June 25, 2019

 Want a good illustration of why leftist-run social media sites keep coming up with transparently bogus reasons to ban Project Veritas?  Look at their latest string of exposes of how sites such as Pinterest target and silence conservative voices.  And now, they’ve managed to harpoon the biggest whale of all: Google.

Google became so massive by doing such a good job of helping people swiftly navigate the wide-open Information Superhighway.  But lately, the people running it seem to have decided to act like corrupt highway patrol officers who pull over and impound only cars with red state license plates.  They deny that, but Project Veritas has some proof that’s hard to ignore.

In a video reportedly leaked by a Google insider, senior executive Jen Gennai (who sports the breathtakingly inappropriate job title of head of “Responsible Innovation”) laments how the search giant was taken by surprise by Trump’s victory in 2016, and how they’re “training” their algorithms to prevent it from happening again.  She also takes a shot at Elizabeth Warren for wanting to break up Google because Warren apparently doesn’t realize that would make it harder for Google to help tilt elections to the Democrats (this is a direct quote, so please forgive all the “likes.”  Gennai talks like a Silicon Valley Girl):

“… And, like, I love her but she’s very misguided. Like, that will not make it better, it will make it worse. Because all these smaller companies, who don’t have the same resources we do, will be charged with preventing the next Trump situation.  It’s, like, a small company cannot do that.”

That's the best argument I've heard yet for breaking up Google, and it comes from someone who's running Google. There’s much more at the link, including info from the insider about how Google manipulates search results, such as finishing out your typed info requests with suggestions promoting liberal ideas or ignoring negative Democratic stories. 

Democrats are always railing against the Koch brothers or the Citizens United ruling, claiming we need to prevent billionaires (other than George Soros) from influencing our elections.  With this latest bombshell expose, will they now join Republicans in demanding that the Silicon Valley socialist billionaires be forced to stop their manipulating and censoring of free speech to unfairly influence US elections? 

I also can’t help wondering how many non-Internet news media outlets will even report on this story about how Google plans to manipulate the 2020 elections by deciding which news you'll get to see?


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I write a lot here about the freedom-killing, job-destroying, tax-hiking, pro-abortion legislation and disastrous fiscal policies that come from leftist governments in blue states like California and New York, partly because it’s important to warn people what happens when you give those people power, and partly because making fun of them is like shooting fish in a barrel.  But to be fair and balanced, I really should take a look occasionally at how red states are being run.  Where better to start than in Tennessee, where I tape “Huckabee” every weekend in beautiful Hendersonville, just outside of Nashville?

Tennessee’s government is completely in the hands of Republicans.  Tennessee also has no income tax.  Its revenues primarily come from sales and corporate taxes.  So how are things going?  Well, the state economy is booming so much that even with zero income tax, state revenues are half a billion dollars ahead of projections with two months left in the fiscal year.

Gov. Bill Lee would like to use that surplus to raise spending by 5.6%.  But the personal income of Tennesseans is estimated to increase by only 4.26% in 2019, and the state Constitution limits spending increases to no more than the people’s income growth.  So that budget surplus will likely have to go into the state’s Rainy Day Fund savings account.

Okay, I have to apologize here to readers in blue states for using a lot of terms you’ve probably never heard, like “zero income tax,” “budget surplus,” “spending limits” and “savings account.”  Some of you might even be baffled by the very concept of a 4.26% annual income increase.  You’ve heard of “First World Problems?”  Well, while California struggles with more and more Third World Problems, Tennessee’s leaders are facing “Red State Problems,” like having a bigger surplus in the state treasury than they can legally spend. 

In fact, for many red states, the worst problem they’re facing is how to deal with all the refugees from blue states that are flooding in.  Texas isn’t just getting overwhelmed by illegal immigrants from the South, it’s also getting inundated from the West with people fleeing California.  This Economist article gives us the latest on this subject, which I’ve been writing about for at least 10 years now, but it’s only accelerated.

I believe I was actually the first person, back when I was doing the "Huckabee Report" radio show, to apply the “U-Haul Test”: comparing the cost of renting a U-Haul from L.A. to Dallas and vice versa.  (FYI: Six-day rental of a 15-foot moving truck in mid-July will cost 1,895.00 from L.A. to Dallas and $910.00 from Dallas to L.A. That’s how much U-Haul will subsidize you for actually driving one of their moving vans back from Texas to California for them.)

The Economist article looks at the many reasons why people are fleeing California for Texas, and it has a delightful quote from a Plano, Texas, bureaucrat who’d had to help 20 Californians get Texas drivers’ licenses in one week: “Are they kickin’ y’all out?” 

