March 25, 2019

“That’s the classic prosecutor’s cheap shot.”

So says Gregg Jarrett (who wrote the appropriately titled THE RUSSIA HOAX) of special counsel Robert Mueller’s decision to include the “we-didn’t-exonerate-Trump-on-obstruction” language in his report, which was finally released to the attorney general on Sunday. When a prosecutor loses a case, Jarrett explains, he sometimes just can’t resist adding that, well, even though they didn’t find sufficient evidence of any crime, that doesn’t mean the subject is innocent. So when Mueller found no basis to recommend any further indictments –- on “collusion” (conspiracy), obstruction, anything having to do with the Russia case –- he added that language on obstruction to muddy the waters.

And that’s the line that all Democrats and almost all media will run with --- not the truly stunning line about the Trump campaign not colluding with Russians “despite multiple offers from Russia-affiliated individuals.” Let that sink in a minute. Who were those individuals? Which ones were also affiliated with the Hillary campaign, perhaps trying to lay a trap, perhaps involved in the fraudulent Trump “dossier.” This –- not whether Trump said something disparaging about Robert Mueller in a tweet –- is the important stuff that cries out for more investigation.

But, anyway, after almost two years (not counting the fraudulent FBI probe that led to it); after issuing 3,000 subpoenas; carrying out 500 search warrants; and conducting 500 witness interviews –- along with spending a conservatively-estimated $35 million of taxpayer money –- Mueller and his team obviously didn’t get the result they wanted. So this is the little parting gift they offered to keep the door open for Democrats to keep going after the President. Even though he still lacks evidence to say Trump obstructed justice, Mueller left it up to Attorney General Bill Barr and deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to decide that question for themselves, which they did in short order because they simply don’t have sufficient evidence. In bringing it up but leaving the determination to them, Mueller “abdicates his responsibility as prosecutor,” as Jarrett explains it.

Sunday night, Democrats frantic to get rid of Trump were clinging tightly to that one tiny tendril of hope. Listen closely to the phraseology in a tweet like this one from Adam Schiff: “Mueller spent two years investigating obstruction of justice and found EVIDENCE [emphasis mine] that “does not exonerate” Trump. Barr took two days to set aside that EVIDENCE... [emphasis mine]. Follow me here: Dems have decided that by not exonerating Trump on obstruction of justice, Mueller is saying there is evidence Trump actually did obstruct justice. Those two things are not the same, except in demented minds so full of hate that they can’t even function.

Speaking at the airport in West Palm Beach, Trump referred to the report as “a complete and total exoneration.” As there is no recommendation for indictment in that report, he should be able to say that and go unchallenged. But by inserting that one bit of language into a report that overwhelmingly clears him, Mueller has made it possible for Democrats to say, “No, it isn’t.”

Mueller has had to admit –- along with other investigators such as McCabe, Comey and Rosenstein –- that his investigation was never impeded. He knows that even the firing of Comey was well within the President’s authority and did not constitute obstruction. And now that he is finished, we can be sure Trump would like complete transparency about the report if at all possible. Trump has even called for that, no doubt because it would help neutralize the Democrats’ endless cries of “Obstruction!” It wouldn’t surprise me if we found out this team of prosecutors had deliberately included material that can’t be released due to its classified nature or its disclosures about innocent individuals, so that when Barr inevitably had to withhold it there would be screams of “the White House is withholding evidence!”

Speaking of transparency, Democrats –- and with them I include all vicious anti-Trumpers –- are as see-through as the air inside Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s head. The only way I can explain it is that they think WE’RE too stupid to figure out their brilliant strategy. Today, Democrats are screaming “You better let us see every word of that report!” while hoping to God that some of it is withheld. Remember when they screamed “You better not fire Mueller!” while hoping to God that Trump would fire him? This is like that.

I’ve been saying for a long time that the Democrats obviously WANTED it to be true that Trump colluded with the Russians. Today, it’s very obvious that they did, as they are horribly disappointed to find out he didn’t collude. Talk about twisted; think of the implications if it were true: that the President of the United States stole an election and was a dirty traitor, on par with Benedict Arnold, the kind of low-life they used to hang in the public square, and also that Russia had actually succeeded in putting a puppet of Vladimir Putin in the most powerful position on earth. Do they even care how destabilizing something like this would be? That countries have been plunged into civil war over less? But look at how upsetting it is for them to hear conclusively that this didn’t happen!

