October 4, 2018

Brett Kavanaugh update:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has filed for cloture to end debate and move on to a confirmation vote for Kavanaugh after Senators received the FBI report the Democrats were demanding.  It hasn’t been publicly released, but a source told Fox News that agents interviewed nine people and found no evidence to corroborate Dr. Ford’s accusation.  I assume that must be true, since all we’re hearing from the Democrats now is that he doesn’t have the “temperament” to be a judge (as he already has been for over a decade) because he got angry when they smeared him as a gang rapist.

Oh, and of course, the lack of any evidence just means we need to widen the investigation. I believe that’s also the reason why Robert Mueller keeps costing taxpayers millions of dollars even though he's yet to find a hint of Russian collusion.


Ben Shapiro calls out the sorry state of liberal journalism:

the New Yorker’s alleged corroborating witness on Deborah Ramirez’s accusation against Brett Kavanaugh claims he heard it secondhand from someone else, who was tracked down and said he had no memory of it.  I guess due diligence has now gone the way of due process.  What a pile of due-due.

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Double Dose of Fake News for Thursday: 

No, Yahoo News, Lindsay Graham did not make a crack about “dragging a 100-dollar bill through a trailer park” that was aimed at Christine Ford.  He was quoting Clinton defender James Carville, who said it about Paula Jones, to illustrate the way Democrats treat women who accuse them of sexual impropriety as opposed to how Dr. Ford was treated.   

Seriously, your political reporters have never heard that notorious “trailer park” quote before?  Is Yahoo finding reporters by dragging a $100 bill through a middle school?



Great Tweet:

Media bias perfectly illustrated in two radically different headlines on what is essentially the same story.

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Dreamer Update

The Border Patrol arrested a DACA “Dreamer” who must’ve been dreaming of a white Christmas, with the “white” being $34,000 worth of powdered meth he was trying to smuggle into the US.


Your Fake News For Thursday:

The AP issued a correction to a story about a federal regulation change whose headline claimed the Trump EPA says “a little radiation is good for you.”  After that raised the usual wave of “OUTRAGE” among various liberal media outlets, the AP was forced to admit that the quote came from a Massachusetts toxicologist, not anyone in the EPA. The actual policy changes don’t even mention radiation, and that headline is contrary to what the EPA told the reporter directly.  And yet, it was the headline -- which got it lots of attention as it was repeated by liberal media outlets, many of which haven’t bothered to run the correction. 

Never mind radiation, maybe the EPA should be studying the dangers to society from toxic partisanship. It seems to eat away at the brain.



A 39-year-old Logan, Utah, man has been arrested in connection with two letters sent to the Pentagon and one to President Trump that contained a (fortunately not very dangerous) precursor of the deadly poison, ricin.  Not much is known yet, other than he’s a Navy veteran with a history of run-ins with the law, including a prison term for aggravated assault. More at the link.

Also, a Democratic Congressional intern who worked for Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, and previously for Barbara Boxer and others, has been arrested for allegedly placing personal home addresses of Republican Senators onto Wikipedia. He has been fired and could face multiple federal charges.  Good!  Worth noting: he doesn’t appear to have worked for Maxine Waters, so she was actually right about that.  And he did once work for Diane Feinstein, so maybe the leaking of other people’s confidential information was just force of habit.

 Bezos taketh away

Amazon employees rejoiced at word that the company is raising the minimum wage of its warehouse workers to $15 an hour.  But hold on: Bezos giveth, but Bezos also taketh away…



 Democrat enthusiasm waning

We are assured by the media that the accusations against Brett Kavanaugh are driving women away from the Republicans and that women are so “OUTRAGED” over it that they’re going to run to the polls to fuel that vaunted “blue wave.” So how to explain that the latest poll from NPR, of all places, shows that the Democrats’ “enthusiasm gap” has vanished, with Republicans now thinking it’s very important to vote in the next election – and eagerness to vote among Republican women has leaped by 12 points and is even higher than among men?

Maybe, as I’ve been warning here for a while, it’s because women deal more with children, so they know how dangerous it would be to let the overgrown terrible two-year-olds who currently run the Democratic Party be put in charge of anything important that they might break, like the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  The Democrats overplayed their weak hand and showed their animosity and unfairness to men and their condescending and hypocritical attitude toward women. Consequently, millions of women voters who’ve dealt with children recognized that tantrum-throwing brats need a time-out, not a reward for their bad behavior.




Donald Trump donates his presidential salary

Donald Trump is donating his presidential salary to good causes in $100,000 quarterly increments.  This week, he announced that the latest beneficiary will be the Small Business Administration, which will use the money to fund a program to help military veterans transition to private sector life. 

