s to be cleared out (so now, it’s enough lawlessness and death? And who will clear it out? The police I assume.) I wonder if even this would be enough if the Republican Governor, Brian Kemp, hadn’t declared a state of emergency and ordered 1,000 National Guard troops to Atlanta to protect government buildings that Bottoms would not protect.

Maryland’s Republican Governor may soon have to take the same stand in Baltimore.

Frankly, I'm sick of hearing these Democratic officials say, "Black lives matter," then standing back and allowing people to be killed by rampaging criminals. If any lives matter to them at all, then knock off the fatuous rhetoric and let the police stop the killing!


Incidentally, worth repeating: since the Times has decided to turn on Mouth Rushmore and describe it as sacred land stolen from Native Americans, let’s all remember that the New York Times building sits on sacred land that Native Americans were cheated out of for $24 worth of junk jewelry. If they don’t turn the deed over to the Lenape tribe or sell it and give them the money as reparations, then they are stone cold hypocrites and you should pay no attention to anything they say. Not that you should anyway.

And to refute the New York Times, while it would be too daunting and too depressing to recount all the things that the left did over the weekend, suffice to say that they took the most patriotic and joyful of all American holidays and turned it into an unpatriotic, anti-American, dark, divisive, violent nightmare. More depressing still, elected officials and major corporations went along with them, apparently terrified of this tiny segment of the population, like elephants running in terror from mice.

I’m curious: when did we have a vote and decide that only one opinion – that of the most radical leftists – is allowed to be voiced in America, lest we lose our jobs and be banned from social media? For instance, why are officials in Richmond, Virginia, allowed to tell construction workers that they have to take down an American flag on the 4th of July because the sight of it might “provoke” someone, but leftists are allowed to stomp on an American flag outside the White House because they have First Amendment rights?

And if you doubt that what Trump said about liberal fascists is true, then what would you call a writer for the Washington Post suggesting that pulling non-PC movies and TV shows isn’t enough; we now have to do something about “problematic” books. For instance, he references the “unbearable whiteness” of Jane Austen. Of course, he denies that he’s calling for book burning, but somehow, I doubt that the lighter fluid smell wafting from his direction is because he’s holding a Fourth of July barbecue.


While President Trump’s speech defending America’s history, heroes and values was mercilessly attacked by the media, their Presidential hope, Joe Biden, also made a 4th of July statement. His vision of America (which I’m sure they would never call dark or divisive) is of a place rotten with racism, a “systemic racism” that he vowed to rip out in its entirety (translation: government will take over everything) and that once elected, he will “transform America.” Into what, downtown Minneapolis? The CHOP autonomous zone in Seattle?

As was noted when Barack Obama used that phrase, how can anyone claim to love America, then vow to fundamentally transform it? Biden’s radicalism is especially eye-opening, considering that he’s what now passes for a “moderate” in the Democratic Party. It’s even rubbing off on his potential running mates, who are so scared to upset the mobs, they can’t even say they wouldn’t blow up Mount Rushmore if elected.

The narrative of Biden as a “moderate” is the basis of what I call the Democrats’ Trojan Horse campaign (or maybe that should be Trojan Donkey.) The Party has moved so far to the left that they could never get elected if they admitted what they really plan to do, so they’re hiding it behind Biden’s bland image. But nobody seriously believes that Biden will set the agenda, any more than we believe that Lambchop was the brains behind Shari Lewis’ ventriloquist act.

Possibly the most hilarious self-reveal came when Ted Cruz listed some of the radical ideas that they represent, and to refute him, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sarcastically tweeted back that the Democrats wanted to do all those radical things, so they nominated Joe Biden.

Yes, that’s precisely why they nominated Joe Biden. Because if they nominated someone like AOC, they wouldn’t win, even if those are the policies you’ll get either way. What you should be asking yourself is this: “If Joe Biden is such a moderate, why is he being defended by one of his top campaign advisors, notorious socialist and ‘Green New Deal” pusher, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?”


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  • Roger Duguay

    07/10/2020 06:33 AM

    The beast that the whorish false church rides on (a symbol of her control of this new world confused nazi system government) is finally making its appearance.

    The blind leading the blind on the right who for decades has (and still is) stifled the voices of those exposing the wickedness of the ecumenical unity lead by Rome will now be paying the horrible price of choosing to ignore Jesus's warning to come out of her my people.