The Trump 2020 campaign has already created a video that should embarrass the life out of Democrat leaders like Jerrold Nadler, Adam Schiff and Richard Blumenthal, if they were capable of feeling embarrassment. The internet is forever, and we will always have this hilarious video of these clowns intoning that “we have strong evidence of collusion” –- between Trump and the Russians. Even “a mountain of evidence.” I don’t need to tell you what this is a mountain of. CNN and MSNBC created their own mountains of that same material.


Also, if Mueller found no evidence of collusion with Russia, what was the “evidence” used by the FBI to start the whole investigation into Trump in the first place? If the FBI had had anything real, wouldn’t it have been looked into and included by the Mueller team as an indictable offense? If there’s no evidence now, it means there was no evidence then, so what they had was lies. I’m talking mid-2016, perhaps earlier, with the “evidence” provided by Christopher Steele, Alexander Downer, Nellie Ohr, and the rest. I’m talking the lies told by ex-CIA chief John Brennan (who flat-out called Trump a traitor), James Clapper, Comey and more. The lack of findings in the Mueller report tells us: there was apparently never anything to it at all. 

So that’s where we need to go next. Trump could start by declassifying a lot of material related to the FBI and the FISA court. This nation will not heal until we have answers about that, nor until we can see that America operates under one consistent form of justice. Bill Barr, take notice: We need to follow that trail back wherever it goes. WHEREVER it goes.

The left can’t risk exposure, so they still scream about obstruction as a way of saying, “Look over here! Not over there! Over here!” And Mueller, with that one little phrase about not exonerating Trump on obstruction, has made their game much easier. Which brings our discussion full circle. Mark Levin took on Mueller’s handling of the obstruction case in a post I’ll share with you here. He says that since Mueller didn’t actively pursue the obstruction issue (as he had no case), he should never have made it a part of his report in the first place. Levin also notes it’s not Mueller’s job as prosecutor to “exonerate” anyone. It occurs to me that Mueller seems as unclear about his responsibilities as special counsel as Comey did of his as FBI director.


Alan Dershowitz also criticizes Mueller, calling his non-decision on the issue of obstruction a “cop-out.” In its wishy-washiness, he says, Mueller’s report sounds like “a law-school exam.” If Mueller didn’t have enough evidence to indict, he should have just said so and ended this charade.


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  • Paul Bonanno

    04/09/2019 09:57 PM

    Seems to me that the Trump haters don't believe in innocent until proven guilty. How would they think if someone said that Mueller is a pedophile but we can't prove it, but that doesn't mean it's not true. These people are without honor, integrity or common sense.

  • Laura Clearman

    04/08/2019 05:02 AM

    I enjoy your candor, play on words and ability to keep facts straight in such a screwed up time. My belief, like yours is that hopefully truth, good intentions, and hard work will prevail. All of those, I believe is what tries to accomplish, everyday. None of those things, among others, do I see from the left. In fact, quite frankly, the opposite. And, if they exerted as much energy in moving positive agenda for this country as they do attempting to tear down a President who is? Just think of where we would be. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Mike Foley

    04/07/2019 10:22 PM

    This was a good point & 1 long overdue. When you remember Loretta Lynch was the Clintons' attorney at the Whitewater Hearings it's hardly surprising it was called a "matter". But more importantly, the Democrats screaming for transparency aren't willing to give any. In the end I think they're so desperate for the report like rabid dogs if they do get all of it, it may actually incriminate some of them, but they're wearing hate blinders & can't see the potential collateral damage.


