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April 7, 2023

AOC is among the many Democrats repeating the false claim by Washington Post “fact-checker” Glenn Kessler that Donald Trump’s sons tried to intimidate his judge by tweeting a photo of his daughter. In fact, they linked to a news story about his daughter working on the Biden campaign, which included a photo of her that was automatically posted by Twitter.

But while climbing up on their high horses to declare it fascistic and intolerable to try to intimidate judges and threaten their families, they fell on their keisters when conservatives pulled up their old posts urging leftist protesters to go to the homes of conservative Supreme Court Justices like Kavanaugh and Thomas, confront them in public, and, generally, you know…try to intimidate them and threaten their families.

I’m sure AOC will protest that these two things are very different. And she’s right. The Trumps were falsely accused of it, while she actually did it. Two totally different things.

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