February 12, 2019

Thanks to all who wrote in response to the description by Mrs. Roger Stone (and the shocking home security video) detailing how the FBI handled its raid on their home. Most of you shared my horror at this.

While trying to determine who signed off on this raid --- and unless I find out differently, I have to assume it was FBI Director Chris Wray --- I came across some commentary by James Gagliano, a 25-year veteran of the FBI and now a law enforcement analyst for CNN, that raised my hackles. In trying to explain why the raid on Stone’s house was “by the book” –- yes, that is what he says –- he paints a disturbing picture of how the FBI operates. If this raid was by the book, they need a new book.

He attempts to defend the indefensible by daring to dismiss any questioning as “Monday morning quarterbacking” and says we should save it “for the day after the Super Bowl.”

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In his words: “To those pearl-clutchers raising alarms about ‘armed FBI agents,’ you must be made aware that FBI agents were granted arrest powers and authority to carry firearms back when Congress passed a series of anti-crime legislation back in the summer of 1934, precipitated by an agent’s murder during the Kansas City Massacre of 1933.”

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Well, isn’t that special. Because of a massacre that took place in 1933, it was perfectly appropriate to conduct a massive, heavily-armed raid on the home of a non-violent man without so much as a parking ticket on his record. For crying out loud, we know FBI agents are going to be armed. But Gagliano feels the need to explain to us rubes that the term “armed FBI agent” is “a foolish redundancy.” Does that mean we’re foolish if we ever question the amount of firepower they’re toting along?

Gagliano says he’s been involved in both the planning and execution of hundreds of these early morning arrests and that nothing about this seems “irregular.” And instead of a “no-knock” warrant, which I guess is just breaking down the door, this was a “knock and announce” warrant, meaning they would use mechanical breaching tools only if the occupant took what they considered to be too long opening the door. Gee, wasn’t that considerate of them?

He tries to justify this approach by claiming that Stone was a flight risk.  He was no such thing  The judge in the case obviously realized that he wasn't, as he was released right away on a recognizance bond.

Gagliano doesn’t address the treatment of Stone’s wife at all.

But one sentence in particular, towards the end of the lecture, gives us the full picture of what is going on with this former agent. “Yes," he says, "we can add Roger Stone to the sordid rogue’s gallery of grifters, liars and justice obstructionists who once operated inside the President’s orbit.” Well, now we know why he cares so little for how the FBI treated this individual. Stone was associated with Trump and does not deserve the presumption of innocence. Gagliano is thinking not just as an FBI agent, but as the judge and the jury, too. Maybe someone needs to sit him down and lecture HIM on how the FBI is supposed to operate.

And now, offered as a welcome palate-cleanser, here is a letter I received from another former federal agent (in Florida, yet) who is shocked that this happened, offering us the reassurance that we are not crazy, or simpletons. Hope Mr. Gagliano sees it. He obviously thinks that anyone who has a problem with this raid is just an ignoramus –- well, of course we are; we support Trump! –- who doesn’t understand how these things are done. Wrong.

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From Shannon D:

Gov Huckabee, As a Federal Agent (ret) with DOJ for 22 years, (in Florida), I would have been raked over the coals by our Federal Magistrates had I pulled that kind of stunt. As Mr. Stone was clearly represented, his lawyer should have been asked to turn his client in at a scheduled initial appearance. It is overwhelming proof that DOJ/FBI has way over stepped their legal authority. Once again producing false information to the Judge who signed off on the Search & arrest warrants. Additionally violated protocols having allowed CNN to be there video-taping. DISGUSTING and a real black eye to Federal Law Enforcement.


And an interesting point from Jason S:

Obama apologized to the world for our aggressive atrocities of past wars and military actions as he embarrassed us all. Now Trump has to apologize to Americans for our own justice departments’ actions toward its own citizens. It's a sad state of affairs. Wish I didn't live in such a jacked up time in American history. But I do and we all do. Sad times for the red white and blue.