Actually, the answer to that is “yes.”  With insane leftist policies and confiscatory taxes that are making it impossible to live and make a living in California (not to mention avoiding typhus), they are, in effect, kicking middle class taxpayers and small business owners out.  It’s leaving a two-tiered feudal system of poor immigrants (legal and otherwise), homeless people and struggling workers, along with wealthy leftists like Hollywood stars, Silicon Valley moguls and Nancy Pelosi living behind the only kind of walls they approve of: walls that protect them. 

But as I said, the influx of blue state refugees is creating a big problem for red states because they pour in and start voting for the same kind of politicians and policies that fouled the nest back where they came from.

I heartily endorse the idea by Prof. Glenn Reynold of Instapundit that red states create “Welcome Wagons” for new arrivals from blue states, to try to explain to them the reasons why the place they are fleeing to is so clean, pleasant and successful, so please don’t vote to transform it into the leftist dump they fled there from. 

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Comments 1-21 of 21

  • Garry N Walters

    06/26/2019 02:53 PM

    Amen Governor. Now, Democrats are vowing to turn my great state of Texas blue. My question is: Why? If you are fleeing a blue state to come to Texas, what would your motive be for wanting to make Texas like the state you are fleeing? I have no words for it except for "Don't Mess With Texas". We don't take kindly to invaders and infiltrators. We like what we have built and we don't want anyone trying to "educate" us about how we SHOULD be living, instead of how we ARE living.

  • lloyd sanders

    06/26/2019 11:25 AM

    Great article. Yes lots of CA license plates on the streets of Odessa, TX. Gotta educate these prunes not to unduly taint the pool.

  • Kathryn J Rae

    06/26/2019 10:54 AM


  • Leo Mora

    06/26/2019 08:19 AM

    Perhaps without the Leftist Radicals even knowing it, influencing a legitimate mass migration from California to Texas, Tennessee, et al. (due to high living costs of and undesirable living conditions) can effectually transport failed liberal policies into prosperous red states, making the same states just as blue as blue can be. Brilliant! If only Democratic transplants from the "Left Coast" can make the correlation between what they personally disdain about west coast substandard living conditions and what the same transplants wind up replicating in the red states they are inhabiting with the same political poison. Is it really that hard for some people to connect the dots? Between now and the 2020 elections, the Republican National Committee should campaign rigorously with red state audiences on why California citizens are fleeing to the east and not to bring along their miserable liberal leanings that manage only to recreate progressive leftist thinking nightmares all over again. Enough already! How and when does the madness of this kind of insanity begin to end? This is where the effective use of media can make its mark with influential impact.


    06/25/2019 11:31 PM

    I love your evening addition and always look forward to reading it. I know California is where it is at because people are stupid and keep voting for the left. However, I would say that the majority of us who are moving(no data) but if we personally moved (we are not we are still fighting for a better California) , we are the ones who did not vote for the crazy left and would not vote the same for the left in a a red state. I did not read in the article any statistics that mention the state turning purple is because of influx of Californians, not saying its not - but just saying. And I may be wrong on this because I am no expert.

  • Carl Smith

    06/25/2019 10:37 PM

    As a Native (1938) Texan , I Fled my beloved State and my hometown of Houston BECAUSE of the influx of SnowBirds, Refugees from Kalifornika and the Rust Belt bringing thier Progressive/Leftist Ideologies with them. Austin is already such a cess pool that even the Liberals are complaining. The Idea of turning Texas Blue is NOT far fetched as some would have you believe. Once Indoctrinated by academia and even Churches abdicating Moral Responsibility it would not surprise me to see Texas in play for the Socialist.

  • Jane Mitchell

    06/25/2019 10:22 PM

    I live in SC, and the Charleston area is growing so fast with people from the northern states that the over abundance of building is causing flooding all over the place, because they are building in areas where the flooding goes and that sends the water to settled areas. We also notice on the highway and in shops how different the northerners are, they comment on how "friendly" everyone here is, and we notice a lot of rudeness coming in. Not fair! We want to keep our RED state RED!!

  • Roger Waters

    06/25/2019 09:58 PM

    Facebook has blocked the Project Veritas video.

  • Edgar Doleman

    06/25/2019 09:37 PM

    I get the impression that they flee the mess, but don't realize the mess is the result of the folks they voted for. It seems that one effect of these blue state refugees is to make the red states they run to bluer. So will all the illegal immigrants fleeing their failed states bring with them the same misconceptions that wrecked their homes?

  • carolyn dupre

    06/25/2019 09:28 PM

    My server would not let me read your info as to what your beautiful daughter plans to do. We’ll miss her.

