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December 18, 2021

Five-term California Rep. Alan Lowenthal just became the 20th Democrat to announce his retirement, so he won’t be running for reelection in 2022.

As noted at the link, he’s 80 years old, so this might only be partly due to poll news like this: Rasmussen reports that in the generic Congressional preference poll, voters now prefer Republicans over Democrats by 48-39%. Usually, just a tie suggests a big GOP win.

The story also notes another problem the Democrats are facing, and that’s the age of their incumbents. In California, there are nine Democratic Congressional incumbents who will be over 75 by Election Day, and another 11 who will be 65+. Or as Nancy Pelosi calls them, “the junior members.”

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  • Donna Sudbrook

    12/21/2021 10:12 PM

    I hope we all pay very close attention to the primaries and elect good government candidates .... looking for someone new to replace the incumbent in the primaries if at all possible, but especially if the incumbent is elderly (late 70s, 80s) and/or has been in elected office 20, 30, 40 years. Let's look for someone new (and not a family member or a former staff member for the incumbent... funny how often that happens).

  • Janine Marie Tucker

    12/19/2021 07:03 AM

    I am not surprised that another Democrat bites the dust. Number 1 he is "80 years old" and Number 2has been in office way to long. Would love to see term restrictions so that these politicians and their agendas are not in office for decades!!!!! I believe Republicans will turn the tide in the 2022 election and the Democrats know it. Cowards!!!! Lets get out and vote in 2022 and prove the Democrats right by taking over the Congress and Senate!!!
    God Bless America!!!

  • Robert F Ruder

    12/19/2021 06:08 AM

    I am still waiting for that much disliked Pelosi to get the heck out of Washington D.C. FOR GOOD!!