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May 6, 2021

As promised, former President Trump launched a new website that will allow his supporters to read his entertainingly blunt, real-time commentary on people and events (on Mitt Romney being booed at the Utah GOP convention: “a stone cold loser.”) The site at allows him to bypass Twitter and Facebook, which banned him (another rich topic we’ve discussed before and will again.)

Supporters can sign up to receive notifications of new posts from Trump, but as yet, there’s no way to comment or leave posts of your own, so it’s not a new social media platform like Parler. However, Trump’s people say this is just the first step in his plans to create a free and open social media environment. In the meantime, you can “like” his posts, and better yet, share them to your Facebook and Twitter pages with a single click.

I can only imagine how fast they’re scrambling at Facebook and Twitter to figure out how they’re going to block all the millions of shared Trump posts. I’m sure they’ll try, but each one they block will just remind the person who posted it of how (illegally?) hostile they are to free speech, and create more demand for a Trump-created alternative. Don’t think for a minute that he didn’t consider that when they created the “share” buttons.

In a related story, Facebook’s Oversight Board announced Wednesday that the site's ban on Trump will remain because he “encouraged and legitimized violence.”

As noted at the link, Facebook’s Oversight Board is a group of people who get paid by Facebook and whose opinion on what speech should be allowed has no bearing on what the law requires of social media platforms. Also worth noting is that Trump never called for violence, but we now know that most of the planning of the January 6th violence at the Capitol was carried out on Facebook and Facebook-owned Instagram and not on Parler, which was blamed for it and got a death sentence when Amazon yanked its web service.

Bottom line: if I want truth or justice, I’m certainly not going to look for it on Facebook.

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Comments 1-8 of 8

  • Rose Fobar

    05/09/2021 10:18 PM

    I only got to see your Mother's Day guest with Healthy food ideas, in closing. What was her website? Great! Great! Shows Love you

  • Robert Powell

    05/09/2021 07:47 PM

    The only solution for our country is to now throw everyone out of the government. WE THE PEOPLE need to fire the FBI, NSA, DOJ, the Executive branch, both houses of Congress, the EPA and all others out of office. Our government is currently so corrupt that there is no other way. This corruption was demonstrated very clearly when President Trump was in office. We will have to hold emergency elections and the country will suffer dearly but look what we have now. It can't be any worse.

  • Marion H. Peters

    05/08/2021 10:10 PM

    I want to hear from our GREAT president Trump ... he did so very much for this country and he did win the election but the Dems won’t hear it. Oh the shame.


    05/07/2021 09:18 PM

    Just waiting to sign up for the "Don's" new sight.

  • Cecilia Sotomayor

    05/07/2021 11:44 AM

    We know how hypocritical and anti democratic FB is. They allow posts from Maxine Waters, Pelosi, Schiff and Schumer among others, inciting violence, as well as ANTIFA, BLM and the idiots in Hollywood, media and sports. They allow people lying about right supremacists when we know how the DNC was created and what its leaders have done since the 19th century. We were lucky to have you for 4 years as our president and want you to be our president again; but this time we need to kick out all the enemies within the party, WH, FBI, CIA, DOJ that did not help you do your job.

  • Rhonda Devine

    05/07/2021 09:57 AM

    Your bottom line comment.....ain't it the truth!

  • Chris Brnder

    05/07/2021 04:25 AM

    If this is legal will telephone company's band communications ?
    I have become dependent on FB because new younger generation don't know how to use a telephone.
    Im boycotting most sports , Coke, investment co's, hollywood, disney. Etc.

  • Joan Meyer

    05/06/2021 12:50 PM

    But please, please. Can someone express to President Trump that even though we are all for his policies and we believe he truly knows how to keep this country great, we are very distressed when he feels the need to call people names. That is sooooooo childish. Sounds like a 10 year old on the playground. If others have spoken to him about this, please tell him again that this old grey haired lady loves his policies and his stance for America, but I do not like the name calling. Not very mature, smart or God like.