    04/07/2019 06:08 PM

    The world has a much bigger problem than Presidential problems over with or policy . Number one many people do not even know who Jesus Christ is or anything about the bible. Number two the build up of nuclear delivery systems of the Russian Federation as well Chinas military is trying a way to cheaply destroy our carriers at long range at hypersonic speed straight down with kinetic kill vehicles. Number Three is so bad that I pray I am among the elect of the church called to meet Jesus Christ in the air before it happens it is not manmade climate change but God Almighty's climate change for sin not repented for by many who know but do not think they have to repent even after they are saved and baptized. Number four we do not teach world or American history in the way that we can understand that those who do not learn from the past are usually doomed to repeat it. Even the worlds most capable scientist and physicist Doctorates who have multiple degrees nor electrical engineers will not be able to figure out what is happening and we have known this since the bible was finally written about 2000 some odd years ago but the NEW WORLD ORDER HAS KNOWN SINCE 1966. They really believe they can possibly stop it. Only God can. none the less let Gods will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

  • Bonita Mentzer

    04/07/2019 05:45 PM

    Sad to say that I still don't get TBN so I still can't enjoy watching your show. I have FiOS Version. Maybe someday my friend and I would be able to sing on your show.

  • Jerry Korba

    04/07/2019 05:40 PM

    I now believe as long as these Dems continue to talk the little creditability they have left will blow away like a fart in the wind. Our enemies around the world are begging them to shut up for they also know they are losing the propaganda war against our country. I want them to continue waving, straight arming people as if you have a cold, actors who wants their moment, screaming lunatics that want to impeach, people who want to kill babies, raise taxes, ask for reclamations, open borders you ask who wants this? Enemies of America these people want the people poor unhealthy and controlled like the one coming across now; most people that understand Freedom don't understand the far left DEMS and they shouldn't.

  • Paul Schmidt

    04/07/2019 05:12 PM

    Adam Shifty must be related to Jim Carey’s character in the movie; Dumb and Dumber, where he, Jim Carey’s character is turned down flat by the girl he loves. She tells him, one and a million chance for her and him to ever be together! He responds with;.....So, your saying there is a chance????......of obstruction of justice. To what crime I ask?
    Lord bless you Governor

  • Phyllis Murrell

    04/07/2019 05:05 PM

    You are absolutely right to say that the country will not heal nor will any confidence in the judicial system be regained unless those who perpetrated this hoax are revealed and prosecuted if appropriate, and that includes Hillary and Obama.

  • Evelyn Christy

    04/03/2019 02:40 PM

    You give me hope. Thank you and you are always in my heart and prayers.

  • Duane Tindall

    04/01/2019 11:06 AM

    Your interview of John Maxwell on 3/31 and his mentioning of a book he said he wrotrreu"Leader Shift". I have the book written by Doug Murren of the same title (LeaderShift) copywright 1994 and John Maxwell wrote and endorsement of the book (on back cover). Any comments? I have several books by John Maxwell and have continued to use them. I am just curious. Any comments? This is just between the two of us.

  • David Colonna

    04/01/2019 10:52 AM

    I hope you saw Adam Schiff's CNN commercial where he outlined or reiterated the last 2 years of supposedly Russian collusion. I thought it was funny he did this after the Senate Judiciary asked for his resignation. I guess they hit a major sore spot or what I see as we caught you lying left and right and now you spew out your CNN commercial.. He definitely needs to resign from his congressional role altogether.

  • Richard Palmquist

    04/01/2019 08:38 AM

    Mike: the legal definition of exonorate requires first that a conviction is in place. No conviction? No Exonoration possible.

  • Kathy Fuller

    04/01/2019 07:52 AM

    Why don't they investigate Mrs. Clinton. And Mr. Obama and all the Democratic party. I am getting so tired of all this stuff. They are not helping the USA. Mr. Trump is trying to make America great again. This jealously needs to stop. The up coming Democrats are all losers. They support bring all the people from other countries to invade our country. If their countries are so bad, then why not stay there and fight to safe their countries.

