December 6, 2018


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Today's Commentary --- Ainsworth: VANITY FAIR readers get dose of reality on Trump/Mueller -- Climate alarmism -- "The rise of the machines" -- Sad story -- The Baltic Experience 2019 -- Drives me crazy -- Liberal church sparks controversy: -- Evening Edition - The Scroll -- Daily Verse


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Gov. Huckabee had a link in Wednesday’s Evening Newsletter to an article in Vanity Fair that actually expressed doubt that Mueller’s final report would please Trump-haters (that is to say, Vanity Fair readers).  Heresy!  I had to check this out for myself.

Sure enough, Vanity Fair has published an article by T. A. Frank called “Is This It?:  A Trump-Hater’s Guide To Mueller Skepticism.”  It turned out to be a fascinating case study for me in the thought processes of anti-Trumpers in media, and I would like to share my findings with you.

First of all, commentary that doesn’t blindly assume Trump is a traitorous collaborator with Putin and that together they somehow stole the election from Hillary does stand a small chance of being printed if three conditions are met: 


Laura Ainsworth

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Climate alarmism

By Mike Huckabee

At the link is an excellent article about climate change alarmism by David Harsanyi at the Federalist that’s a veritable buffet of food for thought.  It ranges from the history of failed efforts by governments to control people (coercive government policies were either the cause of or a major contributor to the 10 worst famines of the 20th century) to failed predictions of environmental apocalypse to the meat-heavy menu at the big UN global warming conference in Poland (it’s estimated that producing that much meat would generate more than 4,000 metric tons of greenhouse gases – and gosh knows how much gas will be generated by all those windy bureaucrats who are scarfing it down.)    

The overall theme is the question of whether any change in climate could cause as much human suffering and economic damage as giving all these globalist bureaucrats the power to combat it.  One hint of the likely future result of the UN elite’s grandiose plans to remake civilization to their specifications and their complete disconnect from the people who have to deal with them is the widespread riots that nearly burned down Paris over yet another gas tax. Say, I wonder how much CO2 was released by that?


VOTE NOW:  How would you grade the Administration's response to the immigration crisis on our southern border?  CAST YOUR VOTE HERE.  OVER 28,000 VOTES!


"The rise of the machines"

By Mike Huckabee

A lot of people are blaming this week’s stock nosedive on President Trump’s comment about imposing “major tariffs” if the Chinese don’t make good on a trade deal that he announced, and they then seemed to back away from.  I’m sure that was a big factor, but you’d think by now investors would have figured out not to panic over every Trump statement that’s designed to drive the other side to the bargaining table. 

Meanwhile, CNBC’s Jim Cramer puts the blame for the stock dive on “the rise of the machines.”  He says hedge fund managers have created computer algorithms that start automatically selling stocks as soon as they detect a possible future downtown.  Enough computers all selling at once create a landslide effect and drive down the market.  And with everyone letting computers make their decisions, there’s nobody to buy stocks and bring them back up. 

So we can thank computers for making it faster and more efficient than ever to crash the stock market, just as they’ve made it possible for people to destroy their lives and careers with just one tweet.  Computers: what did we ever do without them?


Sad story

By Mike Huckabee

Do you ever wonder how anyone could possibly be so naïve as to think it’s a good idea to release criminal illegal aliens into the streets of “sanctuary cities”?  Then look at the load of obvious rancid baloney that an immigration judge in Massachusetts swallowed hook, line and sinker.

Last summer, Homeland Security officials told Judge Mario J. Sturla that 19-year-old Henri Salvador Gutierrez illegally entered the US in 2014, had been arrested three times, and he should be deported to his native El Salvador because he was a “verified and active member” of the vicious MS-13 gang with multiple arrests for weapons charges, and he was captured carrying knives and machetes.

But the Judge believed Guiterrez's sob story: he was abused in El Salvador, he was fleeing gang violence there, and he had rehabilitated himself and come to America because he wants to “live a peaceful life.”  Wait, the bull droppings got even deeper: the judge also bought Guiterrez’s claim that his blue and white gang colors were merely the colors of his favorite soccer team.  His gang-like tattoos just displayed his pride in his homeland.  And his large knife was to chop wood for grilling.  So the judge released him.

Guiterrez and five other suspected MS-13 gang members are now facing charges for allegedly carrying out the brutal gang slaying of a 17-year-old boy who was reportedly hacked to death with a large knife, like they were “chopping wood.” 

It’s too late now to deport Guiterrez, but maybe we should ship the judge to El Salvador.  Although I'm pretty certain they wouldn't want him.


