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February 18, 2021

I’m sure you’ve heard of the slanderously-misnamed “Lincoln Project,” the group of former establishment Republicans formed to oppose Donald Trump – because what better way to promote real conservative principles than to help elect Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden? Well, it appears to be dying, not from assassination but from suicide.

Co-founder Steve Schmidt, last heard ranting furiously on Twitter about how anyone who worked for Trump must be hounded, doxed, shunned, shamed and prevented from ever working again due to their alleged moral inferiority, has resigned from the LP. This follows allegations that he and others knew about the accusation of sexual harassment of young men (some underage) by co-founder John Weaver long before they admitted it, but covered it up and did nothing to stop it. Not to mention the complaints of rampant sexism, sexual discrimination and gay slurs within its offices.

Someone there also tweeted private texts of a former employee to try to discredit her whistleblowing, then deleted it when told it likely violated federal law.

All the resignations and in-fighting have also revealed that the LP wasn’t really about protecting moral integrity and conservative principles so much as amassing “generational wealth” for its founders by separating gullible liberal donors from their money. It was, as many have already pointed out, a grift. Color me shocked.

Meanwhile, another organization based on fear, greed, hypocrisy and demonization of others, the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center), is now riding high as the go-to creators of feeble excuses for social media giants to silence conservatives.

The SPLC’s latest assaults on free speech, freedom of thought and rational thinking include declaring that they will no longer list black nationalist organizations as “hate groups,” allegedly because their racial anger and violent segregationist rhetoric (which recently led to the murder of five Dallas police officers) is justified…

…and it’s also trying to get 147 Republican Senators and Representatives deplatformed from social media because they questioned the 2020 election results, which to the SPLC means they incited the Capitol riot. Also, if you ever condemned the violent radical leftist group Antifa, or if you think the rioting destroying cities is a worse problem than systemic police racism, then they consider you a racist and a likely target for future branding as a hate group, deplatforming, silencing, etc. FYI: a recent poll found that 51% of Americans thought the riots were a bigger problem than police racism, so the SPLC wants to banish over half of Americans to the corn field.

In reading these stories at the same time, I was struck by how alike the the LP and the SPLC are…

Both started out espousing noble principles (the SPLC actually had them in the beginning.) But over time, both degenerated into corrupt scams that manufacture slander for money. Both frighten and bilk donors into sending more and more cash to fight what they claimed is a rising danger from fellow Americans who have become hateful, racist, fascist monsters who vote for Trump and go to church and actually believe in the Bible.

And it’s a lucrative scam (I used to call the SPLC America’s most successful hate group, but some others are giving them a run for their money these days.) Both groups were awash in cash that was squandered on lavish executive salaries, ritzy offices and other perks. And both had founders who practiced shocking sexual harassment and bullied employees into keeping quiet about it, until it finally became so intolerable that the dam broke and the world found out. Both organizations were shameless hypocrites, posing as arbiters of morality while turning Americans against each other for profit, and denouncing innocent conservatives and Christians as morally inferior while practicing the most horrific immorality themselves.

So why is the LP imploding while the SPLC is growing like a cancerous tumor? I suspect that as much as the LP badmouthed conservatives for “losing our souls,” their problem is that we actually do take morality seriously. We always saw the LP not as conservatives standing on principle, but as Judases selling out their principles and slandering their former friends for money. The liberals who supported them did so not because they liked or respected them, but because they were useful to their goal of defeating Trump. Now that Trump is gone, so is their usefulness. That leaves them with nobody to defend them, on the left or the right. The stinking cheese stands alone. If they survive, it won’t be because Republicans admire their conservative principles, it will be because they found new ways to make themselves useful to the Democrats, who aren’t that particular, as witness the SPLC.

The SPLC is still immensely useful to the left’s agenda, so all the corruption, money-grubbing and sexual abuse can be overlooked. How many times in recent years have we seen Democrat megadonors like Harvey Weinstein or Jeffrey Epstein, or powerful politicians like Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy or Joe Biden himself, accused of behavior that would destroy any Republican, yet they sailed on untouched? Epstein and Weinstein were finally brought down when their horrific behavior was exposed as so bad that it ruined their usefulness. But whenever this happens, we always hear that everyone knew about their crimes for years, it was an open secret, but nobody did a thing. What did the broken lives of their victims matter as long as they were still politically useful?

I can think of no better timing for the downfall of the “Lincoln Project” than Presidents Day weekend, when we celebrated the birthday of the President whose name they misappropriated and defamed, and the exoneration from false charges of the President they spent four years lodging false charges against. May the same deserved fate happen to the SPLC.


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  • Kenneth Maxfield

    02/18/2021 01:01 PM

    These groups need to be recognized as part of the swamp. Most Americans do not have a good definition of "the Swamp". They are generally people of prominence and low-life, pedophilia and sex-trafficing using blackmail to keep their comrades from exposing other members.
    You explained LP and SPLC so well. I know you can do justice to this. Please help make America aware.