  • Amelia Little

    04/01/2019 05:37 AM

    What an absolute waste of tax payer money. Democrats are so dense they can't recognize that, had mueller and friends found one little iota of ANYTHING, it would have been leaked to msm at the time it was found. It's a travesty that he was allowed to wander all over the map and bring about indictments on people that had NOTHING to do with President Trump, let alone Russia, collusion or election interference. OTOH, they DID uncover these things on democrats--so, where the heck were the indictments on any of them? Oh, we'll just wait until a committee investigates, etc, and in how many years--there would be indictments. Of course, democrats hope to be back in power by then, and their puppet president (God forbid we get a liberal/socialist President) would drop all charges against them. As for comey--the democrats WANTED him fired! Until he was. And, reports (and anti-Trumpers) skip over the part that President Trump didn't fire comey until ROSENTSTEIN wrote a recommendation to do so. And, they keep skipping over the part that comey had to be fired in order for him to leak info to his good buddy who leaked it to msm. If they want to be apoplectic over that, they need to scream at the leftist/socialist puppeteers/money bags. MAGA 2020

  • Anita Mae Barker

    04/01/2019 05:02 AM

    Good analysis, Mike. Thanks.

  • Thomas S. Burdon

    04/01/2019 01:10 AM

    (Old conservative male. ) (81 in May)
    Yes, we have to after the perps that set up the Russa hoax. And send them to jail. Nothing less will allow future transgressions.
    I worry about allowing the illegals to vote. (And giving them amnesty)
    We know that there were, in the last election, voting machines that would only allow a Democratic vote. This has to be stopped! (I understand a ten year old with some computer skills can "fix" a voting machine.)
    Until we stop giving all the "free" stuff, they will keep coming. Pick them up at the Welfare office and send them back. And have an expedited court hearing system.
    It seems that the radical ----/Piven system of overwhelming the system is working. We have to rein this in!

  • Paul T. Kern

    03/31/2019 11:49 PM

    As someone in the blue state of Oregon I have this craziness affect people badly. It's a type of addiction and now it's biting the addicted adult children. Like any addiction they need more of this daily. It's a sad thing to see. It can be dangerous also. An addict will do anything to feed it. The addiction becomes the addict's god or higher power as the say.

  • Rodney Salisbury

    03/31/2019 10:39 PM

    How about an investigation of the FISA Judges! If they granted warrants without verification of evidence, should they not be considered for disbarment?

  • Bella Gray

    03/31/2019 08:18 PM

    You know, I fully believe Mueller intended to trap Trump in obstruction when he planned to interview him. When Trump's legal team refused to allow Trump to testify he was prevented from doing so.

    When Barr was made AG, Mueller knowing Barr as well as he does, knew with no collusion his chance of getting obstruction was over. That was why he suddenly closed out the case.

    However Mueller just could not end it without a zinger and that was the open ended obstruction question, which incidentally that action was against FBI rules. If you do not file criminal charges there was no crime. Files are closed and you do not make public any suppositions.

    How do we know what Mueller was up to? First because there is no such federal crime of "collusion," except in rare anti-trust laws. It was a totally made up charge to trigger an investigation.

    Also because Mueller was compromised himself, due to his affiliation with Hillary and the Uranium One Deal (Mueller flew to Russia himself for the hand-over), and was actually ethically required to recuse himself which he didn't do. He was also involved in potential legal compromises in that regard.

    Mueller hired all the DEMOCRAT junkyard pit-bulls, including Hillary's, and then he went to work setting up people near Trump. He unethically terrorized them and their families, and bankrupting many and none were connected to Russia. He filed charges against people that were not even crimes. One he even sent to solitary confinement for nine months trying to break him, because he would not turn and lie about Trump.

    So when someone says Mueller was honorable I sarcastically say, "It depends on what the meaning of 'is' is"? to quote Bill Clinton. What Mueller was, was stymied.

    What I also suspect is, he was on a dual mission, destroy evidence of the Obama administration crimes and to get Trump. Time will tell if he was successful with the first. For that matter time will tell for the second as well, due to the pending report.

    After all, a crime has to be implied within the report, with enough innuendo to send the Democrats spinning off into the public wind with a miasma coated, stink from their swamp. After all the impression is enough for the weak minded and vindication for those inflicted with Ideological Subversion.

