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February 3, 2023



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22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,

Galatians 5:22

Project Veritas drops the other shoe

Project Veritas seldom releases just one hidden camera expose. They usually put out part one, wait for the subject to try to spin or deny it, then lower the boom by dropping the next one. Last week, they released undercover video of alleged Pfizer research director Jordon Trishton Walker saying some explosive things, like that the COVID vaccine was a cash cow for the company, that they weren’t subject to strict regulation because officials leave the FDA to work for Pfizer, and most shocking, that Pfizer was developing new strains of COVID to stay ahead of the vaccine needs.

After a couple of days, Pfizer issued a statement denying the claims, but it was confusing enough that it didn’t stop the questions.

Now, Project Veritas has dropped the other shoe, releasing more alleged undercover video of Walker. This time, he is shown admitting that “there is something irregular about the menstrual cycles” of some women who’ve gotten the vaccine, and it “shouldn’t be interfering with that. So we don’t really know.”  He later added, “I hope we don’t find out that somehow this mRNA lingers in the body and like -- because it has to be affecting something hormonal to impact menstrual cycles. I hope we don’t discover something really bad down the line…”

Bret Swanson of the Brownstone Institute responded to the latest video, explaining what that problem that Walker referred to of mRNA lingering in the body might mean, and what we might learn from studies that are getting little-to-no coverage in the mainstream media.

By the way, please note that this talk “something irregular about the menstrual cycles” refers to irregularities among women who’ve taken the COVID vaccine, and not the recent mysterious outbreak of people claiming that men menstruate, too.

Democrats for Socialism

One extra benefit of having the Republicans in charge of the House is that it brings a much-needed clarity to issues that the fog machine of Democrat rule and Democrat sycophant media has obscured for the public. When Democrats are in charge, they can say anything they want and never get called on it. But when they don’t control the House, Republicans can force them to go on record with their votes, and suddenly, the public learns what they’re really all about.

For instance, yesterday, the House voted on a Republican resolution to condemn socialism. It wasn’t just about socialism as the failed economic system that it is. The resolution listed the past century’s worth of dictators in places like Russia, China and Cambodia who used the false promises of socialism to seize absolute government power that resulted in the deaths of tens of millions of people. Who could possibly oppose condemning that, particularly people who serve in what the Dems have piously assured us is the “citadel of democracy”?

Well, the vote was 328-86. All 219 Republicans voted to condemn socialism, as did 109 Democrats, while 86 Democrats voted no and 14 dodged going on record by voting “present” or not voting at all. This link has the full story, plus the names of the 100 Democrats (nearly half of the Party's House members) who couldn’t bring themselves to denounce socialism.

Some of those opposing the resolution claimed it was just a political stunt and that Republicans were trying to get cover for slashing “socialist” programs like Social Security and Medicare. That is, to use the clinically accurate term, horse leavings. Speaker McCarthy has already made it clear that cuts to those programs are off the table. And the claim that every government program from Medicare to fire departments is socialism is nonsense that was popularized on social media.

Florida Rep. Byron Donalds pointed out the usefulness of clarifying votes such as this by tweeting, “The next time the Democrats say that Republicans are fear mongering when we call them socialist, remind them of this moment in history when 86 of them voted against this resolution” to denounce socialism.

It goes without saying that all the “Squad” members voted against it, but at least they had the courage to put their wrongheaded beliefs on the record. They’ve always claimed to be “Democratic Socialists,” but they laughably claim that’s totally different from being a “Socialist Socialist.” Now we finally know what that term really means: It’s a Democrat who refuses to denounce socialism.   

The Party of Division

John Lennon once went through a phase in which he was obsessed with “primal scream therapy.” The idea was that you can release and get over your repressed childhood trauma by screaming at the top of your lungs. It didn’t do much for John’s music, but I sincerely hope it works. There are a lot of Democrats in Washington right now with serious mental and emotional problems, and yesterday, they engaged in the biggest group primal scream therapy session in Congressional history, so let’s all pray they come back a little saner next week.

If watching Democrats have a screaming meltdown over having to follow their own rules is too hard on your hearing and nerves, try this story. At least it shows a little higher level of intellectual maturity, but it’s still absolutely flabbergasting. Watch some Democratic legislators turn a simple proposal to say the Pledge of Allegiance before committee meetings into an endless debate about whether their political opponents should be allowed to lead if they’re “insurrectionists,” and what that even means, and who else should be barred and on and on and on.

New Jersey Rep. Jeff Van Drew, a former Democrat turned Republican, spoke for most Americans when he said, “I'm almost speechless. Come on, this can't be real. I can't believe we're having this debate…How can we waste time arguing about this? Why the heck can't we just stand up and say we love our country and we love our flag?”

Well, why can’t some people stand up and say socialism is bad? Personally, I wonder if some of them just don’t want to have to say the Pledge of Allegiance because they’d choke on the phrase “under God.” Or maybe they object to the word, “Indivisible,” since division seems to be the modern Party’s mission.   