  • Marie Dahl

    06/25/2019 09:15 PM

    The first thing I do when I open my email is go straight for your email. I love your big smile. It makes my whole day. I just wish our president would smile as you do. Much of the time he has a scowl and just doesn't look friendly. Of course, I know that this is intentional on the part of the liberal media. I love reading all your thoughts on everything that's going on. You always hit the nail on the head. I did get to see your interview with Sarah. She's great! Takes after you. I hope she gives serious consideration to running for governor of Arkansas. That would be fantastic.
    Thanks for all you do and keep smiling.

  • Amelia Little

    06/25/2019 08:52 PM

    I think google should be investigated in election tampering/collusion, etc. And those running it should be held to the same fate the socialist left was wanting to give to President Trump. Along, of course, with all the political people in Washington DC (in and out of office) who also colluded and tampered with the election.

    You did get around to the part that is most important to drill into the heads of people moving out of CA--DO NOT VOTE FOR SOCIALIST DEMOCRATS!!! They are brothers and sisters (and clones) of the people in CA who made your mess.

  • Cheryl G. Bass

    06/25/2019 08:20 PM

    Chick-Fil-A is now #3 of Fast Food Restaurants. Last year it was #7. I wrote about it on THE RIGHT PERSPECTIVE;; in the Chat Box, Yellow Bordered CHATANGO box. I am writing to THE PRESIDENT, and giving credit to you with all your efforts, especially in 2012. In spite of being CLOSED on SUNDAY, Their Revenue Increased > In spite of bad publicity, protesters, In spite of being banned at Sports Arenas and Airports. In spite of all that

  • Mary Anne Berry

    06/25/2019 08:13 PM

    As a Texan, I couldn't agree more. We have had a huge influx of liberal East Coast/West Coast people show up in recent years. Unfortunately, most of us fear they now outnumber the conservatives of rural Texas. Elections are determined by Houston, Dallas-Ft. Worth, San Antonio, and Austin, and they aren't conservative! They consistently vote for the Democratic liberal agenda.
    Trump carried Texas last election, but he will have trouble in 2020.

  • Arturo Devitalis

    06/25/2019 07:55 PM

    The "welcome wagon" approach is a good idea for Texas

  • Marcia Weisz

    06/25/2019 07:26 PM

    And so goes Arizona. I moved here from California in 2015 because Arizona was still a red state. I am a 'red' voter. Now it's turning purple!
    This Californian left because she wants to help keep the state she moved to red!

  • Donald Sherwood

    06/25/2019 06:55 PM

    Mike, I, like you, am a conservative Christian musician, having played bass and vocals for 48 years now. I have lived the American Dream of having a long tenured (32 years) day job, raised three children and put two of them through college and one into a well - paying railroad job.
    I have watched my home state of Indiana and neighboring state of Illinois turn into high homicide and crime rate, and highly taxed states. neighboring state of Illinois also has a corrupt government and judicial system - think Jussie Smollett case. I am sick and tired of all this and the Wife and I are planning on moving to middle Tennessee so we can be close to Nashville and my beloved music and the Smoky Mountains where we love going.
    One day, I hope to meet you to shake your hand for presenting us with an alternative to the left lopsided leaning of the mainstream news media.
    Keep up the good work, and God Bless...

  • Carol Collins

    06/25/2019 06:47 PM

    Why is this stuff still being allowed. When you see the water rising coming over the banks you STOP IT before it overflows. To have socialist in congress is unthinkable but it is true. Our borders are a disaster and the LEO's are worn out because they are over loaded with crime and criminals. Just stop it. Stop appeasement and threats and protect our borders and our USA.

  • Margaret H. Lindrose

    06/25/2019 06:23 PM

    I believe very similarly to you, Governor Huckabee, about pro-life, pro religious liberty, and Israel, but really hate any terrible conditions for children, at the border. I like Jay Sekulo as well. I would like to see more rallying for help for children as well as help for mother's to be to keep their children and adoption. Also a moderate stance on climate change would help defuse my liberal friends. Why does the country have to be so polarized?

  • Diane DeLallo

    06/25/2019 06:16 PM

    Live in Texas and you are so right. We are becoming little Mexico and voters are swinging more and more to the left.

  • JC Holland

    06/25/2019 06:05 PM

    The Welcome Wagon package from Red States to new residents is a great idea.
    Please keep pushing it. I fear all the East Coasters fleeing to my great NC state will keep voting for the same idiots they are running from when they get here.
    It already started with the pro baby killer, trans gender bathroom loving Gov. Cooper.