  • Jerry Korba

    03/31/2019 07:56 PM

    Make no mistake about it Mueller is not a honorable man people in congress says he is well respected that's coming from Congress I know how much value I give that should be enough said on that issue.most people would not consider that a value. Another example of what Obama had in place non American values at the top of his agencies it is a miserable set of people. The Southern Border is under siege the Congress is unwilling to help fix the problem that has been with us seriously for over 30 years. We the US have given resources to the countries that is invading us for the same amount of time if not longer what has it gotten us? I agree with Trump to cut our losses with these countries they have shown no respect for the gifts they received and have not used them to better themselves. They have put our backs to the wall Trump should shut down the border the snowflakes will holler but melt they will. Maybe all concerned will be able to talk about a solution when the gifts stop the transfer of money sent back home stops because of no work, no money to transfer maybe the leaders will wish to talk after 6 months yes it will be a bit uncomfortable what do we have now? Sick Migrants people coming without vaccinations records just what they can carry. Who is to take care of these people? Do you think most households can afford to house and feed these people we have young people with kids in school we have old people on fixed incomes and we have poor people that the rich are already taking care of. Migrants stay home till we can help you what your doing now is hurting your chances to be with us.

  • Ann Bruce de Pineda

    03/31/2019 07:31 PM

    Please ask someone who understands Spanish to watch CNNEE (CNN en espanol) to see the difference in their coverage. Whether it's because of their gratitude to the Trump administration for the support it has given to Juan Guaido and the people of Venezuela or their realization that they needed to heed Voltaire's advice: "Cultivez votre propre jardin.", they have been sticking to what they know best. I have not seen a single journalist o CNNEE trying to rehash the Mueller report. I am a retired teacher; live on a pension; and have so many friends in El Salvador who are not allowed to work here even though they support their ministries as well as themselves. When I had money to spare after the sale of a house, I tried to give them my tithes. I know they spend almost nothing on themselves but work so hard for the Lord's kingdom. I would love to be able to support Jay Sekulow right now in fighting for an end to states being forced to support abortions; but I just can't mess around with a credit card to send money. He was marvelously courteous and humble while being interviewed by Chris Cuomo about the Mueller report. Show that video over and over again. From a legal perspective, he runs all over Cuomo. I think it was a surprise to most of the audience to hear that Cuomo is a lawyer.

  • Carol Ann Byrd

    03/31/2019 07:24 PM

    I would like for you to use your influence to try to help the Republicans to develop a healthcare plan or program. No healthcare is the main reason we lost so many seats in the House. If the Democrats get control of the Senate, even if Trump gets reelected, the Democrats will try to impeach him. If they have control of the Senate, they could convict him and kick him out of office. I have Medicare, but my hairdresser cannot get insurance because her husband is a diabetic. They can get insurance, but it's so high they can't afford it. There are thousands, maybe millions of people I'm sure who can't afford insurance. There has to be an affordable solution. I believe you can help the Republicans with this healthcare solution.

  • James David Carter

    03/31/2019 06:51 PM

    I agree with your article. And, we know that the opposition-to-Trump supporters continue to take the attention from the truth. Yet, I hold to the fact that truth always surfaces and it will in this case

  • Lawrence E. Foster

    03/31/2019 06:50 PM

    Never forget Mueller was the US attorney in Boston, who helkped railroad four men into jail for a murder he knew was ordered by supposed FBI snitch Whitey Bulger. (Turns out Bulger was using the FBI to protect his organized crime operation. FBI personnel ended up in jail for their part in the corruption, and maybe Mueller should have too). Two of the men died i n jail, and the other two were released after the supreme court overturned their convictions. The law suit for false imprisonment cost US taxpayers - not Mueller - $120 million. Mueller is a crook as far as I am concerned, (apparently that is why Obama wanted him as FBI chief - because he has no moral standards).

  • Ron Birlew

    03/31/2019 06:39 PM

    HR 5 is being considered to add Transgenderism as an equal right. This alone should be concerning but it is a provision within the bill that is absolutely alarming. That provision would negate protections for religious freedom under existing law. I am afraid our politicians will back this bill to appear supportive of equal rights for all people and overlook the direct attack on religious rights that clearly would be eliminated under this bill. Please spread the word Governor.