May 9, 2019

Today’s round-up of what happens when liberals run your local government:

In California, a number of parents are threatening to remove their children from public schools after the state School Board approved a new, 700-plus-page document on sex education.  Critics complain that the guidelines call for teaching young children about gender identity, LGBT relationships and other inappropriate topics that are “sexually explicit, offensive, reckless and immoral” and that border on pornography.  Schools are not mandated to use the curricula.  Not yet, at least.  More details at the link.

 New York’s Democratic State Senate just passed a bill to allow felons to serve on juries. I’m sure this will be hailed as great news by all guilty defendants. The bill applies only to felons who have completed their sentences, so I guess that unlike voting, serving on juries is something Democrats think felons shouldn’t be allowed to do from their prison cells.  Not yet, at least.  But give them, I’d say…two years.

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Finally, in Denver, a vote to decriminalize psilocybin mushrooms (“magic” mushrooms) seemed to be losing narrowly until a wave of late votes (possibly from people who originally mistook a tree for the polling place) swung it in favor.  The vote has yet to be certified. Opponents say Colorado already has enough problems with legalized pot, and decriminalizing psychedelic mushrooms will only make it worse and more dangerous for children and teens.  Proponents say the mushrooms have medicinal benefits for cancer patients, but we heard that about pot, and you know how well it worked restricting legalized pot only to those with a “prescription” (nudge-nudge, wink-wink.) 

Another argument in favor is that when you see what’s happening in places that that have elected solidly leftist governments, like California, New York and Denver, it’s hard to imagine that the voters could make any worse choices even if they were tripping on psychedelic mushrooms.



I wrote yesterday about “Late Night” host Seth Meyers’ rather condescending attempt to defend Rep. Ilhan Omar from Meghan McCain’s perfectly justified criticism.  But I didn’t dissect it as completely and in as much detail as does David Harsanyi at The Federalist.

I confess I have little patience for late night comics lecturing us that we must be very careful in choosing our words before we criticize a public figure who makes blatantly anti-Semitic comments because that might inspire some crazy third party to threaten her. I try always to be careful in choosing my words when criticizing someone: I keep it to the point at hand, and I try not to launch vicious personal attacks or use vile words or cruel name-calling.  Can liberal late night comics say the same about the way they talk about Republicans, who, every night, are falsely tarred as racists and neo-Nazis? 

And speaking of choosing words very carefully, Omar did not, as Meyers claims, apologize for her offensive comments.  She tweeted some meaningless words that sounded like an apology, but when asked whether she was admitting she said something anti-Semitic, she replied, “Absolutely not. I apologized for the way that my words made people feel.” It was one of those classic “I’m sorry if you were offended” non-apology apologies. 

Rep. Steve Scalise was nearly shot to death by a deranged leftist while practicing for a charity baseball game.  President Trump receives death threats all the time. My own daughter has to have bodyguards just for doing her job.  Have any of these real and serious consequences caused late night “comedians” to take a long, hard look in the mirror and say, “Maybe I should choose my words a little more carefully”?  If so, I haven't heard.  But then, who watches anymore?


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David Harsanyi also has an article worth reading in the New York Post, about how, as the charges against President Trump and his people have shrunk (from treasonous collusion with Russia to obstruction to contempt for not letting them see 100% of a report that they declined to read when they were offered the chance to see 99.9% of it), the shouting, outrage and hysteria have gotten louder and louder.  It raises the phrase “Much Ado About Nothing” to new heights.

I heard a great term recently by “Dilbert’ creator Scott Adams that describes this well: the “Hoax Funnel.”  He was talking about the fake quote on Charlottesville, where leftists kept accusing President Trump of saying there were “fine people” among the white supremacists, even though he specifically excluded and condemned them at the time he said it.  The debunking has gone on so long now that people who believed in the original hoax are finally being forced to grudgingly give up believing that.  But they can’t bring themselves just to admit they were wrong, so they move to believing in a smaller, more limited accusation; and when that falls apart, something even smaller.  Thus the “funnel” shape: big at the top but gradually getting smaller. 

It’s a very useful analogy.  You can read more about it at the link, which is a lengthy but thought-provoking read for any rare remaining fans of logic.  As you read it, think of the House Democrats going from “Russian Collusion” down to “possible intent to obstruct” down to “contempt for not showing us the unredacted report,” screaming even louder with each reduction in seriousness, and try not to imagine them swirling down a funnel and, hopefully, soon, down the drain.