    I wonder if their new world order Bibles is telling them to come into her instead of (come out of her)?
    Just like The Hebrews kept mixing the abominations of the pagan nations along with God's ordinances we have now the rebellious religions who have one toe in The Christian faith and the rest of the feet along with the other foot standing in the Quicksand of the pagan world.

    God is now going to remove all of your idols along with your pagan ( un-holy days).
    The Nazi beast system who received a deadly wound as now come back to life, and has started to persecute its opposition but mostly the rebellious Christians and jews.
    God as always used wicked nations to chastise and bring judgment on a stiff neck people who replace the truth for lies.
    Those who try to save their lives will lose it but those who lose their lives for Christ will gain eternal life in the Lord's Kingdom.

  • Lu Jean Bedard

    07/08/2020 04:55 PM

    Thank you for providing the link to President Trump's Mt. Rushmore speech. No wonder the Left did not like it! It was excellent, inspiring and exactly what we needed to hear after the weeks of destruction and mayhem in our cities. May he give more like it!

  • Don Smith

    07/08/2020 03:05 PM

    Why hasn't the mainstream media reported on the fact that Rayshard Brooks was out on early release because of Covid-19 and that he had been sentenced for beating his kids? He has been portrayed as a "wonderful" father. I think his kids would disagree.


  • Gail Denham

    07/08/2020 03:03 PM

    Right on - Gov. Huckabee - keep spreading the real news.

  • Joyce Birch

    07/08/2020 02:00 PM

    At this point, our country has turned upside down. I enjoy your emails & look forward to them. I think we all sacrificed a lot in the midst of this silent, killer virus. I will continue to follow the guidelines. I ate to even say this, but, I think it's going to be a long haul with this virus. I do pray for the end of this, but I have doubts. Too many professional opinions on the virus & medications.
    Every day there's a new downer by the left. Now "Cancel Culture." Where are we really heading?? I thought the President's speech was excellent!

  • Jerry Korba

    07/08/2020 01:13 PM

    It is tragic the State fairs are canceling I s wonder if the fairs are Racist We could ask one of Fox's news Left's contributors. My guess the fairs are Racist. After making and serving breakfast to my wife I caught a Leftist talking on Fox News about how Racist we are I lasted about 3 minutes, I had to get on my JD and mow the yard I felt dummer for hearing what she was reading in those few minutes. I am amazed how much stupid the Left can stuff into these talking zombies. Friends don't let friends talk like her (Wendy was her Leftist name) maybe she is without friends, I see why Sandy Smith Hour and Cavotto on Fox News is a good time to get the yard work done.

  • Floyd A Unger

    07/08/2020 12:57 PM

    Very very good report. Thank you Mike Huckabee

  • Joan Saltz-DiCola

    07/08/2020 11:37 AM

    Republicans need to to grow a spine and Stand Up!
    If they keep going along with the looney left and going against our President they need to be voted out! Cowards!

  • Jerry Korba

    07/08/2020 11:12 AM

    Mike if you should cross paths with Herman Cain let him know I am pulling for him with his issues and all the people fighting the Wuhan Virus. I am not looking for revenge against the CCP It is a powerful force Americans really need to help in taking the power from the CCP look what it has done to the Media and the Left Wing Mob left on attended we will all be singing BYE BYE American society And Hello CCP idea of law. This country will get Law and order under CCP if you resit you will be under arrest and your your body organs used to prolong CCP leaders life and sold to the worlds riches people. Have fun with that American CCP lovers! I want people to start thinking what America will look like with OUT Donald Trump and with Nancy Pelosi. This is not a threat China is doing body Harvesting just like Planned Parenthood.

  • Cindy Ecker

    07/08/2020 10:59 AM

    What do you think about California banning SINGING IN CHURCH????
    How can they do that? Wouldn’t singing be covered under the First Amendment?
    Thank you Governor Huckabee for your efforts and insight and love for God!
    Lord bless you.

  • Donalie Beltran

    07/08/2020 10:36 AM

    Thank you for being one of the few excellent and honest news reporters left. I know you love God and your country, as I do.
    The one thing our great President hasn't done yet, is give the people on Social Security a one time 20% raise. We were denied almost any raise since 2007. Why? Because our raises are based on the sale of houses!!! The sale of houses!!! What has that got to do with medical expenses, mortgage payments, insurance, fuel for our vehicles, and a thousand more expenses that people have for everyday living? Nothing, that's what. Please let the President know that we are desperate. God Bless you, Mike.

