May 16, 2017

I don’t mind the political media exhausting themselves every day, making up fake news and running madly after every whiff of anti-Trump scandal like a pack of hyperactive Chihuahuas trying to chase down every car in a Walmart parking lot simultaneously. But it’s nearly as exhausting for the rest of us, just having to watch them.

For instance, after a solid week of yapping about James Comey’s long-overdue firing that they were all in favor of until Trump did it (sort of like how they admit his terrorist nation travel ban would be Constitutional, if any other President had issued it), the Washington Post set off yet another round of frenzied barking with a story claiming that Trump revealed classified information in a meeting about joint anti-ISIS strategy with top Russian officials. It had barely hit the news before dozens of Democrats were rushing to the cameras to demand an investigation and to call it “disturbing” and “reckless” (I’ll say this for them: they can’t govern worth a darn, but they have an amazingly efficient buzzword focus-group testing system.)

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They were right about one thing: if it’s true that Trump inadvertently revealed classified data that might identify our intelligence sources to Russia, that would be a serious problem. I can say that with some credibility, because I also said that when Hillary Clinton did that very thing via her unsecure email server, back when all these people who are calling for Trump’s impeachment were brushing that off as nothing and trying to make Hillary President.

But this story set off “smell test” alarms from the get-go, in ways that even the writer noted. For instance, WaPo admitted that even if it were true, it likely wouldn’t be illegal because as President, Trump has the power to declassify information. Also, the story was based on unnamed “current and former officials.” Consider: we’re talking about an ultra-secure meeting of top leaders of two super powers to discuss classified anti-terrorist strategies inside the White House. How many “former officials” were likely to have been in that room?

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We do know exactly which “current officials” were in the room: National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster, Deputy National Security Advisor Dina Powell and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. All three had to take time out of their busy schedules to state to the press in no uncertain terms that the story was false, it did not happen, and that no intelligence sources or methods were discussed that weren’t already part of the public record.

Was that clear enough to end the controversy? If you believe that, then you’ve never had to try to calm down a pack of Chihuahuas.


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  • Daryl Crowder

    05/21/2017 01:02 AM

    I know how frustrating it can be to hear a yepping chihuahua suddenly bark at nothing of significance, causing you to jump out of your skin because of the sudden reaction. I have one of these little dogs which at times can be frustrating because he won't shut up, just like the liberal Democrats which like to bark at the nothing's in life.

  • Jerry Brown

    05/20/2017 03:21 AM

    You are absolutely right. Why aren't we investing resources to track down the known crimes like the hemorrhaging leakers that are committing felonies left and right instead of a special counsel to investigate a case with absolutely no evidence that it ever took place? We appoint a special counsel to investigate this but not Hillary Clinton's unsecured email server with classified documents on it and the destruction of evidence, which there was evidence to prove it really happened? Why can anyone do anything about it?

  • Dan Jones

    05/19/2017 04:02 PM

    What is the old saying....Change the things you can don't worry about those you can't. Only positive actions will overcome this non-sense from the left. Get things done that matter to the general public, Tax reform, correct immigration infractions, increase quality jobs, improve our schooling systems, reduce serious crime and finally set some ambitious long term goals ( I'm thinking "Man on the moon" type things). All of these efforts should be measured in a logical manner so they can be scored monthly as to their progress. Establish a Goal setting mind set. A long term goal I've been thinking about is National Water Control. Why can't we move water around like the old Roman Empire?

  • Dona Barnes

    05/19/2017 10:50 AM

    Keep up the great, honest reporting, Governor Huckabee! We need accurate, unslanted news, and more people to report it.

  • Michael Schmelzer

    05/19/2017 07:54 AM

    Liberals are hypocrites. They do something illegal, then get off somehow, and later down the road twist something a Conservative or a Republican does to make it look as bad or worse than what they or their associates have done in the past. Hillary is GUILTY of having an unsecure private server (NOT a private email) in her home with (hundreds perhaps thousands) top secret materials on it. Yet Trump is guilty of leaking information to whom exactly? Officials in a private meeting, where terrorism was discussed. You know who's really guilty of leaking this information? The media, because if they hadn't said a word, only those in the meeting would know what was discussed. Now the world knows what was discussed because they claimed Trump leaked it.

