June 18, 2017

The Huffington Post is scrambing to distance itself from an article it ran just one week ago, in which HuffPo contributor Jason Fuller called for President Trump, his staff and top GOP Congressional leaders to be arrested, tried and convicted for treason, and summarily executed. Fuller argued that anything less would send a message to the world that America has lost its moral compass. Because nothing screams “morality” like holding kangaroo court trials for people you disagree with politically, then summarily killing them.

While HuffPo’s editors desperately try to pretend that they’ve never met this “Fuller” person, Fuller is standing by his article “100%,” and he doesn’t understand why HuffPo won’t stand by it, too. He figures that with all the things they’ve said about Trump and his supporters, HuffPo’s editors should agree that they should be investigated, put on trial, then executed under the law if found guilty. And you have to admit, he has a point.

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HuffPo has fanned the flames of vicious, partisan lunacy for months, and if they really believe that even half of what they've said about Trump and Republicans in general is true, then they should endorse executing history’s greatest monsters. Maybe the fact that they don’t want to endorse that shows that the Scalise shooting shocked them into growing up and realizing how much harm their poison was causing to our society. Or maybe they just finally realized what most of us have known for a long time now: nothing you read on HuffPo should ever be taken seriously.


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  • Amelia Little

    06/21/2017 06:38 PM

    I've never read it. Well, there might have been some articles on some articles published by them. All these people back pedaling as fast as they can when called out on ludicrousy. Like the CEO's that called for the death of Trump--well, the one was kind of drunk when he tweeted and the other was "just kidding." Really? Or good ol' Maxine Waters hollering (literally) for impeachment of Trump, and then kept saying she never said that. As for the HP folks--how did this article get printed by this fellow? Was it a letter to the editor piece? Or, maybe it's a contributing writer that they now don't want to admit knowing, and the editors, it would seem, should be in charge of knowing what is printed in their paper--just because someone wrote it doesn't mean they have to print it.

  • Gregory Haislip

    06/20/2017 02:36 PM

    I will not cannot read that rag. Their thoughts are always tainted with sin! Everything has a gay slant to it. Repulsive! No hate, just self preservation.

  • James Brock

    06/20/2017 10:48 AM

    HuffPo is to "journalism" what McDonalds is to "fine dining!" We produced better journalistic articles in my High School some 40 years ago than ANYTHING the HuffPo vomits out today! There is NOTHING (and that is a strong term) worth reading that comes from that worthless organization. They should be summarily "shut down" for false reporting!

  • jim anderson

    06/20/2017 09:05 AM

    Obama is the one that should have been impeached

  • Sharon Fahey

    06/19/2017 10:39 PM

    Treason was committed when Obama started Isis, aka Muslim Brotherhood, the day he murdered our SEAL Team by giving coordinates of their location, when our ambassador, Chris Stevens, was murdered and then he lied to everyone, the fact that he tried to financially topple our nation by giving billions to terrorists and those that sponsor them, the day he took office, spit on our Constitution, and declared his hate for the American people! Obama, Hillary, Comey, Lynch, and every seat filled by his thugs should be tried, prosecuted and put to death by firing squad! Trump is our president, so if talking to the Russians is collusion, then add that to Obama's charges of treason since he made promises to them while arrogantly asserting he would be reelected, wonder how he could possibly know that!? The liberals and their cowards who hide behind the pen should also be arrested for inciting, threats against a sitting president, defamation, lying and a host of other stupid moves.

  • Barry Sykes

    06/19/2017 06:34 PM

    HuffPro is no more than a fake news hatchet rag. Not worth my time

  • Ricci Henry

    06/19/2017 12:02 PM

    Hey! That last Sentence. The understatement of the century! I see the post huffers are at it again. I stopped taking those bee-bopper girls seriously a few years ago when I read an article of theirs that trashed the gun proponents by using statistical data as their argument. Trouble was; the data they used actually refuted their own argument. The data showed exactly the opposite of what they were trying to say. They rate above the "National Enquirer" of olden days for trash reporting. The degree to which the liberal media is going to crucify Trump should elicit a push to force them to verify reporting with factual information. The era of reporting lies and then afterward saying, " oh! I'm sorry!" needs to end. It is reaching anarchy proportions. These media hounds are the real traitors to our nation.

  • Glenda Kee

    06/19/2017 11:23 AM

    Thank you Mr Huckabee for taking the time to share this information with we the people. The mainstream media is a major problem. Journalism certainly isn't what it use to be. Many of them should be shut down due to their egging on violence. I guess they do this so they will have something to write about, because they sure can't write political truth about President Trump. I am so tired of all of the mainstream media lies. God Bless You and Yours Today and Forever
    and God Bless America

  • Clifton Dawley

    06/19/2017 10:52 AM

    Wow! If anyone has lost its moral and ethical compass it is the Democratic Party. How can they even know how to read a compass if they have kicked any acknowledgement of the compass maker out of their Party? What amazes me is that a huge segment of the American people cannot see this. Where is the people' compass? Very troubling. The Huff and Puff lost its way along time ago.

  • Vicki Briles

    06/19/2017 10:52 AM

    Wow, where is all this outrage and demand for justice against Obama, Hilary, Lynch, Podesta and many others. The double standard in this country astounds me. Recently read something about the lying media being the 4th branch of government. I'm quite sure they know exactly what they are doing by stirring strife and encouraging violence. Why are these reporters not arrested for sedition and or treason?

  • James T Bryson

    06/19/2017 10:17 AM

    "HuffPo has fanned the flames of vicious, partisan lunacy for months..."

    After 8 years of genuflection to the Obama delusion, an administration that destroyed the credibility of key institutions like DoState, DoJ, IRS, Homeland Insecurity, ICE, etc...,HuffPo publishes violence-baiting garbage like Fuller.

    Someone should be cataloging the voices calling for anarchy and violence for ACCOUNTABILITY when that violence is consummated.

  • Carolyn Renier

    06/19/2017 10:11 AM

    I stopped reading anything from the Huffington Post a few years ago. Thanks for catching me up. It is as despicable as ever.

  • Mackie Braden

    06/19/2017 09:08 AM

    HuffPo will remember in the future to edit copy BEFORE they go to press.