Sure, there’s no immigration crisis on the border.  Okay, so it turns out that 1% of the entire populations of Guatemala and Honduras have entered the US just since September alone.  But hey, that means 99% of them are still in Central America, right?  So no problem!

This has been another episode of “Think Like A ‘Progressive!’”

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A reminder that my friend and regular “Huckabee” show contributor, comedienne Chonda Pierce, has a wonderful new movie in theaters this week only, via Fathom Events (and I don’t say it’s wonderful just because I’m in it, too.)  It’s called “Unashamed,” and it includes her hilarious stand-up comedy as well as her moving and inspirational account of coping with the death of her husband and interviews with others who lived their Christian faith unashamed, even in times of personal tragedy or attacks from secular society. Today is your last chance to catch it, and believe me, you will love it. You can watch the trailer and find a theater near you at this link:




A famous chef from Peru was detained at the Los Angeles airport after Customs found 40 piranha fish in his luggage.  He should’ve tried the Yakov Smirnoff defense: “In Peru, dinner eats you!”



In honor of Mothers’ Day on Sunday, and in honor of all the recent efforts to change hearts and minds and end abortion, here is something that I know will brighten your day.  You’ll want to share it with everyone, especially your mom. 

This is a heartwarming video for a beautiful new pro-life song called “Dear Mom.”  It’s by Paul Lubanski, and it was passed along to me by “Huckabee” writer Laura Ainsworth after Paul shared it with her via her Facebook fan page. Like having children, this video might make you cry at certain times, but I’m sure it will also make you smile a lot.


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  • Kathy Russell

    05/11/2019 05:05 AM

    Thanks so much for the "Dear Mom" song & video. Had to share it! I really enjoy your perspective on our politics and especially the lamestream media. Sorry to say that I'm glad you didn't become President, not because you wouldn't have done a great job, but because I think it would have taken away the opportunity for us to enjoy your humor. I've been hoping you'd get back on TV. Blessings to you. Kathy

  • William Morgan

    05/10/2019 12:31 PM

    My hotspot is abortions. I wonder if those in Hollywood who want to boycott Georgia would be willing to put there money where there mouth is and sign a partition and sind it to you and the news? That way we can show them what a boycott really is.

  • carole a braden

    05/10/2019 12:16 PM

    loved the comments today especially sam saygers

  • Mike Smith

    05/10/2019 11:46 AM

    Hi Governor!

    I thought I'd comment about the strange idea in Colorado about decriminalizing those "magic mushrooms". That idea reminded me that I often am confused by the idea that legislation through-out or country is criminalizing activities instead of making people responsible for bad behavior. Instead of criminalizing SOME activities, where someone consciously makes a decision to do something that isn't healthy or MIGHT lead them to harm others, there should be an expectation of loss instead of punishment. (some actions that unquestionably lead to harm or damage to others, I agree should be criminalized)

    For instance: if someone uses a substance that is expected to cause a reduction in their ability to react properly, and then drives a car or operates machinery, that should be an offense that requires punishment, but if the abuse is only to the point that is damaging to themselves there isn't anything that holds them responsible for their actions.

    Healthcare programs are treating people with avoidable problems from things like drug abuse. Abusing drugs is a conscious decision for most people. When medical evidence shows the abuse, that person should face consequences. Of course there should be due process for the decision, but it should be there.

    It sure seems like most legislators - local, regional, state and federal, like to write laws that control people instead of letting the people make a decision to do something, knowing that there will be consequences. I believe this is part of the trouble our country is in now. People are trained to just do what they're told instead of thinking about it. If our country really expects someone to be responsible, act responsibly and consider their circumstances before acting, we shouldn't be telling them how and what not to do. Our laws should enforce responsibility, not simple obedience.

    I can only think of 10 written laws that seem to have those characteristics.

  • Anne Amato

    05/10/2019 10:08 AM

    Dear Governor,
    Thank you for the usual...I read them every day!
    The "Hoax Funnel" was SO TRUE.....but....before I read the entire column, I was wondering what happened when those people who have their views debunked, come out the end of the funnel. How dissapointing to learn, the great majority just float back to the top...and voice another "but what about this?" hoax theory. Have experienced this in my own life with a specific friend. There is always another...."but what about" and that is probably thanks to the media they insist on viewing....and believing. Unfortunately this has caused a "rift" in our lifelong friendship as she now views me as a "blind Trump believer".