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The Baltic Experience 2019

By Mike Huckabee

I am thrilled to announce an unforgettable trip to the Baltics for the summer of 2019! After many years of the Israel Experiences and our most recent trip the Mediterranean Experience cruise, we are bringing you another phenomenal cruise, the Baltic Experience! This all-inclusive cruise will feature some of the most beautiful places in the Baltic Sea and we will get to travel to and absorb these destinations aboard a luxury cruise ship from the Azamara Cruise line. If you have traveled with us before, you already know that all-inclusive means exactly that and there are no surprises along the way. The Baltic Experience will be no different. And when the weather is often unbearably hot throughout most of the US in August, we will be enjoying the cool and delightful weather that makes travel in the Baltic region perfect. Once again we have the entire ship and will fill our time on board with spectacular entertainment and special guests. In addition to the cruise we have multiple pre and post cruise offerings you can choose from to extend your trip. Our last cruise sold out in record time so we encourage you to get your cabin secured soon. We look forward to traveling with you soon and as always we will work tirelessly and do everything in our control to bring you The Greatest Trip.

To learn more about this exciting trip, visit my website here.

See you on the boat,

Mike Huckabee


Drives me crazy

By Laura Ainsworth

Now that we’ve all had some time to go through the special counsel’s “sentencing memo” for Gen. Michael Flynn, something really jumped out at me.  In between all the glowing tributes to this “exemplary” man whose career they had destroyed, they included this as one of the reasons for why he had been helpful to them...

“Additionally, the defendant’s decision to plead guilty and cooperate likely affected the decisions of related firsthand witnesses to be forthcoming with the SCO [Special Counsel Office] and cooperate.”

Well, isn’t that special.  How convenient for them that they got him to plead guilty for something he apparently didn’t even do, giving up the fight (which legal experts are saying he would have won) just to avoid sliding further into bankruptcy trying to defend himself and possibly protect other members of his family from the same nightmare.  They’re rewarding him now because his decision got other witnesses to be more forthcoming with them.  He was a useful pawn.  Thanks, Gen. Flynn!

I am really too overwhelmed with disgust right now to say any more about this.


Liberal church sparks controversy 

By Mike Huckabee

A liberal church in Dedham, Massachusetts, sparked controversy (and not for the first time) for using its Christmas Nativity scene to promote a political agenda.  They placed the Baby Jesus figure inside a cage, and the Three Wise Men behind a border fence with a “Deportation” sign on it. 

Naturally, some people are upset because of the apparent blasphemous disrespect for Jesus.  Others are protesting the historical inaccuracy and false analogy (Mary and Joseph weren’t migrants entering Bethlehem illegally, they were there to pay their taxes.)  Still others are upset that it inaccurately depicts our border policies in the distorted way the media promoted in order to slam President Trump.  I can certainly sympathize with all of that.

But I may surprise you by defending the church’s right to do this.  I disagree with it and find it tasteless and repellent, but there’s no question they have a First Amendment right to do it. 

Now, I hope the leaders of that church, and all the liberals defending it, will take a similar stand and join me in demanding that conservative Christian pastors also be allowed to express their views on important political issues without fear of reprisal from the government, such as having their tax-exempt status threatened.


Evening Edition - December 5

By Mike Huckabee

A wrap-up of all the news you might have missed yesterday!


The Scroll

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Daily Verse

"If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."

- 1 John 1:9

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  • JohnnyE

    12/07/2018 08:46 AM

    Speaking of Climate Change Alarmism, we should be alarmed! We are experiencing the effects already. Humans are highly adaptable and geological change is slow so people tend to ignore what's changing around them but the data is showing that the changes are worse and faster than the consensus predictions. Unfortunately the effects of the damage we are doing lags behind so by the time we decide the scientists were right it will probably be too late. The signs are obvious if people get their heads out of the sand so I won't try to explain earth history to people not willing to understand it. I spent much of my career working with leading scientists collecting the data from the oceans. It just gets more alarming the more we know.

    This article explains it in terms everybody can understand:

    God said fire not a flood next time.

  • Bruce Vanderhoef

    12/06/2018 01:20 PM

    I defend the liberal church's right to be Biblically (and politically) incorrect regarding the 3 wise men. They saw the star when they were astrologers in Persia or southern Arabia. Since there were no direct flights to Nazareth, they went by camel (slow) to Jerusalem (not Nazareth) to inquire about Jesus' birth with King Herod. They eventually arrived at the house (not stable) to present gifts to the child (not baby). Jesus could have been in pre-school by the time the wise men traveled to greet him! It's interesting to see how many nativity scenes incorrectly have the 3 wise men joining in the stable party, Merry Christmas to all!