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  • Rodney Salisbury

    02/15/2019 11:41 AM

    Dear Gov Huckabee, I am a retired soldier who trained similar tacktics to DEA Agents and ATF drug interdiction teams. The were designed to take on a heavily armed drug cartel in South America jungles. I am increasingly alarmed at the failure of our elected leaders and the media to call these raid tactics by their true design. When use against civilians in doestic environment these tactics are nothing short of terroristic in nature. Socialist high ranking rouge leaders have used these tactic to silence political opposition throughout history. In any other country this heavy handed tactic would be considered a precursor to a coup. I believe that the entire play book of the FBI needs to be burned and that new guidelines that support the USA Constitution be adopted.

  • Judith M. Hendricks

    02/14/2019 10:44 PM

    I am 70 years old now, but I remember when I was in the 4th grade in Presque Isle Maine. I went to Gouldvillle Elementary. We got to read library books and one that I read impressed me so much that I remember it to this day. It was a book about our government. It spoke of how in the USA we have a government that is the best in the world and our Congressmen are wise and kind. That our law enforcement people are fair and they, themselves, are above reproach. My Dad was in the Air Force stationed at Presque Isle AFB. So I had heard a lot about "the government" all my life, but this was the first time I learned anything about who and what the government was. I knew as I grew that "the government" wasn't all roses as I had pictured it from that little orange covered book I read in the 4th grade, but lately is the first time I have been ashamed of it. The leftests, socialist leanings are bringing us down, and fast. It is nearly impossible to be proud of our country. I do have hope with Mr. Trump in office, but the leftests need to be brought down. I told my sister once that I can see a civil war in our country if things don't change. Let's hope people wake up before that.

  • Larry Armstrong

    02/14/2019 06:42 PM

    As a citizen of this country I am sorry for the way the FBI conducted the raid on stone. It is a shame this law enforcement agency wound conduct themselves in this way! It should have been only a couple of agents in suit and tie as it is apparent he and his wife should not have been treated at this kind of threat level! What is wrong with the Justice deptartment? I believe there is more hear than meets the eye!

  • Dawn Street

    02/14/2019 12:06 AM

    I do not blame Donald Trump for what the FBI did in this case. I blame the arrogance of agents like Peter Strozk, Mueller, Comey and this Gagliano! I hope the new Attorney General can rein in some of these yahoos and fire the scalawags who think they are so grand!!

  • Frank Chavez

    02/13/2019 08:29 PM

    As I watch the once former great agency conducting searches, impounding of files/computer equipment, and making arrests with a "chosen" network on site to record it, I wonder how agents stationed in other parts of the country feel how their agency is being perceived. I do watch the TV series FBI and hope that one day the agency can regain the luster as portrayed by the TV series. I have worked with FBI agents in the past and have the utmost respect for them, however, for me the agency name is The Democratic Party's Bureau of Investigation.

  • Frank Chavez

    02/13/2019 07:54 PM

    As I watch the once former great agency conducting searches, impounding of files/computer equipment, and making arrests with a "chosen" network on site to record it, I wonder how agents stationed in other parts of the country feel how their agency is being perceived. I do watch the TV series FBI and hope that one day the agency can regain the luster as portrayed by the TV series. I have worked with FBI agents in the past and have the utmost respect for them, however, for me the agency name is The Democratic Party's Bureau of Investigation.

  • Kay Campbell

    02/13/2019 05:02 PM

    The news of this raid was shocking, appalling and unconscionable, and I have been upset for days over it. My prayers go out for the Stones, and I hope someone in power will stand up and make sure that this misuse of power never happens again. To have the news crew there was further insult to decency. Shame on all who were involved in this atrocity!!

