December 14, 2017

When three women who appeared at Monday’s press conference claimed that their assertions about disrespectful conduct by President Trump had nothing to do with politics, that may have been true.  It’s possible these women don’t realize that for the organizer of the event, Brave New Films, it was ALL about politics.

I hadn’t heard of Brave New Films, so a little research was in order.  Brave New Films, a non-profit in the same way that Media Matters is a non-profit (meaning, it shouldn’t be), is funded by George Soros with the obvious goal of positioning Trump for a wide-ranging sexual harassment investigation.  That’s not speculation, either; the stated purpose of the press conference was to call for an investigation by Congress.  Since the Trump/Russia probe is proving to be unfruitful --- while the Clinton/Russia connection is becoming increasingly clear --- it’s time to “move on” (pun intended) and exploit another issue.

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Trump’s political foes are setting him up for such an investigation, just as they appear to have done with the special counsel probe; we’ll know more about that after the links between the FBI and the Trump dossier are sorted out.  Their goal is removing him from office, and they don’t care if the road to impeachment is littered with the bodies of Democrat leaders such as John Conyers and Al Franken.  Those casualties are just collateral damage, as they surely know.

In November, Brave New Films released their documentary, “16 Woman and Donald Trump,” to highlight the women’s individual claims, and they say it’s been viewed 16 million times.  I haven’t seen it yet, but I predict that no one who watches it will see any refutation of the claims.  This documentary is no doubt as “non-partisan” as their other films such as “Indivisible:  A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda” and “Protect Public Education -- Stop Betsy DeVos!”

It’s time to wise up and see what is really going on with this.  Note to President Trump:  as understandably frustrated as you are with the myriad attempts to stop you from governing, please restrain your urge to tweet nasty or suggestive things about your political foes, particularly those of the female persuasion; it’s beneath your office and you’re just feeding the fire.

And here’s a final note to women who don’t like to be used:  keep in mind, you can be used for politics just as much as for anything else.


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  • Joseph Trokey

    12/14/2017 02:26 PM

    You would think Soros would give up after spending 25 million on losers, but no, here's another 18 million to more losers. Just think what could be done with 43 million dollars if it were used to actually help people. But then, liberals aren't interested in actually helping anyone.