Morning Edition - October 6

October 6, 2020 |


October 6, 2020 

By Mike Huckabee


Monday, President Trump was released from Walter Reed Medical Center and returned home to the White House. This article has more information about his condition when he checked in Friday, and compared to Monday:

I’m also happy to report that First Lady Melania Trump tweeted that she is “feeling good” and resting. The media have nearly ignored her, except when attacking her for no particular reason, so it was good to hear that she’s doing well from the only source I trust on that subject: her.

While things are looking good for both, they will continue to be surrounded by medical staff 24/7. Trump’s physician, Dr. Sean Conley, told reporters that Trump met most of his discharge conditions by Sunday afternoon. They’re being cautious because he got some new treatments, but despite all the lunacy by the media, he said hospitals try to get all patients back home as quickly as possible and "There is nothing being done here that we can’t safely do at home.”

I hope you’ll join me in continuing to pray for the full recovery and safety of the President and First Lady, and everyone else who has contracted this disease.


In what may turn out to be one of the most important statements of his Presidency, Trump tweeted, “I will be leaving the great Walter Reed Medical Center today at 6:30 P.M. Feeling really good! Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life. We have developed, under the Trump Administration, some really great drugs & knowledge. I feel better than I did 20 years ago!”

I say that’s important because it’s so desperately needed after the months of fearmongering by the left over a disease that, while it must be taken very seriously, has been used as a boogeyman to justify massive power grabs, destruction of businesses, persecution of churches, and arbitrary and discriminatory violations of basic Constitutional rights.

I predicted when Trump got this and the ghouls on the left were celebrating that they might regret getting what they wished for if he, like the vast majority of people who get this, suffered flu-like symptoms that went away fairly quickly and came out the other side saying, “We shut down the entire economy over THIS?! Why didn’t we just protect the most vulnerable while the rest of us take reasonable precautions and go on with life, the way we’ve dealt with EVERY OTHER DISEASE?!”

The COVID-19 (Chinese) coronavirus is a terrible disease, but is it really so horrifically deadly that we have to shut down our schools and businesses indefinitely and live like John Travolta in “The Boy in the Plastic Bubble” (aka “The Joe Biden Story”) for the rest of eternity? You’d think so from the way the press went into full-blown hair-on-fire mode over Trump leaving the hospital after only four days and going back to work – and being spotted WITHOUT A MASK!!! EEEEEEEEK!!!! Some of the more hysterical overreactions:

CBS’ Ben Tracy claimed that he felt safer in North Korea…

Hey, Ben: try saying some of the things to Kim Jong-Un that you say to President Trump and see how safe you feel. That would be the hard way to learn what a real dictator is.

Trump was wearing a mask when he left the hospital but someone in the Press Corps yelled out, “Do you think you’re a superspreader?” That’s funny, “superspreaders” has been my nickname for the White House Press Corps for nearly four years now.

Washington Times Pentagon reporter Mike Glenn summed it up well in a tweet: “CNN is just unwatchable. It’s one thing to imbue your broadcast with proper journalistic skepticism but they are hysterical. Jake Tapper acts like he downed a handful of bath salts. Any moment now I expect him to start gnawing on Wolf Blitzer’s face.”

At least they’re still slightly more coherent than non-media Biden supporters, who’ve gone so insane they’ve been reduced to barking like dogs (or loons) at Trump supporters. I've heard this same argument from my own dogs, and I don't know what these people want. They're already outside.


The National Latino Peace Officers Association Advocacy has endorsed President Trump for reelection for his steadfast support of law enforcement officers.

I’ll let you know if Joe Biden ever thinks of a police organization that’s endorsed him (we’ve been waiting since the debate.) If you want to know why that is, I think Alex Plitsas (@alexplitsas on Twitter), the head of a Connecticut GOP veterans group, summed it up well when he said of the furor over Trump leaving the hospital, “With a single motorcade trip, Trump managed to get the far left to care about the safety of law enforcement again.”