  • Bill Booher

    05/18/2017 11:56 PM

    It doesn't cost a whole lot to buy binoculars and watch at a distance. Assume what is said, body movement, lip reading etc. However the meetings are behind closed doors. There are many ways to get info. Just a tube inserted to carry sound. It doesn't have to be very big at all and a way to transmit info without any signature. Perhaps that sounds a little weird but the thought is a possibility. I do know that whatever our Man in Office is doing there is going to be a lot of destructive criticism to brain wash the masses. Then again, the masses have voted our dear President into office. I guess they just don't get it, or they are hoping for an illegal linching. All in all, President Trump was put into office by a higher authority and you just don't want to mess the His man. Praise God - He is in control.

  • Susan Alexander

    05/18/2017 01:20 PM

    I grinned as I read your commentary - spot on! The fervor of the left to take out this President, either by impeaching him or by creating a level of distraction that stalls his agenda, is something to behold. Keep calling them out.

  • Cynthia Spratley

    05/17/2017 10:21 PM

    Why can't President Trump declare a media blackout, that would solve the embarrassment that most of our media have become and stop fake news, plus give him time to get things done for us. Please figure out a better healthcare system that is a priority. Those of us forced to have one can't use it without thousands in debt, what good is that?

  • Becky leatherwood

    05/17/2017 10:11 PM


  • David

    05/17/2017 07:42 PM

    Mike: it is refreshing to see that at least one other person picked up on the "former" officials. What's disconcerting are the millions of our fellow citizens who either, or won't see through this kind of nonsense!!

  • Carolyn Miller

    05/17/2017 07:16 PM

    Mr. Huckleberry, I don't pay any attention to these news media people. We have too many of them and they have the job of creating news items. I wish that they would all get a real job.

  • Susan Nolley

    05/17/2017 06:13 PM

    I'm getting so sick of the news media rehashing and trying to make something of this! I've gotten to where I can't stand to watch the "news" anymore because it's not news! I'm convinced the Democrats and their media will not stop until they find a way to get Trump out of office. I am praying for him!

  • Mary Falk

    05/17/2017 05:25 PM

    Certain 'news' sources have become a circus show vs a news show. Sensational headlines with blown out of proportion and frankly misleading statements which always favor the left. It's pathetic that ANY American actually believes the liberal media at this point. Fake news.

  • Rosemarie McKillop

    05/17/2017 04:53 PM

    You are absolutely correct Mr. Huckabee. I think we're all sick and tired of what's going on. The "left" needs to stop or be stopped. All they are doing is obstructing everything the President is trying to do. They never have any proof to back up their smut. Why is this allowed to continue to go on???

  • Phyllis J. Smith

    05/17/2017 04:39 PM

    I am so sick and tired of the Republicans in Congress not standing up and supporting President Trump, we have every opportunity to do it right and they are making messes we will not unravel for many years. IT IS SO DISGUSTING!!!

  • Bonnie Barbieri

    05/17/2017 04:14 PM

    Governor I cannot believe what is going on and nothing is being done! I don't believe anything I read anymore. How can the Democrats get away with this. I believe they really want America to fail!!! Thank you for your voice of reason. God bless our President.

  • Jill Karell

    05/17/2017 03:46 PM

    It is so disheartening to see how the Press is spreading speculation, misinformation and slanting events with their biased opinions. There should be some recourse for false reporting or damaging a reputation with no base in facts. There are people that do not consider the "if" or "may", they just hear the implication & assume it happened as reported. It is disgusting and there should be consequences.

  • Jim Horan

    05/17/2017 03:35 PM

    We need two things.
    1. We need Newt Gingrich working directly and closely with Trump.
    2. We need Republicans to start acting like a team and start acting like they are in charge. They need to get some balls and stop being pushed around!

    Mr Trump hang in there!

  • Gary Crawford

    05/17/2017 02:26 PM

    Folks, I am just a simple man who is now retired. Am I correct in saying that making false accusations against someone is not legal? The left is accusing President Trump of treason. There is no evidence. Three cabinet members have said their statements are not true yet, the leftist dogs persist in their yapping. The world has to be in awe of a nation being destroyed from within - led by the leftist who think only of themselves.