China’s Balloon

Remember the ‘80s hit song, “99 Red Balloons”? The lyrics were about some balloons that floated over a national border and were mistaken for invading aircraft, sparking a devastating war. Well, we just found out how that might have worked out in real life, although fortunately, it only sparked a war of words.

It all started when it was revealed that the Pentagon was monitoring what appeared to be a Chinese spy balloon floating over Montana. This raised a firestorm of questions and controversy. Some asked how it got past our national defenses. Others demanded to know why it was being “monitored” instead of shot down (Some wags suggested calling in Alec Baldwin.) There were questions about whether the lack of action was due to President Biden appeasing China, and Speaker McCarthy called for a Gang of Eight briefing on what this spy balloon was and where it came from. Secretary of State Antony Blinken even canceled a planned trip to China on Sunday over it.

Finally, this morning, China confirmed that it was their balloon, but they claim it’s a civilian balloon used mostly for weather research. If you can believe them, they say it has limited steering capabilities and got caught in high winds and drifted off-course. They said, "The Chinese side regrets the unintended entry of the airship into US airspace due to force majeure.”

Incidentally, “force majeure” is a legal term referring to an act of God or something beyond human control. But since the CCP doesn’t believe in God, it can also literally mean “superior force.” That seems oddly appropriate in this case.


A Developing Story from North Dakota

By Mike Huckabee

The story of the death of North Dakota teenager Cayler Ellingson took an unexpected turn after Fox Digital obtained a transcript of the 911 call made by Shannon Brandt, who struck Ellingson with his car.  Brandt was later charged with murder.

The initial police report stated that Brandt had said Ellingson was a “Republican extremist” and implied that he ran over him deliberately. But the transcript shows that he said Ellingson was threatening him "with something to have to do with -- something with an extremist Republican group." And he said Ellingson got on his vehicle and wouldn’t let him go, and he tried to take off and hit him but “I didn’t mean to.”

The North Dakota Highway Patrol did not correct the initial affidavit, and Brandt’s attorney is calling for the officer who filed it to be fired.

Details are at the link, but this is a developing story, so expect more to come.

Related: In his own inimitable way, Kurt Schlichter at explains why he has no intention of complying with Democrats’ demands for apologies from anyone who speculated on what happened that led up to the attack on Paul Pelosi.

(For the record, we never speculated on Pelosi’s private life. We just asked for prayers for his recovery and refuted the false Democrat speculation that the attacker was a MAGA Republican.)

“Biden’s Brain” sobs at the end

I might open up a store in Washington that sells waterproof suits to Democrats. They seem to be crying so uncontrollably these days, I imagine their regular jackets must be covered in tear stains. It beats me how California can have so many leftist politicians and still have a water shortage.

Within a 24-hour period, we had House Democrats like Rashida Tlaib wailing and screaming over Ilhan Omar being removed from the Foreign Relations Committee like a four-year-old who just dropped her ice cream cone down a storm drain. Meanwhile, departing Biden Chief of Staff Ron Klain gave a farewell speech that lapsed into uncontrollable sobbing. I’ve seen less emotional incontinence from people retiring after 40 years at a job.

If this is the man known as “Biden’s brain” who has really been running the country for the past two years, as rumored, it explains a lot, and we should all breathe a sigh of relief at his departure (for other reasons, too. His replacement isn’t likely to be much of an improvement, but maybe he’ll at least have more self-control.)

Side note: At one of his many sobbing breakdown points, Klain said, “I just want to say this one thing today: I learned everything I know about how to be a good father from Joe Biden.” He’d better not ever give his kids laptops for Christmas.  

Yes, there is a war on Christianity!

For those who scoff that the “war on Christianity” or the politicization of government agencies are just conspiracy theories, here’s one more piece of evidence for the pile. After last week’s March for Life in Washington, DC, a group of Catholic school kids say they were thrown out of the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum for wearing caps that read “Rosary Pro-life.”

They say they explained that the hats were to keep the group together and they had a First Amendment right to wear them. But they claim they were told they were in trouble for refusing to take them off or leave, and that the museum was a “neutral zone” where their free speech rights don’t apply. I wonder if that same rule would have been enforced on someone wearing a BLM cap.

A spokeswoman for the museum said, "Asking visitors to remove hats and clothing is not in keeping with our policies or protocols. We provided immediate training to prevent a re-occurrence of this kind of incident." But the American Center for Law and Justice has taken up the students’ case and is planning legal action to “get to the bottom” of this, including demanding to see the training that employees receive.

Here’s an idea: how about requiring that all job applicants first take a field trip to the National Archives Museum to read the Bill of Rights?


Must-See Video

Here’s what happens when the “Trans women are women and should be allowed in women’s restrooms whether women like it or not, you bigots!” argument gets moved out of the artificial bubble of social media and into the real world. Expect to see more clips like this as people gradually get over being scared of the tiny cancel culture minority and start speaking out in defense of women’s rights and biological reality.