Does anyone else see these Joe Biden TV campaign ads where he says he’s going to lower middle class taxes, increase Social Security payments, tax the daylights out of the rich and corporations without harming the economy, bring jobs back to America, etc., etc., and think, “Wow, Joe can really work miracles! Wait…he’s been in Washington 47 years. Why didn’t he do any of that before now?”


You’d think that with so many people stuck at home, they’d be desperate for some new sports to watch on TV. But not so desperate that they want to watch the NB(LM)A Finals, or as it’s now known, the “Woke Olympics.” If you thought the ratings for Game One of the NBA Finals were low (a 4.1 rating and 7.41 million viewers, by far the least-watched NBA Finals game in history), wait till I tell you about Game Two.

After getting a load of all the Anthem-kneeling, BLM-genuflecting, racial finger-pointing and virtue-signaling of Game One, nearly three million more former basketball fans found something – or anything - better to do. Ratings for Game Two plummeted 68% from last year to a 1.9 rating and only 4.5 million viewers. To put that in perspective, over the last quarter, “Hannity” on Fox News averaged 4.454 million viewers every night. “Hannity” now routinely outdraws the NBA Finals.

LeBron James, who has led the NBA into the death spiral of badmouthing America as an oppressive racist society, recently bought a $32 million Beverly Hills mansion – you know, instead of giving his ill-gotten capitalist profits away to inner city social programs. If he hopes to keep up the mortgage payments, he might want to rethink what he and his fellow social justice warriors are doing to the NBA. If the ratings keep falling at this rate, the players might end up hanging around supermarkets, holding signs that read “Will get items down off the top shelf for food.”



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  • Tony weaver

    10/07/2020 10:52 AM

    I read that New York officials are shutting down churches, synagogues and Catholic houses of worship
    Does this include mosques?
    I have never read that any mosque has been closed
    Don’t they have mosques in New York?
    Can anyone help answer this?

  • Jo Cluck

    10/06/2020 11:58 PM

    LOL...Superspreaders are out in full force!!! Can you get them for plagarism?? LOL Love you Gov.

  • Fred Trexler

    10/06/2020 08:06 PM

    My wife and I really enjoy your newsletters. However, the Bible verse of the day is not showing up on the email for the last week or more. It does show in the browser version, and we appreciate that. Keep reading the news "so we don't have to." Your comments are so insightful! Thanks to Pat and Laura, too.

  • Paul Kern

    10/06/2020 05:55 PM

    It saddens me when I see so many churchgoers who still follow MSM fake news.
    I just sent a good article on Critical Race Theory to a former pastor and it really rocked him. He lives near Portland, Oregon also.
    I learned from many years as a counselor to do "due diligence" With half of churches turning left and majority of colleges, seminaries, and religious organizations submitting to this I would think some higher up would wake up to the groupthink taking control.
    I am glad we have outlets like yours and a few others for those of us who truly put our trust in God first and use his Word to guide us in these perilous times.
    I am a Vietnam vet and see history repeating itself

  • Firewagon

    10/06/2020 04:07 PM

    "NB(LM)A" A Marxist association? Those continuing to watch the 'NBA,' National Badmouting America group of ingrates should check their 'citizenship' papers! If these people plan on retaining the ability to "pay their light bills" they better get themselves on over to their beloved China to play.

  • Renee Kendrick

    10/06/2020 04:05 PM

    Ben Tracy can move to North Korea if he feels comfortable there. More than likely, there are plenty of Americans that will gladly help anyone who dislikes this country pack up and move out of here. For the people who want socialism, let them move to a country where it is already established. It will save the rest of us a lot of headaches.

    NBA could now stand for Numbskull Buzzard Association. A couple of more names come to mind but I will refrain from putting them in writing. Love the future "job description" you wrote for the NBAers. Very clever!