    Although of a diverse ethnic background, with relatives of other racial backgrounds, I, myself, am considered to be caucasian (aka "white") and I also firmly believe that the United States of America IS the best country in the world esspecially with relation to personal freedom, life, liberty, pursuit of that sense, I am also an American "nationalist". I question why the term "white nationalist" in that context is now considered "offensive"?

    THANK YOU for the Mother's Day Song! You were correct...I did have tears. But...I am a mother to an adult son and daughter, who have always been the biggest personal miracles of my life....and my grandchildren as well. Children ARE a gift from God!

    I watched the trailer of "Unashamed" will never be shown in the one theatre in this area. Would it be possible for this to be made and sold as a DVD? I have a lot of Christian movies on DVD....would lovw to purchase this! Can you please advise if this wish becomes a reality?
    Thank you for your columns and the ability to obtain them via email! I believe your tireless work and the information you provide is a great service to this country!

  • Sam Sayger

    05/10/2019 09:50 AM

    I am totally bewildered that all advertisements today have become based on "You deserve" or similar. It is incredible that so many of them either begin with or shortly include: "Get the benefits you deserve!"; or "You deserve the best"; "you're not getting all you deserve!" Nothing causes me more quickly to ignore such. I know that if I were given what I actually "deserve", rather than what I do actually receive in the course of an ordinary day, I would have to live as a pauper. Part of my prayer each day is that I would become more thankful of all that I recieve -- and willing, even anxious to share.
    At eighty years old, I am a product of a kinder, gentler generation I believe and I do hold Judeo Christian values more dear than far too many today and knowing that this country was founded on and thrived on these principles, I also fear that we are failing in, in large part because of the abandonment of same. Certainly, there is no evidence to the contrary because we have become a nation of "receivers" rather than one of givers. Except the "givers" far exceed the "takers", this nation is bound to fail.
    In thinking of the sacrifices of so very many Americans who have defended America with their skills, their time, their blood and even their very lives, I know that I am privileged to even BE American and any surfeit or lack therof of goods, services or attention is so far secondary to that, it becomes totally irrelevant to me.
    I think that President John F. Kennedy probably said it best: "Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask rather what you can do for your country!" Even with all his wealth, popularity and wisdom, he espoused this firmly.
    I do fear that people such as he have become the great minority and that greed now fuels a too large part of the average American's life.
    God help us to do better because to fail will be to the destruction of the entire world.
    God bless America.
    Sam Sayger

  • Jerry Korba

    05/10/2019 08:59 AM

    Is it too late or how do we get term limits for Congress members. To have members decades after decades do nothing but create problems people like Feinstein Blumenthal Leahy Schumer Pelosi Nadler Waters Durbin Hirono Cohen Coons and look what's coming after them Swalwell Harris Booker Jackson Johnson I feel these people have been Genetically Modified my opinion this group is one gigantic anchor on this country and if another President like Obama and this cast of stooges continue we will kiss America goodbye. When You look at this planet what other country can replace what the Trump Administration is trying to do and is doing? What does this Congress have against the people that make this country the envy of the our World. How does the list mentioned above keep this country bogged down we need to unleash America now and rid the group of any say in how my Country operates. Get rid of GMO'S that just sits in our Congress pulling back progress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elaine Condon

    05/09/2019 11:06 PM

    Felons can be called for jury duty in Oregon. They can only serve on civil suits not criminal. I believe that after a person serves his time, pays his fines, he should no longer be called a felon. Depending on what his crime was, should have all rights restored, including being allowed to hunt with a gun. A 'crime' committed when in the early 20s shouldn't be an albatross around a person's neck the rest of his/her life.

  • Lawrence E. Foster

    05/09/2019 09:47 PM

    Dear Governor Mike,

    Reference the 300 page porn novel the California Teachers Union is pushing, many of us have long suspected the secret motto of the CTU is "We won't rest until every student is proud to be gay, and ashamed to be Christian".

  • Keethlyn Fletcher

    05/09/2019 09:34 PM

    My comment is actually a question.
    If the democrats were able to impeach president Trump, what would that actually mean to his presidency?
    Bill Clinton was impeached and l never noticed a difference, so I'm not sure how things would change.

  • Granny Anne

    05/09/2019 09:29 PM

    My mother once told me that when she was pregnant with me the doctor said she should have an abortion. My dad told him if he killed the baby he would kill him. Needless to say I am here and at 83 years, I have had a wonderful life.
    Also, I believe the reason the Dems are continuing the idiocy about Trump, our Atty General and any thing else they can dream up is because....they want to do as much of this as they can so the uneducated, and their base who only want freebees will believe the tripe and vote for the Dems.