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July 15, 2022

President Biden is in Israel, where he signed the Jerusalem US-Israel Strategic Partnership Joint Declaration, reaffirming our strategic commitments to Israel and to partnering with other nations in the Middle East to confront Iranian aggression and other destabilizing activities, and pledging never to allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons.

Biden also said he’s “not going to wait forever” for Iran to comply with a nuclear deal, and while he prefers diplomacy, he won't rule out a military option.

All that sounds tough and realistic, but he also refused to put a timetable on how long he’s willing to wait on Iran to comply, which I assume they'll take as a greenlight to keep enriching uranium. He also blamed Trump for backing out of the disastrous Obama Iran nuclear deal, which Iran ignored anyway. Biden eased the Trump sanctions, flooding Iran with oil money, and here’s how they’ve been using some of it.

Again, I’m sure that’s all Trump’s fault. At least I’m glad to hear we’re still committed to helping Israel’s military deal with the threat of a nuclear Iran, because I’m afraid they’ll be the ones who’ll have to deal with that.


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  • JD Moore

    07/15/2022 09:02 AM

    all biden can do is blame others for what he cannot do. He really supports the enemy more than our allies.