    SO glad Hannity has such high ratings. Laura Ingraham and Sean are the two anchors I watch on Fox News. They are spot on!

    Isaiah of my favorite scriptures. So enjoy the song "Through the Fire" by The Crabb Family that is based on that scripture.

  • Patricia Owens

    10/06/2020 03:41 PM

    Recant or not,the players, the owners, the whole of that industry have shown their inner souls. Even should they repent (as opposed to apologize) before the Rapture, I am still fairly sure I wont be a part of their ‘come back.’ hard work to do...

  • Jerry

    10/06/2020 03:28 PM

    Why does Fox News divert any conversation about George Soros the Billionaire that is hopeful America will fall or a country takeover takes place

  • Linda Wolfe

    10/06/2020 03:26 PM

    Joe will Never tax the rich . That would be him and all his dembo friends and his family ! When you tax the rich there will be job losses. Joe is merely a puppet in the hands of obama.

  • Anne Turner

    10/06/2020 03:05 PM

    So many of the people who have died, at least in this country, have been the elderly. If anyone actually looked at the stats, they are pretty encouraging for a pandemic disease. Most very aged people do succumb to something, heart failure, pneumonia, cancer, the common flu that turns into pneumonia, etc. shouldn’t Joe and Kamala be ask exactly how they would have handled things. It is always easier to look back and critique than to react to changing circumstances.

    I was wonder what preparations we will make in advancing the opening of the borders and dissolution of ICE. I suspect we will have millions crossing into the country within the first few months. This will require housing, food, translators, and Medical care Immediately. Even living multiple families to an apartment, for many, this would be an improvement on their own countries. With paring down the police forces, how will we keep up with the child porn and child prostitution brought in? We must plan on being able to contain terrorist attacks as the folks from the Middle East have skin coloring very close to those of Central and South America. This will also require meeting more need for power sources so the solar panels and bird blenders will need to be in place almost immediately. I imagine construction on renovating the Supreme Court building will need to begin right awayas there will need to be c

    an increase in office space to accommodate the additional Justices and their staff,. This will also require a budget increase for salaries, etc.

    This is to say nothing about the toads and bridges, that have been ormiddedd

  • Jerry Korba

    10/06/2020 03:02 PM

    Labor camps in North Korea are safe as long as you labor , the day you take a sick day is the same day you disappear, snowflake Tracy whatever it is never heard of it; may have been in North Korea not without protection of the US Military. He probably never reported on the American that was accused of moving a banner while in North Kore, The American did not come home the same way he Left America; Hey Tracy tell me again how that story went. Not knowing of this Tracy I Thank God I never have heard of it . It does not sound like any body would want to know it ,no redeemable value in it. I disagree with it, on the safety issue I still do not wish death to it. When it wakes up, the misery it endures is enough punishment for me. It , is a reference to Tracy for it doesn't sound like a Human Being just a very disturbed IT>


    10/06/2020 02:07 PM

    Governor have you learned the names of the 2 reporters that tested positive for the Covid-19? They have been making so much of the Amy Coney Barrett cereomony. Normally if a reporter gets a hang nail they get 16 point coverage on the first page of the Times.

  • judith jakub

    10/06/2020 02:05 PM

    Still would like to know what the LEFT is doing, or eating, drinking, etc, to ward off this CHINA VIRUS, and not just using masks. Seems awfully odd that NONE of those hypocrites are immune to it. Just wondering.

  • Elgin Polo

    10/06/2020 02:01 PM

    I always enjoy reading your newsletter. I so much appreciate your humor.

  • Lawrence Foster

    10/06/2020 01:45 PM

    Ref the CBS reporter who feels safer in North Korea.

    Give me his address, I'll go help him pack. Maybe even start a "go fund me" account for him if he promises not to come back.