  • Joseph Rafchiek

    02/13/2019 01:54 PM

    I appreciate all you and your family have done for America and the cause of Jesus Christ. I supported you President and still support you. Your stand for Jesus and conservative values, such as the right to life and against sin, wins my admiration. I have two questions. 1. Is there evidence that the uranium the Russia received from the Uranium One deal replace stocks that America paid to have neutralized during the 1990s, and found it's way, via enrichment to Russia's newest weapons that target the US and our allies? 2. Have you ever researched who controls the current digital and print versions of the Holy Bible? I suspect that the media conglomerates that churn out lies as news, also control the delivery and thus, content, of online Bibles. I'm afraid that the young people of America will, or are, getting fake scriptures with their fake news.

  • Steven Peacock

    02/13/2019 01:15 PM

    So sad! Is there any gov. agency that cares about the American people left?!? What a sad time to be an American. Unbelievable!! I guess if someone is breaking down my door I better have my baseball bat ready!

  • Elaine Condon

    02/13/2019 12:29 PM

    The FBI has been over the top before - remember Ruby Ridge (Idaho), Waco (Texas) and LaVoy Finicum (Oregon). Yes, they should have given Roger Stone the same treatment they gave Hillary and other democrats.

    (I have the same problem as another one mentioned - when reading comments...when I click 'next', I am returned to the article :-( )

  • John Gittings

    02/13/2019 11:18 AM

    I am a Republican and ditto to most of the comments. Cannot the "term reasonable" not return all walks of life. No not one of us could afford an attack from the US Goverment even with our rights as outlined by the Constitution, the sheer cost is prohibitive.. We need to think about that whether guilty or not.

  • Waylon Bush

    02/13/2019 11:00 AM

    Liars, Liars, Liars: 1) equal justice for all; 2) one nation under God; 3) a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

  • AG

    02/12/2019 11:56 PM

    This was excessive use of force and to say it was pure coincidence that CNN was there is total BS only for low IQ people to believe ! I agreed with Rick Scott after Parkland happened that Wray needed to resign. Trump needs to replace Wray with Trey Gowdy or someone like him with someone whose morals can’t be bought . Wray was Comey’s deputy assistant .. As a Constitutional patriotic American , it is sad to see such blatant disregard for American’s family has a long history of serving this country’s military and it makes me sick to think that some civilian agencies have such rogue tactics against fellow Americans especially excessive force against an elderly American couple ... .The documentary released by Judicial Watch called The Sun City was enough for me to be even further more disgusted at the ineptness that runs so deep within certain agencies .. then it takes a citizen watch group like Judicial Watch to get answers is ridiculous ... Thank God this earth is not my home, because this place has gone completely rogue and no longer values real justice or liberty..

  • Joanne Sgrignoli

    02/12/2019 09:46 PM

    Is the FBI & DOJ above the law? Gagliano is a poor representation of someone in law enforcement in the U.S. as well as an embarrassment. Whoever tipped off CNN should be tarred & feathered. Oh wait, we don't do that anymore.

    This debacle should never have happened and I vote for Gagliano and Co. for the Rogues Gallery he mentioned. Just shameful.

  • David Prentler

    02/12/2019 07:38 PM

    I agree that President Trump owes all of America an apology for the actions of his Department of Justice. I am a retired S.W.A.T. officer with over 500 raids that I have participated in. I would be embarrassed at trying to explain to my friends, or to anyone, what the FBI did. I am a all in Trump backer!!!

  • Christine L Petrousky

    02/12/2019 05:41 PM

    My hope is that the judges in all this not only throw the whole case out of court, since they FBI/DOJ so misrepresented the facts, but fine each and every agent who was there, as well as CNN and anyone who signed off of this. Frankly, they should be fined One Million dollars each and have half of it go to Mr and Mrs Stone and the other half training in ethics. If they were democrats, this would spark outrage and rioting in the streets.

  • Patrick Kennedy

    02/12/2019 05:41 PM

    As just a regular rube in the sticks, I'm all for law enforcement, I know a lot of undesirables pose a threat. roger has shot his mouth off the past few decades, but FBI should know puffery from threat. So, the laws of the bill of rights and the constitution, when are those ideals going to be enforced by law enforcement? It seems if a police officer is upset or if a appearing before a judge when hungry the bill of rights is immediately dismissed for emotional condition of the guy with the gun or sentencing power of a judge denied a sandwich?