It will be interesting to see how the media will spin this negatively (most likely, they’ll just ignore it, since most Trump-related news goes into one of two categories: “Spin negatively” or “Ignore.”) He could justifiably renege on his promise to give up his presidential salary, since Forbes recently reported that his net worth has dropped by as much as $1 billion since becoming President -- even though his critics assured us he was only running to enrich himself, and you don’t want someone who uses public service to become rich, so vote for Hillary Clinton instead.

That prediction turned out to be as reliable as their predictions of stock market crashes and a new depression.  So Forbes tries to explain it by claiming that Trump’s plan to enrich himself by running for President simply isn’t working, due to “his divisiveness” harming his brand, not to the media’s incessant anti-Trump negativity or all the obnoxious leftist mobs shouting outside Trump hotels and annoying the customers.     

So I guess “Trump’s financial sacrifice” is an example of a story that was “Ignore” for two years, and has now been moved to “Spin negatively.”


From Nicholas B, in response to Laura Ainsworth’s commentary on hysterical female activists setting women back decades:

“Could not agree more.  It’s embarrassing.  As a somewhat recent divorcee, I have little interest in wading through the screaming, man-hating idiots out there in hopes of finding a decent woman again. Celibacy, and, frankly, being a hermit, is seeming very attractive these days.”

From Laura:  Thanks, Nicholas, for proving my point.  You are Exhibit A.  But there are some decent women left out here.  (Hint:  look for conservative women.)  The current hateful environment is making lots of rational people, male and female, think about becoming hermits. 


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  • Amelia Little

    10/05/2018 08:22 PM

    It's good to see the doxxer was arrested and fired. Hopefully the federal charges will occur, along with prison time. This is what should happen to doxxers, regardless of their political affiliation or that of their victims. It should happen also in real life, even if it's not politically motivated. And, even though "no harm" was done by the ricin seed thug, he should also have severe consequences, as should the one who sent a harmless but not ricin related substance to the Cruz campaign headquarters. And, anyone who might have instigated the incident. These types of actions should all be handled with the perpetrators and anyone wanting to copy cat getting the message that these are terrorist acts and won't be tolerated. Hopefully the one in Middletown will be getting the psychiatric treatment needed.

    I have turned right on past even the FOX news channel because it gets old to hear either the FOX channels showing some of the mind-blowing stuff they gathered from msm outlets. It also gets old to hear the same group of people whom I normally like to listen to going over and over and over the same stuff about the Kavanaugh nomination. What good does it do anyone to hear that maybe this senator will go across the aisle, but will that one come to this side, trying to read everyone's mind. I seem to remember that the word was that McCain was going to vote to disassemble obamacare--and he walked in and voted against. So, until after the vote tomorrow (and if it is put off again, there are Republicans who should be recalled!) it's Discovery ID, Snapped and Forensic Files for my viewing pleasure!!!

    But, I did enjoy reading your newsletter!


    10/05/2018 11:56 AM



    10/05/2018 11:45 AM

    The rino's , Flake, Collins, Mercaskey (pardon the spelling) are not for the rule of law, they are in some cases against the life's of the unborn, which is and can never be justified! There are married people who can not have children that would desperately like to adopt these children! They will reap what they sow! A no vote for a defamed and very good and deserving judge, will help the early demise of their political lives (Hopefully) !


    10/05/2018 11:39 AM

    I like the law of the old west. You got caught stealing someone else's horse - You became prime entertainment at a necktie party that afternoon. We should apply this to car thieves. Also anyone shoots and kills someone , within two days have a public hanging. He won't do anymore shooting!!! I'm tired of feeding these guys for the rest of their lives.

  • William Lacure

    10/05/2018 09:41 AM

    God bless you and your voice on honesty! Taking the money out of politics: would like to have several universities and think tanks come up with a system of financing campaigns FREE. Example I run for county commissioner so I get 10 - 1/2 page ads in the 2 largest papers in my county (if there is only 1 paper I get 20) FREE! The ads can run anytime during the 3 months prior to the election. I can raise $5000 from people IN MY COUNTY for signs and leaflets. I can talk to anyone and have a booth at the county fair with TV's running promos on my qualifications. I CANNOT SAY ANYTHING AT ANYTIME OR IN ANYWAY ABOUT MY OPPONENTS! The system would be progressive for each tier of higher office. So a senator would get 5 TV spots on 2 stations & 10 ads in 5 papers in their state, all of which would run in the 3 months prior to the election can raise $X in their state to use as above, etc, etc. Again no ads about your opponent! The costs are absorbed as part of the papers and TV stations costs of doing business. So you get the idea. And all that money that companies and special interest groups spend can now be used to pay their employees more or for building schools in their communities and other good works! Wouldn't that make our Lord smile?!?! I am serious about this and plan to work on it when I retire in 2 - 3 years but I know your influence would go much further than mine and in shorter time! Thanks and again my God bless you and your family!!