  • Leah

    05/17/2017 01:40 PM

    There is no way I can believe anything the Washington Post says any more. They've lost all credibility.

  • Carol Camp

    05/17/2017 12:47 PM

    Thank you for your concise, well-penned explanation of the where we are. I am weary of the drama played out daily by all the weepers in the media and on the left. Weary is the best way to describe how I feel when I read the hysterical headlines that I have already determined to be weapons-of-mass-dissension.

    I heard McConnell say that it would nice if there were less drama coming from the White House …. It would nice if he would do less to perpetuate the drama coming from the unreliable news.

  • J R Wheeler

    05/17/2017 12:20 PM

    Having two Chihuahuas myself, I totally agree with your analogy. Chihuahuas don't care about the odds of success or failure; they will attack regardless of the size of the enemy. This is what the dimms are doing!

    My concern is that someone, likely multiple people, is or are leaking information; factual or otherwise, to the lamestream media. I don't see anyone on the Trump team that is protecting him. It truly angers me after watching the protection of Obama over the last eight years.

    If Trump doesn't protect himself, he may just find himself impeached, courtesy of the RINO's like Paul Ryan and John McCain.

  • Leigh Brown

    05/17/2017 11:52 AM

    Thank you Mr. Huckabee for your continued knowledge/support of our President and very happy to have him as our President. I do grow so tired everyday of all the hate from the left. Trump writing a memo or email - like really? However, I will say that Trump does need to think sometimes before he tweets because he does make himself a target of the media (needs to remember the saying never let them see you sweat). Trumps tweet about being an active President it's not possible for my surrogates/cabinet to stand at podium with perfect accuracy - incorrect. Trump needs to have their back just like they need to have his back and all need to have the American People's back.

  • Rhonda Elias

    05/17/2017 11:28 AM

    The so called anonymous leaker is treacherous if not treasonous, everyone should be alarmed. Because these illegal behaviors are always double edged and ultimately destroy. The arrogant, dictatorial behavior of the democratic party is eroding our great nation, they care little for integrity or honesty, coupled with the easily intimidated, submissive republicans the average working conservative is left in the wilderness. With all this surveillance going on maybe we should just peel back the onion on all of them. After all if people in this presidency could be (blackmailed) so could have the previous presidency. Maybe that is why they gave millions of dollars to Iran, or why Russia was given 20% of our uranium. There are only a few in the media I will listen to, as the rest are clearly corrupt. Thanks for listening.....

  • Tracy hotop

    05/17/2017 10:49 AM

    I'm guessing that POTUS needs to minimize numbers of people in the office, test run a "secret" to each individual. If it leaks then he knows who the leaker is. These fake fires he has to fight everyday prevent actual job duties. Organize & control his "friends"

  • Dennis Robards

    05/17/2017 10:45 AM

    If the email exists where 45 obstructed justice by asking Comey to let it go(Russian interference investigation) and later fired him then your story, is just attempted cover story for a failed presidency. Will you impeach 45 if he obstructed justice?

  • Susan Spees

    05/17/2017 10:01 AM

    You are absolutely correct sir. However, I kind of hope they keep it up as most of us, even the regular Democrats are fed up with the media and idiotic congresspersons. If they continue as they are, Trump should win in a landslide in the next round.

  • Brian Parks

    05/17/2017 09:55 AM

    As a conservative, I do have a memory. It seems that I do remember the numerous cry's of the people to lynch, jail, imprison, impeach and "kick'em all out" that reverberated throughout conservative news sites on a daily basis during the previous 8 years. I think the thing that gets the goat of conservatives today is the same thing that strangled them earlier - The entire media is after Trump but it was only 2 or 3 news sites that rode Obama so hard. If the entire media were calling for the ouster of Jeff Sessions for not bringing Hillary and her ilk to trial, would the nation be so upset? But, it is the DNC cover up of Seth Rich's murder with the insane Russia stories that no one has been able to prove, which is promulgated by the entire main stream media, along with 2 faced politicians calling for Trumps impeachment, that angers the nations conservative base. The media is "Lucky" to even have a place to gather at the White House, which leads me to believe that if some traitor wanted to "leak" something, he/she would have to call or go over to WaPo or NYtimes to do it. Kick the media out of the White House! Fire anyone in the administration (and their staff) for the slightest "off the cuff" statement or leak. Hell, fire them if the statement even looks like it came from their office. Just clean house and get rid of all holdovers that are against Trumps administration. Why not - it worked for Lincoln?

