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March 21, 2024

I often write about how leftists only win arguments by redefining words or claiming that certain accurate terms are “offensive” so you can’t use them to point out why they’re wrong. They’ve so overplayed that hand in recent years that I sense people have run out of patience with it and are rebelling. Here are a couple of stories to prove it:

I have often complained about the left’s push to call illegal border crossers “immigrants,” noting that immigrants respect their host nation’s laws and follow the rules to become citizens. I’ve also noted that it’s a fallacy to think that defending open borders will increase political support among real immigrants. I have spoken to many over the years who are outraged that they followed all the rules to become citizens, only to see people who come here illegally demand the same citizenship rights that they had to earn.

Here are two immigrants (from Pakistan and Germany) who spoke up to Fox News about how outraged they are that they have worked for years to become legal US citizens, only to see people pour in illegally and commit crimes and not even be removed. One of them lost her son in a motorcycle accident caused by an “undocumented migrant” who was out on probation in California.

And here’s more proof that we’ve had enough of being gaslighted about illegal immigration. Despite attempts by the White House to substitute gaseous euphemisms like “newcomers” to refer to illegal aliens, a new Rasmussen survey of likely voters found that 62% believe the best term to refer to people who crossed our border in violation of our laws is “illegal.” The most-preferred term was “illegal alien” (which is the official term used in our laws and court proceedings), followed by “illegal immigrant.”

The typical excuse given by the woke left for banning these terms is that “no human being is illegal!” But nobody’s saying it’s illegal for them to be human beings. “Illegal alien” means they are human beings...who are in this country illegally. As usual, the Babylon Bee nailed this nonsense hilariously:

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