  • Barry Welch

    10/05/2018 08:13 AM

    Re: Judge Kavanaugh media coverage

    Why does the media (including Fox News) keep saying that Dr. Ford wrote her infamous letter BEFORE president Trump nominated judge Kavanaugh? In fact, he was nominated on July 10th and her letter was not written until July 30th!

  • Mary Smelter

    10/05/2018 06:59 AM

    I keep hearimg in the MEDIA that women don't like Trump, Baloney! That is just the liberals hoping that we are dumb enough to believe them.

  • Linda Crane

    10/05/2018 02:01 AM

    I would like this publicized. There are plenty of women who believe that Dr Ford’s accusation against Judge Kavanaugh was not true. All of us are not gullible to believe that every rapist report is true. Just because it’s a woman making the accusation does not make it true.

  • Gladys Hizer

    10/05/2018 12:03 AM

    Not surprising that people hadn't heard about Obama's high school days but the remark that got me was when he described his grandmother as "a typical white woman." Can't be a racist remark for 'obvious' reasons. I happen to have black relatives and one is in a documentary, "Against All Odds." Michigan governor also didn't take wages his first year and when he was told he had to the next years, he donated sizable amounts and doesn't live in the Governor's Mansion. That has been rented out but most people discount it because he is 'rich.' Envy is a sin and happy is a better goal than rich (no, not sour grapes). Prayers for Kavanaugh and his strong, beautiful family and yours as well.

  • michael murphy

    10/04/2018 10:45 PM

    Your take on the age/maturity level of Yahoo news-folk is spot on. I've often suggested that they are about 12-13 years old, though probably that's the emotional maturity level they're stuck in as it has been explained that weed-heads (marijuana users) emotional growth pretty much stops at the age they begin smoking the stuff. It would explain much at Yahoo; let's just include the rest of the MSM as they mostly assuredly are emotional maturity impaired.

  • Renata E. Melone

    10/04/2018 09:06 PM

    The behavior of people in the Senate building today was abominable. So happy to see the police were arresting lots of people. Hope they spend at least one night in jail; but, I am sure Soros will have someone bail them out right away. What I truly want to know is - when is someone going to start the process of treason against Soros, Hillary, Bill, Feinstein, Pelosi and that whole crew? I realize the process will take a long time, as it did with the WWII criminals, but it finally came to fruition. Also, they may never have to answer to any of us here on earth, but they WILL have to face our Lord Jesus some day - and I'm sure none of them have ever thought about that! May God have Mercy on them, I have enough to worry about answering in my own life. But, laws have been broken and they should NOT get away with it.
    Hillary has no shame to open her mouth publicly and castigate anyone else when their lives (hers and Bills) have been the worst! People always thought the Mafia was bad -- Bill and Hillary and now Pelosi and the rest set a new record worse than the Mafia.
    Your daughter, Sara, has the courage of a saint and the admiration of the American People - those who don't like her can go you know where.
    Enjoy your Evening Editions. Bless you!

  • Carl Smith

    10/04/2018 09:05 PM

    Jeff Bezos did not become the richest man in the world by being ignorant! He just took a page out of the Democrats playbook- What the Government Gives they can also take away- He did the math and figured out it was cheaper to overpay than to make the package shufflers millionaires from stock options.

  • Anita Mae Barker

    10/04/2018 08:57 PM

    Becoming a hermit is beginning to sound like a good idea.

  • Elizabeth Crouse

    10/04/2018 08:10 PM

    My heart is heavy over the direction of this country. Rioting at the Capitol should not happen or disgracing a man and his family and it is hard to believe this is America. I am old but I have grand and great grands who will have to live in this country. All I can do is pray. Thankful I see so many people leave the Democratic Party and the vote for right.

  • Linda Furlong

    10/04/2018 07:56 PM

    I saw Elizabeth Warren ginning up the crowd & also there was Linda Sarsour. These people need to go away. Judge Kavanaugh will be confirmed. My only hope is that before the end of President Trumps term is that he can appoint a 3rd Justice to the Supreme Court.