  • grace barbera-bryson

    05/17/2017 09:53 AM

    i always knew we needed you in the white house and personally i'd like to see you as chief of staff or as a top advisor. i know you are smart, witty, experienced and honest. we need your help

  • Lori holly

    05/17/2017 09:47 AM

    In light of Comey's "notes" making the headline of the NYT it's obvious who has been leaking and masking to destroy President Trump - Comey. THAT should be the headline, but of course it won't be, because we no longer hear news. News is dead. We hear leftist propaganda. #RIPJournalism. The left has succeeded in destroying all faith and credibility in news agencies. Without that watchdog they can get away with anything - including Seth Rich.

  • Jerry Hernandez

    05/17/2017 09:34 AM

    The left is in for a big surprise next year.

    I remember last year when I was sharing that Trump would win the presidency I was told it could never happen, and then I was presented with a 100-page (slight exaggeration) study with pie charts, graphs, surveys, you name it, on how Trump could never win and that these reports had been right for 20 years.....

    All these scandals are laughable now and only serve to strengthen our resolve to get out and vote again.

    Gee, I wonder what tomorrow's scandal will be?

  • Harold Raney

    05/17/2017 09:17 AM

    Is anyone asking the question, what is the end game with all of this disrespect and hostility? Drive conservatives out of power and take their rights away, then what? Get rid of the antiquated Constitution? Eliminate Christianity? Embrace socialism so we can all get everything for free? Embrace every desired lifestyle (except conservative)? Maybe if we all do these simple things we can all live in peace and harmony and do whatever we want with whatever or who ever we want.....with the government's permission and supervision of course.

  • Richard O'Connell

    05/17/2017 08:40 AM

    You know what happened. A simple statement such as security issues were discussed was given, and the Trump hating sycophant media created all the rest. The best thing President Trump can do is throw the WaPo right out of the building and make it clear the same goes for anyone else that engages in this crap.

  • Joann C.

    05/17/2017 08:11 AM

    Free speech is a constitutional right. I agree! Defamation of character is a crime and punishable by law! When the fake news that is being spread by the liberal media defames our president why are they not being prosecuted once proven wrong. Take these networks to court for spreading rumors not facts and see how fast they reel in their employees and late night idiots! ??

  • Cheryl Renzi

    05/17/2017 08:08 AM

    Agree with you Sir. Thank you for reading our comments. You are a voice of reason and Godliness for the ages!

  • Mae Ferguson

    05/17/2017 08:01 AM

    If they were the only ones in the room who is the leaker?

  • Lucy Reed

    05/17/2017 07:46 AM

    I am so discussed with the MSM and democrats. It is so troubling that they hate this country so much that they would intentionally try to take down a US President. Shameful. I have lived through many many Presidents and have never seen anything as disturbing or appalling as to what is happening today. It would be great if the House & Senate would just do their job for the America people to move this country forward instead of concentrating on all this BS. It reminds me of teenagers gossiping about each other in high school.

  • Damon Frazier

    05/17/2017 07:09 AM

    I agree with you. I am tired of the Democrats continuing being disruptive. If they had a legitimate factual common sense argument on something that the President has done, then all means, say something. But, this not the case. They have been insulting Americans with their unfounded, unfactual, stupid allegations with no quantitative substance. I suggest that they change from what they have been doing for years and start doing something good for the people of America.

  • Ian Davis

    05/17/2017 06:52 AM

    It has become tiresome weeding thru all the fake news stories. Where is journalistic accountability? It has gotten to the point that the American
    People suffer because politicians are too engaged in finding fault with one another. Will we ever move on?

  • Kathleen moore

    05/17/2017 05:08 AM

    I think this is all planned out! The closer we get to finding the real story the more crap they make up.
    I think it has to do with Seth Rich and judge Scalia and a lot more things that we don't even know yet!