    At the airport, we could serenade him on his way with that old country classic "Don't let the door there hit you in the a$$"

  • Pamela Nassauer

    10/06/2020 01:42 PM

    As usual, your humor along with the truth is refreshing to read. Loved your comments about the NBA with their signs. Thanks for the touching bible verse. Love that one!

  • Pat J Green

    10/06/2020 01:15 PM

    A year and a half ago I had my gall bladder removed. The Dr. poked three holes in me removed my gall bladder , latter that day I went home. Mybe Walter Reed knows more about healing than reporters, aren't they the ones who keep going on and one about believeing in scientist?
    I have been praying that God provides a micrale cure for this Chinese virus, could it be that President Trump's cure was that micrale.

  • Mary Anne Berry

    10/06/2020 12:57 PM

    Regarding Covid...I was thinking about the outbreak of polio in the 1950’s. Polio is caused by a virus, yet we didn’t shut the world down. Our parents prayed we didn’t get the disease, but life went forward. I decided to read a little more about it on Wikipedia. It apparently starts in the gut and most people had mild or no symptoms and only 0.05 of those infected had it move to the central nervous system. The article also discussed how the development of better sanitation conditions actually was detrimental to the herd immunity for the disease. Anyway, Covid is serious business, but I suspect history will clock us as total idiots for our response. With polio, the primary target was children and the race was on to protect, treat, and prevent! With Covid, it’s become a political football and the actual disease seems to be taking a back seat. (All in my humble opinion!)

  • Tim Morrison

    10/06/2020 12:51 PM

    In reaction to your "Question of the Day"
    Happened to see Biden's TV ad. As usual, I had the TV muted during ads (particularly political ads) and what I saw was only the graphics. Funny, but I always thought blatant vote purchasing was illegal. Basically what I saw with no voice-over, appeared to be a list of "if you are in this category, you will receive X,XXX dollars if you vote for me, and if you are in THIS category, you will receive XX,XXX dollars from the government". Kinda a VOTE FOR ME TO RECEIVE $$$ sort of ad. Puts me in mind of Christmas toy marketing when my kids were young.

  • Floyd A Unger

    10/06/2020 12:30 PM

    Thank you. I am a former NBA season ticket holder. Now I’m not and I don’t even watch the games on TV. The game has deteriorated into one on one garbage ?? and the despicable politics has put the lid on the coffin ??

  • Jerry Korba

    10/06/2020 11:49 AM

    It is more than shameful that people follow Leboring James this fellow will not ever have to worry about finances, and he has his mentality. The other fellas better figure out if the next arenas they are going to be playing in will have exit signs made in English or Chinese , follow the Bore James and you better take Chinese language classes XI doesn't allow any other language than Chinese. Americans are not supporting the CCP playbook fellas so my advice scrape off the BLM paint on your courts stop promoting Racism and destruction of property and theft of Merchandise and the Left's idea of Socialism and Communism you might have a chance. Thats just a starter package for now. take the advice and maybe your arenas will not be an echo chamber for the next couple of years. The NBA has been on the bottom before it is not a stranger to being bottom feeders with leaders like the Boring James your fate will be ,learn how to use chop sticks ; CCP if you want them take them. MAGA !! Don't forget the owners we don't want them either.

  • David Bradley

    10/06/2020 11:35 AM

    I vote for the citizenship of Ben Tracy to be transferred to North Korea as soon as possible!!

  • Stephen Russell

    10/06/2020 11:18 AM

    Presidents release from Walter Reed:
    o anyone can get virus
    (save Dems for now)
    o Proves what others have said
    o Mass produce his treatment RX
    o Have better HC policies now
    o More flexible
    o make Atlas head Task Force/

  • Stephen Thomas

    10/06/2020 11:09 AM

    Good morning, Governor,

    I just wanted to give you a possible Question of the Day: If the riots are all being caused by White Supremacists, then why are the Democrats raising money and bailing them out?

    Things that make you go, hmmmm.

    Have a blessed day, Sir!