  • Trudy Stanger

    10/04/2018 07:37 PM

    I depend on you and a very few others for true daily news. Thank you for your insight. In my prayer closet I get the impression that Jeff Sessions is playing a part with President Trump to blind the Democrats and the pedophile deep state. I also very much appreciate and admire your wonderful daughter. What a lady and a treasure for this country. Thank you for your work. Be encouraged in the Lord. The battle is His but we need to remind everyone who calls Jesus their savior to repent for the sin in this country and PRAY earnestly for Kavanagh. Thank you.

  • Roberta Marye

    10/04/2018 07:10 PM

    At risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist, I am becoming more and more convinced that many Democrat public servants are owned by the likes of George Soros and his compadres. Why else would they behave in such an asinine manor in public? Surely most of them are of an age to have acquired the knowledge and skills to behave like sane and civil adults and yet they do not. They have to be living under threat of losing life or limb, or worse yet, power or wealth to behave the way they have in the past few weeks. Am I the only person to have drawn such conclusions? I would love to know if others share my suspicions. Thank you for allowing me to vent!

  • Lawrence E. Foster

    10/04/2018 07:00 PM

    Why are the democ-rats so upset about the FBI investigation being "inadequate" (which I guess qualifies them to be democ-rat congressional members). Chuck Schumer already said the dems are not going to vote for Kavanaugh, no matter what, so what do they care about what the FBI found?

  • Elaine Romanias

    10/04/2018 06:50 PM

    I never knew about President Obama's history of drugs and drinking as a senior in high school.
    Was this ever reported or was it that we had to find out through his biography?

  • Victoria Compton

    10/04/2018 06:40 PM

    Absolutely loved the commentary!! So true with the bickering and the downing of men in our country, it is outrageous!! Real women know better!! The time out comment made me almost spit my drink out! But we need more than time out! We need a grounded for 2 months with NO going out!! I have never been si embarrassed of my government as this year! My young grandsons even know better!! #WalkAway

  • Sharon Wangsness

    10/04/2018 06:34 PM

    I'm one of those conservative women who is so disgusted with the way the Kavanaugh/Ford thing keeps playing out. It just sent the credibility of the Me Too Movement to hell. They waited til the last minute. The hearing didn't play like they thought. They dredged up some more accusers. The supposed witnesses said it never happened. The ex boyfriend said her testimony did not jive and sent a letter. Calling this a childish tantrum is EXACTLY what I was thinking. Now they want to seal the FBI investigation because it probably does not support anything they said. The public deserves to see it after it was their demand or they wouldn't allow a vote. All these people who always point the blame finger will some day face their maker and be judged on their slander, lies and deceit.

  • Vernon Thompson

    10/04/2018 06:32 PM

    This one I want an answer to!!! If you can pass this on to Fox Anchors!


    Everywhere we look there is evidence of the impact of one George Soros. While we can’t find checks that he has signed, his organizations carry out his mission of “Open Borders and Global Governance.” While we set here talking about Russian meddling in our elections, Soros is in Europe meddling there and I am sure it is for profit. Hungary passed a bill they call “Stop Soros” and ran his organizations out of their country, Ditto for Poland! He is meddling in the UK’s BREXIT and has recently identified as supporting Iran in their effort to disrupt things in Israel. That is just overseas.

    Here in the USA his organizations are everywhere creating chaos and disruption in every aspect of our lives. Through paid agitators he has backed the riots in Ferguson, MO, Baltimore, MD, and organized chaos at Trump rallies. He has funded Antifa, Black Lives Matter, the NFL Protests, and recently the SCOTUS hearing protesters. He has funded the caravans from Central America and Mexico to assault our borders and overload and collapse our immigration system in the manner of Cloward/Piven and Saul Alinsky.

    None of this should surprise anyone. They worked with the DNC and the Hillary Campaign to defeat Donald Trump. They were stunned when that failed and quickly huddled with ranking Democrats to develop a strategy to change the outcome of the election and halt the Trump Administration.

    David Brock who founded the Soros funded Media Matters organization. Brock is a “Smear Merchant” who sets out to spread lies, fake news, create dissention. He wrote a specific plan 49 pages in length that describes in great detail how they would all work together to derail Trump. I commend it to you for reading.


    In case you don’t remember, it was Brock who donated $200K to Lisa Bloom to reward any women coming forward with claims against Trump! Wonder what the bank accounts of the current accusers will look like soon?

    We see it in the media every single day. Read the document and help mount a campaign to combat it!!!

  • Gail Wilson

    10/04/2018 06:14 PM

    Keep it coming. We enjoy getting your emails!!! We enjoy your TV show too.

  • Bonny A. Small

    10/04/2018 06:12 PM

    Good one tonight! Really liked the "pile of due, due" comment.