Funny stuff

By Mike Huckabee

Eric Swalwell unwittingly shares a parody of himself. Or maybe he's always just a parody of himself., the Babylon Bee reads our newsletter.


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  • Jerry

    02/04/2023 01:57 PM

    The State of Minnesota continues to tax Social Security income on its residents, I wonder if it is constitutional it is the same money that has been taxed once already. The State continues to tax the elderly while the States treasury continues to grow. I would leave this Democratic State in a moment however my Children still live here on has moved maybe the one more will move away as retirement is closing in on him also a couple of years. The Dems in this State are just a sponge on conservatives having resources handed to the them. SS recipients missed by a vote to take the double Taxation away from their SS benefit. One wonders why most people dislike Dems. With inflation brought to us by the Dems they still can't stop digging into our small benefits taking from all SS recipients. Shameful for sure no Consicieous, no Shame ,Minnesota Government Shameful not a coincidence it is a State with out pity for its seniors.

  • stephen russell

    02/04/2023 12:40 PM

    Chinese Balloon:
    Send up Recon plane ,drone & photo ID balloon
    Denote ID visible
    Make Public
    Then shootdown

  • Jerry

    02/04/2023 09:40 AM

    As biden allows the open borders, now our airspace is left wide open are they're any more questions that need answers biden is derelict in his duties, is a failure, his primary duty is to protect this country and the population. Does the oath of being President mean Anything ?? This DOJ has zero intentions of upholding the law Homeland Security has laid down all its weapons to protect the Homeland it appears Americans are on their own and may be at the end of their rope with all crackpot ideas biden is trying to instill gas stove water heater gas furnaces we have no reliable sources as of yet once a replacement is found maybe start the turnover however biden is laughing at America today ,as he knows the biggest mistake of America is joe biden in the Oval Office and even the the Socialist /democrat have pulled its head out its anal canal far enough to recognize it.

  • Robin Gonsalves

    02/03/2023 10:02 PM

    I read the Babylon bee article yesterday and when I was reading it I said to myself, self, I read this on Mike Huckabee's news letter the day before.

  • Robin Rebhan

    02/03/2023 08:31 PM

    Regarding the Chinese Balloon incident. It is over sovereign American Territory, it can be a hazard to air navigation if it gets lower, it could potentially come crashing down on buildings and innocent people when it runs out of helium. The military information it gathers can put our military capability at severe risk.
    At that altitude it would not be loitering by any means except by onboard propulsion and navigation equipment.
    Most of all we need to recover this thing and see just what it's real mission is or isn't.
    If it's just a weather balloon as China says the Chinese Government should not have one single complaint of us shooting it down over sovereign American Territory!
    Supposing this was an American balloon over China? It would be in the hands of their military in short order being dissected faster then you can say "Wong Tong Soup".
    I wonder if China didn't let the White House know in advance what they were going to do. And Biden gave the advance. Or is the White House just that spineless and China knows it.

  • JC Holland

    02/03/2023 06:16 PM

    Governor: I see that the Epstein flight logs showing who was visiting his Island have been out for 2 weeks now, why nothing from you, Newsmax, Fox, or any news outlets. Is this release of the logs fake or is everyone being scared into silence?

  • Steve Glary

    02/03/2023 05:17 PM

    I know I am in no position to complain since your newsletter is free, but, Many of the links lead to registration or membership or allow cookie websites which are becoming very annoying. Redstate is one site which requires me to allow cookies, which I do not want to approve. Therefore I can't get to the story to read. I would appreciate links that actually allow me to read the entire story, instead of being "Click Bait".
    Thank you for your consideration.

  • Patrick Canan

    02/03/2023 04:12 PM

    Thanks for the Pfizer update. Looks like they got the feds to sign onto a cash cow for them. On the other hand, that was central to Operation Warp Speed, and brilliant in its own way. Faced with an epic loss of life, Trump signed on three different Big Pharms, each to pursue a different vaccine strategy. They were relieved of the normal exhaustive trial tests and guaranteed a lot of money. It worked, and untold lives were saved.
    Had the vaccine, which by plan was stockpiled in waiting, been immediately released in early November of 2020 untold lives would have been saved.
    Vaccine and mask hesitancy took a toll, too. As 2021 developed, deaths among R's reached 3 times those among D's.
    Yes we didn't, and still don't, know all the side effects, etc. That was a price of Warp Speed. But In Dec 2020 we were losing 3,000/day and we are STILL losing 500/day. Herd immunity is building, but it will take time and more deaths.
    President Trump can rightfully be proud of what he accomplished.

  • Jerry

    02/03/2023 02:17 PM

    The administration is allowing a land invasion now this administration is allowing China over our air space to surveillance of the country and to probably see how zombie Joe would react and basically kick sand in the face of the cowardly and compromised Joe Biden. Xi is telling Biden to keep his mouth shut and tell hunter to stay low take care of hunter joe

  • ken moore

    02/03/2023 02:01 PM

    move all illegal immigrants to delaware while processing them