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May 2, 2023

Years ago, Dana Carvey had a series on ABC that only lasted a half dozen episodes, but it later became a cult hit on DVD. There’s a sketch from it that was remarkably prescient because I keep thinking of it every time I see a Democrat insist that he/she/xe absolutely believes something that’s clearly nonsense.

Here's that sketch. In it, Carvey displays a glass of the sponsor’s beverage, Mountain Dew, which clearly resembles a urine sample, and asks a cast member, “What does that LOOK like?” He keeps desperately claiming not to see the obvious, instead saying it looks like, say, “Liquid sunshine in a can,” as Carvey keeps pressing him, “Seriously…what does THAT look like?”

That desperation to deny reality no matter how obvious it may be and claim to see something else has become the new hallmark of the Democratic Party.

Sometimes when I take a stand that surprises some people, they demand to know, “Whose side are you on?” That’s easy: I’m on the side of whoever is telling the truth. It does nobody any good to pretend to believe things they know aren’t true, and it’s pretty easy these days to tell who is speaking the truth and who is knowingly denying the truth and desperately trying to convince us they believe their own bull droppings. For instance…

Which side insists that its narrative on January 6th is unassailable fact, but goes ballistic at the idea of letting the public see the unedited video evidence? Which side continues to insist that its version of events is true even when the video contradicts it, and their response to that is to demonize and deplatform the person who wants to let people see the evidence?

Which side claims to have no idea what a “woman” is, yet insists that a tall, muscular person with a baritone voice, male genitals and five o’clock shadow is a “real woman”?

Which Party can look at violent crime waves happening only in cities that they’ve controlled for decades and claim it’s because guns are too easily available in other places run by the other Party that have little to no violent crime?

Which side claims that illegal immigration is the Republicans’ fault even though it’s the Democrats who fought tooth and toenail to keep from building a border wall, and Biden who opened the border, tied the hands of our border guards, and started releasing illegal crossers on THIS side of the border?

Which side claims to believe that any laws to make our elections trustworthy are racist attempts to suppress the black vote, even though polls show large majorities of blacks support those laws and a post-election poll in Georgia found that zero blacks reported any problems with voting?  

Which Party wants us to believe that the many economic disasters that arose after they took over are all the fault of the guy who left power over two years ago?

Which side has to keep coming up with baffling euphemisms for “killing babies in the womb” (“women’s health care,” “reproductive freedom,” etc.) to keep from honestly admitting what abortion actually is (“What does THAT look like?”)

Also, which side claims their support for abortion laws is in the name of “protecting women’s health care,” even though it means defending dangerously unsanitary clinics, preventing women from hearing all their options, freely distributing abortion drugs with dangerous side effects, supporting late term abortions that are virtually always riskier to the mother’s health than delivering the baby, and opposing making abortionists have hospital admitting privileges in case something goes wrong and the woman needs emergency care?

Which side accuses the other of being “anti-free speech” as their supporters physically assault comedians and college speakers they disagree with, conspire to censor social media, and are trying to make criticizing the government illegal?

Which Party accuses the other of wanting to “ban books” when they know all they’re really doing is preventing schools from showing sexually-explicit materials to young children as all states have done up until recently? And isn't it their own supporters who celebrate when they get a book contract by someone they dislike canceled or a conservative book banned from Amazon?

Likewise, which side accuses the other of wanting to “ban drag shows” when they know it’s NOT a ban on adult shows but only on inappropriate sexually-oriented performances for children, just like laws that bar children from attending NC-17 movies?  

To sum up, when anyone has to go to such torturous mental gymnastics just to deny the obvious, they’re not on the side of the truth. The truth is right there before your eyes, and in most cases, it’s pretty clear. And so is the answer to the question, “Who is lying to you?”

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