  • Mark Swart

    07/08/2020 08:49 AM

    I for one am WAY PAST being completely fed up with this so-called "black lives matter" foolishness. Those that spout this madness don't even "matter" to THEMSELVES, let alone anyone else! And this "corona-virus" scam has gone on for FAR too long, also.... We are being propagandized and bullied into becoming a 3rd-World "country" at breakneck speed..... The really SAD part of all this? That so many blindly support these atrocities and call it "The New Norm".... I am a disabled Vet and I can tell you truthfully: I did NOT sign up to "protect and defend" THIS nightmare, that is For SURE !!!

  • Michael Manoogian

    07/08/2020 06:47 AM

    The President's speech was amazing, showing his aspirational view of America as that "beacon on the hill." Despite that, the Democratic media (ABC, NBC,...) appeared to have reported on something else as their commentary departed from the truth. What do we hear from VP Biden and the Squad? "America is an oppressive country" and "transform America." To solve it, VP Biden will let AOC, Warren, and the Squad loose on America. If the Breathe Act is indicative, they would turn us into a larger version of a blankhole like Venezuela.

  • Sherry Stone

    07/08/2020 03:47 AM

    The deaths from covid are the lowest that they have ever been. The news is lying to us. The hospital icu’s might be full, but it’s not from covid patients. The Dems are trying to shut the economy down again.

  • Heidi Petrick

    07/08/2020 03:24 AM

    Hey Governor, I suspect that the reason the media and Dems are ignoring all the yelling, carrying on and violence is because they are behind it. I may sound naive but I don’t want to swim in this mess 24/7. They won’t stop until this precious country is nothing more than a pile of rubble and they are doing it one brick at a time. Not getting together outside the house, not being able to worship together. Just as we think we’re turning the corner all of the sudden we have another flare up and hundreds of people are dying again so we have to be wrapped up in masks again or herded back into our houses ( for our own protection of course). If the American people are going to fight back it had better be soon or I fear we will give up and say “ ok, whatever “. We have a sheriff in my home state who said “don’t be a sheep “ fight back. God bless him and his staff, and God bless you and yours, Governor. Don’t stop what you are doing!! Heidi.

  • Suzanne Noxon

    07/08/2020 02:54 AM

    YOU are a national treasure.

  • Marjean Mills

    07/08/2020 12:17 AM

    I agree with you 100% and love reading your news letters. In order for our country to heal, we need congress to be on hourly wages, no pensions, term limits and must pass the USA Constitution test with 95 and above. To serve the people and not themselves. To have God in our Country and Schools and Teachers must teach true history, say the pledge everyday. Teacher should teach the true history and not their own opinions. Let the student decide. Parents should teach manners, and if a child gets into trouble their is a penalty to pay and teach them values. Every life and person matters. Congress needs to stand up for the rights of our country, citizens and states. God Bless America...

  • Don C Crumbley

    07/07/2020 10:53 PM

    Gov: Why would anyone want to vote for a Democrat Progressive Leftest political party that has continually and thoroughly demonstrated it has always hated America for the last 4 years?

  • Robin Rebhan

    07/07/2020 09:44 PM

    Not to be out done by Texas. Here in New York State Governor Cuomo announced that the New York State Fair will not open this year.

  • Jay H Mohler

    07/07/2020 09:11 PM

    Please, everyone get out and vote Republican and for Trump

  • Doris Quillin Bailey

    07/07/2020 08:52 PM

    So scary.....Doris Q. Bailey

  • Shirley Hane

    07/07/2020 08:39 PM

    I am not on topic tonight but know it will be read by your e-mail gurus.
    I have read that China’s President’s wife is the most influential person serving on the World Health Organization. If true, I pray the honest people serving under Trump are very aware.
    Enjoy reading your messages each day. God Bless you & your family.

  • Ira Edwards

    07/07/2020 08:10 PM

    Two similar phrases with opposite meanings:
    "Black Lives Matter."
    "All black lives matter."

  • George Curl

    07/07/2020 08:05 PM

    We are all mourning about the Great State Fair of Texas. Unfortunately the State Fair is in Dallas County. County judge, Clay Jenkins, would have shut the Fair down just before of just after it opened. At least we had fair warning. I guess my peanut brittle will have to wait.

  • Timothy Erson

    07/07/2020 08:03 PM

    Family Life Matters