  • DL Skondin

    02/12/2019 05:28 PM

    Can you do a follow up of all the people that have been arrested that way since this whole fiasco began? This was obviously a set up, CNN on site, Stone with his t-shirt on. CNN knew exactly when and stone probably had a general ideal. When did an investigation like this, hit so many people for things that has nothing to do with whole point of the investigation? Shouldn't there be some kind of harassment charges filed? Guess knowing Trump, and having something sketchy in your background will come back to haunt you. How many of us could under go this kind of scrutiny and come out smiling. Obviously one is Trump, someone needs to end this tragedy, and shouldn't have to be Trump, it is hard to believe the republicans had the house and senate!!!
    Thanks for your hard work, may it continue to bear much fruit!

  • Matthew L Wood

    02/12/2019 03:54 PM

    Our country is being torn apart at a time when we need to come together. If this is how law enforcement in my country now operates. For the first time in my life. I am in fear of it.

  • Joan Wood

    02/12/2019 03:42 PM

    I was absolutely horrified by the way Roger Stone and his wife were treated. I don’t believe a terriorist cell would have been exposed to the public (cnn allowed to set up an hour prior) spectacle of raiding a home of non-violent people who have not been convicted of anything! Our FBI and Justice Departments must be investigated and corrupt agents exposed and prosecuted before the American people can ever trust them to do their jobs fairly.

  • Suzanne Ryan

    02/12/2019 03:08 PM

    Your site says there are zero comments, but when you click on comments, it shows there are 42. I read the first page and clicked on the second page and it went back to the article.

  • Rich Quitliano

    02/12/2019 02:35 PM

    This is absolutely unconscionable! This wasn't a typical police (or FBI) raid, it was Gestapo Theater... a 66 year-old man and his elderly deaf wife- sickening. If Wray was a part of this then he needs to go. I believe that Mueller rather than Wray is running the FBI. If this is what America has devolved into we're all in big trouble!

  • Walt Woods

    02/12/2019 02:29 PM

    Wow, what can one say after reading this article and assorted comments from the readers who’ve already posted regarding Roger Stone’s arrest by the FBI.

    It appears most every one who reads this site has succumbed to the extreme far right radical agenda including all its attendant conspiracy theories and related hysteria. Many reader comments continue to parrot many of the so called “alternative facts” that have already been repeatedly discredited by ample solid, indisputable evidence already shown in prior print, audio and video proof sources, but still refuse to accept the proof that is so readily and easily available.

    Fortunately, not all readers of these various Huckabee columns, who have at many times begun to express opposing viewpoints to some of them, have lost the ability to read, analyze, assess, compare and think through the article commentary in order to make their own intelligent judgment. At the same time, it has become hugely troubling for our country to see how many others still resort to just blindly repeating what they have been told to believe without thinking for themselves.

    My prayer daily is that the Lord will bring some sanity to the very few leaders who actually control the decision making process in this country. That includes all of them “on both sides of the isle”, with plenty of blame to share on both sides. Radical agendas, on either side of the rhetorical arguments, benefit no one other than those proposing them. They certainly do not benefit our country or the very vast majority of our citizens.

  • Trudie Jo Benham

    02/12/2019 02:02 PM

    It was all a ploy to rattle Mr Stone and his wife in hopes he will sing or compose for Muller. An out right abuse of power and all should be worried that it could happen to anyone. And the way they treated Mrs. Stone is a disgrace to are FBI .

  • Heidi Petrick

    02/12/2019 02:01 PM

    Hey Governor, these are Gestapo tactics when they, the FBI, kick down a door and haul the occupants out with guns blazing or almost blazing. That same thing happened to my great uncle in Germany when he told his daughter he didn't like her dating an SS guy. The Gestapo kicked the door down, dragged him out and blew his head off. Thankfully that didn't happen to Mr Stone or his family. But do you think It's only a matter of time? Or is that starting to happen now? God bless you and yours Governor!