  • MaryAnn Fanning

    05/17/2017 04:48 AM

    Thank you, Gov. Huckabee, for your news reports. Frankly, I think we should "kill them with kindness" as far as Wapo, news channels, etc. Stop talking about these fanatics and the news they relate---I am disappointed in, yes even Fox news, as the same "news" is reported 24 hours a day---each show repeats over and over. Let's start a news feed that talks about the good things that are getting done. Or isn't there anything to talk about?

  • Susan Morris

    05/17/2017 04:16 AM

    I wish there was a way to force liberals (and I include the previous administration and RINOs in that) to take 3 steps back and take a long clear third person look at what they've become. They have wasted so much time, energy and resource in trying to divide this nation and destroy this administration, all because they are sore losers, that the only thing they've succeeded at is weakening this country. They are a complete disgrace to everything this country stands for and it saddens me that we have so many who don't care at all about the harm they're doing.

  • Lisa Willard

    05/17/2017 02:49 AM

    So weary of the abuse this president has taken from the media.... And sick to death of media being mouthpiece of such an extreme faction of our country. And really angry at Republicans legislature that are acting like Democrats. Ok so Trump doesn't know all the nuances of politics.. The American people spoke their mind when they elected him. And the double standard for Obama/Hillary and Trump/Pence is mind boggling... I now have no idea what news source to believe.. Never understood how people in other countries could be so uninformed. I understand now, and it is scarey. This "group" of people is downright embarrassing!!

  • Kay Babcock

    05/17/2017 02:18 AM

    Chihuahuas have more brains than these democrats and media. It's so hard to never see anything positive about our president and his choices and people.. nothing he does or will do seems to please them.. even griping about the 2 scoops of ice cream.. Hurting his little boy is what makes me really boil, and I just am thankful your attitude and help your giving him... I pray God will be with him and all his family and staff...and those close to him.. I pray soon the tide will turn and our country will unite and start to forgive and get along...

  • Allan Lea

    05/17/2017 01:23 AM

    Mike Huckabee, you are a great American. The President of the United States of America made comments or statements while talking to Russian Officials. Donald Trump IS the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES whom we have entrusted to perform the duties of President as HE SEES FIT in the best interests of America. That is all he did. We finally have a President who loves America as much as we do. SUPPORT HIM................MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA

  • Toni metherall

    05/17/2017 01:06 AM

    I am so done with the media and democrats. We had an election, he won (thank God) and where are the patriots who support our democracy? Get over it, he won.

  • Meagan Remund

    05/17/2017 01:04 AM

    I am just sick at how dead set these liars are st destroying my president...we finally have a good man in office who wants nothing more than to make our country ours again and the treasonous activities of the left to do anything and everything to stop him and make our country into another socialist nightmare. We have to stand together now more than ever and show this incredible man, a true gift from God to our nation, our last chance to reset the chaos that the democrats have inflicted on us!!! I'm not going to rest, I'm just getting started!!

  • Dorothy Ray

    05/17/2017 12:59 AM

    From what I can decipher from all news reports the discussion in question was regarding keeping civilian aviation safe by sharing information about ISIS and other terrorists who were devising ways to get explosives on board in laptops and other electronic devices. This has already been in the media when the government banned these devices in the cabins on certain flights from the Middle East. I don't understand why the big hullabaloo. Is it not a moral thing to warn other countries about a threat to the safety of their citizens and others on flights to and from their country. The Russians already had a flight blow up over Syria and if the lose more lives by this method when they could have been warned then the blood of those innocent victims we be on the hands of our government who didn't try to warn them . It's a simplistic way to look at it but by simple gestures of cooperation we may find a little common ground.

  • darla peterson

    05/17/2017 12:55 AM

    i am so sick and tired of all this shit. I am at the point of turning off all the TV and moving to a mountain top. Never have i seen a world so mad as this. Everything good is evil and normal is mental illness. I hope The President is strong enough to go on. I would not put up with it .

  • Kenneth Young

    05/17/2017 12:48 AM

    The democrats who are yelling foul play did not specify whether it was American or Russian officials that leaked the information. Maybe, it is the democrats who are colluding with the Russians.